Automatische Maprotation!


Mit dieser Abstimmung kann jeder die Map Rotation auf dem Server selbst beeinflussen.

Es befindet sich in Testphase also sind Fehler nicht ausgeschlossen.

With this vote, everyone can affect even the Map rotation on the server.

It is in testing phase so mistakes are not excluded.

Ablauf der Abstimmung!


Wenn 20 oder mehr Personen abgestimmt haben wird beim nächsten geplanten Serverneustart automatisch die neu gewählte Map-Rotation geladen.

If 20 or more people have voted then the newly voted map rotation will automatically loaded on the server during the next scheduled server restart.

Danach wird diese Abstimmung auf Null zurückgestellt und es beginnt von vorne. Theoretisch ist es möglich jeden Tag eine Andere Map-Rotation zu wählen wenn genug mit machen.

After this vote will be reset to zero and you can start again from beginn. Theoretically it is possible to vote every day an other Map-Rotation if enough people participate.

Nach diesem Muster wird die Map-Rotation erstellt:

Platz Runden
1 10
3 5
5/7/9 3
2 7
6/8/10 3
4 5

Following this pattern, the map rotation is created:

Place Rounds
1 10
3 5
5/7/9 3
2 7
6/8/10 3
4 5

Have already voted: 16
Still have to vote at least: 4

vote for registered user only
Shoutbox Archiv
Shoutbox Archiv
mtc: Thanks @Viru5 and @Dond3r! I'll try OBS.
Viru5: @mtc I would suggest to use OBS it will take time to set up at first. Just check few tutorial with trail error you will be fine
Dond3r: @mfc I heard something with Nvidia GeForce Experience, nut i think Fraps is still around. I dont screen record, Mayb ask ScorpEminen? He did some nice recordings com/watch?v=MUnOYa7Z F3c
mtc: Hey folks! I'm back :D. Which app do you use for screen recording?
flame: copypaste MOH_REVIVAL.exe into google! or its too hard for u?:S
Dond3r: @Flame can you post direct link here? Thanks! :8
flame: download MOH_REVIVAL.exe it has fixed serverlist!
Dond3r: Whats the IP of TOP server ? Gn8 for now! :8
flame: or topgun
Dond3r: So for now we play on LEUG server?
UnLe4sHeD: Hey guys, LP here. Here's some gameplay from Stalingrad a few days ago. Enjoy! com/watch?v=-19RVvMS 9bY
Dond3r: Come back to Vetus Miles server, so we can enjoy MOH RO again!;)
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: WOR do something so we can play again on the server
flame: how long do we have to play in LUEG? :'(
ScorpEminem: OYa7ZF3c
Dond3r: Thanks Flame! IP in my HLSW Serverlist!
flame: Address: Port: 12203
Dond3r: Whats the server ip for LUEG ? And hope we can play soon on Vetus again!!
flame: i cant move lag bad, worse than every other night..
FOF: Since the server is in bad shape right now and we having insane lags. We can play on LUEG server untill Vetus is taking care of ????
FOF: Tonights full gameplay live/9OjA0jD84XE
ScorpEminem: NEW video ON YOUTUBE: OYa7ZF3c :D ;) thank you
FOF: 7DheHNNI?si=jJWE3z1K hjTPz1LJ&t=238
FOF: Full ish game from tonight com/watch?v=W5-v8abS Dgs
Dond3r: Nice YouTubs @ScorpEminem , but where is the Eminem music ;)
ScorpEminem: Hi everyone, would you guys like if i upload a new video of MOH on youtube? com/channel/UCIxUP1s RYt0egYtrOhyzm_g
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: good evening WOR, why don't you ban the old Godspeed player? i think he has a place on the server as a good player and a very old player on the server..thanks
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: guys if the server is stuck, we can if you want to play on the klm server
Dond3r: Hello Armpower :8:8
Dond3r: Hello Armpower :8:8
Armpower: Hello;););)
Dond3r: Hope to see a full Vetus Miles server again! Lets Play :):):) Be Back Soon!
ghost78: is anyone else playing here?:8
Dond3r: Good to hear you had a great time!
YuMa: Thanks Dond3r I enjoyed it.
Dond3r: Have a good trip! YuMa
Dond3r: Have a good trip! YuMa
YuMa: flying to arizona today to see mom. see you all when i get back.
YuMa: where is eveyone?:*
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: giati den milas ellhnika pou sou milaw?
GodspeedGreece: Oh you can play now. all fine transtone !
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: why don't you do it free for all for a while? so to change a little, I think it would be nice
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: guys, don't we have any conversation on telegram to talk together?
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: Ela file godspeed paizw kanonika sto server entaksei, esu giati de mpaineis?
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: Ela file godspeed paizw kanonika sto server entaksei, esu giati de mpaineis?
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: Ela file godspeed paizw kanonika sto server entaksei, esu giati de mpaineis?
GodspeedGreece: Nah E.MANY is lying. Hes Godspeed with VPN . Anyway, what happened with greek guy transtone? Still banned ? I suggest to check older statistics that shows both (me & trans) play toghether. I remember this name before years and its bad that wor didnt. You should check again.
E.MANY: لا أست ;طيŸ 3; الد ;خو  4; إلى ; الخ ;اد  5;
E.MANY: Administrator W O R please help me I forgot hopa email and created a new email with the name of roka but I am God Almighty hopa please help me so that I can play with you :traurig::traurig::t raurig::traurig::tra urig::traurig::traur ig::traurig::traurig ::traurig:
hopa: I can't get into the server :S
flame: yep
YuMa: I guess its down because i cant get in :'(
YuMa: did the server go down?
roka: Administrator W O R please help me I forgot hopa email and created a new email with the name of roka but I am God Almighty hopa please help me so that I can play with you :S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S :S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S :S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S
roka: Admin w o r please help me @@@@ :S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S
roka: Admin w o r please help me @@@@ :S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S:S
roka: My friend w o r, indeed, I used to log into the hopa account, but my device was broken and I fixed it again, but I forgot the hopa email. I had to create a new email called roka. Please, my friend, send the link to me on the roka email so that I can log in with you. Thank you for your understanding of my situation @@ your brother hopa :S
roka: fof my friend treats me very much. Your brother, hopa, I want to go back to play with you again, my friend, as in the past, but I don't know how to enter the server again, play again .. Can you help me, my friend, so that I can enter with you again @ :S:S:S:S:S:S
W.O.R: hi roca, if you hopa then why you not use your "hopa" account here? https://vetus-clan.d e/index.php?user-det ails-2064. Hopa is whitelisted and can play on the Server.
roka: Admin W o r please I want to play with you my name is hopa. Do not forget about me, my friend. I want to play with you. You are my brothers and loved ones, tell me what to do to play with you? your brother hopa :S:S
roka: Admin w o r please send me the link so that I can play. I play clean games and I do not play cheating or bad games and I do not kill my friends ... I am hopa or do you remember me @@
roka: Admin w o r please send me the link so that I can play. I play clean games and I do not play cheating or bad games and I do not kill my friends ... I am hopa or do you remember me @@
roka: Admin w o r please send me the link so that I can play. I play clean games and I do not play cheating or bad games and I do not kill my friends ... I am hopa or do you remember me @@
roka: Ghost78 admin Please send me the link so I can play with you God bless you...your brother hopa :S:S
roka: Ghost78 admin Please send me the link so I can play with you God bless you...your brother hopa :S:S
roka: I'm addicted to Ghost78 please I want to play with you and your family. Didn't you remember me, I'm hopa.. Please send me your link so that I can play with you. Thank you my dears... Your brother hopa :S
roka: :S:S:S
roka: Admin War Please send me the link so that I can play. nike name hopa .please don't forget me
69...SAM...96: :*
ghost78: :8
flame: when 1. Quartal ends?
FOF: I have server called '' life'' Dinga :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=D1Nq086Q B1Q :8
DingAling: You have a server FoF mate ?
flame: 5-6 pm lately
FOF: Vetus dead :D
YuMa: hey where is everyone today??
VXp: :S
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: ghost and wor can't send me an ip so I can play on the server
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: guys what will happen? I will be able to play fluently
ScorpEminem: NEW VIDEO >> 3hKS55nk Hope you enjoy watching :)
ScorpEminem: Hey all. join a Vetus discord !!! >>> XPzJSqm (is like messenger for our community), created by PLASMA, so feel free to join this! everybody is welcome ;)
flame: .:: 1. Quartal 2023! ::. Last updated: Sat, 11.03.2023,
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: Agorina mporoume na to ftiaksoume? na paizoume epitelous
GodspeedGreece: :D Sorry mate Tzanstone
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: connection blocked by server. Banned for:Bad behavlor Original name:*GodSpeed
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: connection blocked by server. Banned for:Bad behavlor Original name:*GodSpeed
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: connection blocked by server. Banned for:Bad behavlor Original name:*GodSpeed
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: i cant join server
69...SAM...96: That doesn't mean I want, but I would like to. Everyone should have a bit of decency! I would like a ip
ghost78: New name =IpMan=-:8:)
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: W.O.R i want ip
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: W.O.R i want ip
W.O.R: stone and Watson have the same IP... stone = Watson
Watson: stone is clean
|MAFIA|Billy: You win ,Bravo 😌😏
ScorpEminem: THE 1 VS 1 Video is OUT Now >> h45At0nc Scorp Eminem vs Billy . Scorp the lucky bitch like he said :D hope you guys like it. Part 2 ->> 5uG-ZsqU if you didnt see it.
Arch_Angel: WOR / Ghost please can you look at players with x3 all very suspicious as is stone...not even sublte tonight
crawford: WOR is there anyway to check the old stats from like 2012, 13, 14 etc?
crawford: Go team Yuma! Go team Yuma!
ScorpEminem: Here we have the PART 2 ! >>> 5uG-ZsqU :) 2of3 Enjoy!!
ScorpEminem: Appreciated, glad you enjoyed yuma :8
YuMa: cool vid emi:8
ScorpEminem: Video PARTE 2 will be coming out TODAY !! For those who didnt see the Part 1 >> S77H2wic ;)
Arch_Angel: #ragepost
ScorpEminem: S77H2wic Hello all, hope you enjoy this one ;) ~Em
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: File godspeed esu me mpanares?
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: File godspeed esu me mpanares?
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: File godspeed esu me mpanares?
FOF: Shity bangers from me :D Last nights work after long target practise in Vetus :D com/watch?v=0xXKwfUV Idw
|MAFIA|Billy: Don’t try godspeed
GodspeedGreece: Just check the logs wor .I remember this name since years. we propably play both at the same time, it cant be me.
|MAFIA|Billy: Don’t try godspeed
GodspeedGreece: Nah its not me ! Just leave this guy to play and check his gameplay. Yes billy now is non toxic - non stupid players and as i see the stats , full of clean players that keep their names for ever. Wow iam impressed , keep it guys !
ScorpEminem: :* aahaha
W.O.R: hi, maybe because you are *GodSpeed
|MAFIA|Billy: Nice try Godspeed,The game is better without you
-|GR|-TzAnStOnE: hello my friends, can i know the reason i can't enter the server? I've been playing normally for so many years without creating any problems, and suddenly I'm a ban
FOF: vetus knows . thank you :DD
Arch_Angel: #ragepost
FOF: shit game
flame: gg gn?
Arch_Angel: #ragepost
Arch_Angel: lol FOF
FOF: shit game
YuMa: server down?
69...SAM...96: :P
ScorpEminem: for what i saw yesterday , madax3 and Jackx3 were clean
Deku: someone has to check the guys with .x3 in their names they are ruining the server
DingAling: com/watch?v=ofhao4SH XGo :(
DingAling: com/watch?v=G0np-5xb kus :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=7pOr3dBF AeY ;)
kro: btw WOR can you take a look at FFA server settings, bash with rifle is 60hp damage (like in AW), also pistol has full rounds instead of 1, or just shooting 1 at a time;
kro: even FFA was alive for a bit pLiQiZZo - we need more oldschool FFA!
Reizung: 22 players online. Like in good old times :)
Watson: Hi, your FFA RO server isnt showing on gametracker/eye
ghost78: Happy new Year, wünsche euch alles gute :8
Reizung: Jawoll, das wünschen wir dem gesamten Vetus Imperium natürlich auch! Ich hoffe ihr seid alle gut gerutscht :=) Viele Grüße ABE
W.O.R: Gutes neues Jahr allen :8
W.O.R: sorry I was already in bed and didn't notice it anymore.
YuMa: my game disconnected now i cant get in :S
flame: serverproblem, lag crash
W.O.R: OK, Account is activated now and the ban is removed. Was our bad :'( sorry. Is a old ban but with regex Auto ban funktion is very hard and ban many ppl for No reason.
crawford1: Wor can you check your emails please
crawford1: Wor can you check your emails please
W.O.R: I think I understand roughly what you want. I'll prepare something and then we'll take a look. But it won't come until after Christmas/New Year's Eve. Too much going on at home now.
flame: ty. 1 more thing, can u put stali in middle of rotation so more ppl can play it? rotation takes long and first 2 ppl play stali than ppl join and play other maps.. but when new rotation starts mosttimes ppl go sleep
W.O.R: Thanks for reporting, the system has hung and should be running again now.
flame: :: 4. Quartal 2022! ::. Last updated: Thu, 15.12.2022,
W.O.R: done :8
ScorpEminem: @admin WOR or ghost , please take a look in server, name player: jack__miles WH in server, take necessary actions when you have time. (everyone knows he is acting aswell)
GodspeedGreece: Oh ok. Who uses my name and in which part of the video is that?
kro: this was a reference to what was being said during the game in the vid, i've got some haters out there obviously :)
GodspeedGreece: Lol if that goes to me pls behave . Btw you speak to a genuine person and athlete who rides double miles per year than you with a car . And pls dont drink and came here to write :8
kro: god, pub hero or a boring fucker, anyway here's one short from last night pWFtHdeQ
GodspeedGreece: Stupidity subjectiveness egoism sucks too :8
FOF: Democracy SUCKS :D
W.O.R: 14 - 10 siehe Link in Shoutbox oder Forum
Reizung: Wie ging denn die Umfrage bezgl. der Sniper aus? :)
W.O.R: voting is over https://vetus-clan.d e/?vote , the sniper is coming back to the server. Thank you for participating
UnnamedSoldier: It's probably not new for others but it is for me so I thought I share it. I hope everyone is doing well, cheers :D com/watch?v=_euDhMDD Rq4
Deku: great vid as usual kro ! the bridge fight was indeed awesome :8
kro: i liked the sequence at the beginning, team work! aiUf5xU8 ; as for Crine - he's not blckhwk as he is still banned on the server
Reizung: This could be this blckwhk. Exactly the same playing style (as Deku told)… an old known cheater. Hes using VPN and many different names. (Just my 2 Cents:8) Greets ABE
Deku: I checked that guy yesterday he is kinda sus ! Like his movements don't make any sense just spamming leans here snd there on every corner.
W.O.R: :8
FOF: I knew WOR is watching :D DAD
W.O.R: thanks everyone for watching. I'm not quite cold-hearted about the whole thing and watch it constantly. The couple of times I watched I didn't notice anything. Yesterday it was often noticeable. So I have screenshoted him. Let's see if something comes up. According to the IP, he is from Germany... but actually from Turkey... all a little suspicious.
Hamburg: Hallo Wor, ich würde gerne auf Englisch schreiben damit alle verstehen… The Player Crine is definitely hacking, i don’t know what kind of wallhack he uses, maybe he turns it off or maybe not, but he is hacker!!! Many players can confirm that! Please keep checking. Viele Grüße 👋🏻
ScorpEminem: PS: Maybe he felt the pressure of us calling him hacker and now made a pause on using it
ScorpEminem: Hello wor. happy to see you. I see from 2 days ago he stopped using im not so sure. i know today at 23pm (german time) he was insulting hard some players in the server. Take a look on the record of his chat when you have time. But believe before 2 days ago he was using. Have fun
W.O.R: If you have concrete evidence, I'd be happy to look at it. A I don't think rich with unfortunately.
W.O.R: I've observed it a few times now.. I don't notice anything special. Maybe he only uses it sometimes. But what I saw wasn't a WH. I'll keep checking back, but otherwise I'm wasting my time
kro: indeed, he was wh numerous of times, also on LUEG server
W.O.R: Thanks for reporting, I'll see what I can do
ScorpEminem: player name: Crine , is wallhacking in the server
YuMa: You really did video my awesome shot lol Thanks Krog;)
kro: 2 quick maps rQyOcfIU
kro: Yuma's highlight of the night TtPk_3BI
kro: we're back PciHRSxg
ahmed: He does not go beyond that
ahmed: This appears when I do this test time=74ms
W.O.R: Use WinMTR is a good tool. Then you can see at which node your ping gets worse.
W.O.R: what is TraceRoute com/watch?v=vJV-GBZ6 PeM
ahmed: what does it mean TraceRoute
ahmed: In my cdx server, the ping is 98, which is no more than that
W.O.R: Since it is only with you, the error will very likely lie with your provider. CDX Server and our server have the same provider, so I'm a little surprised. Try a TraceRoute to CDX and then to Vetus.. what does it show?
ahmed: :/ say something
ahmed: Hello guys, I have a problem, when I enter the server, I have laag and my ping is 98, then it is 133 or 115, and I don't know why, I play in fuf and cdx and there is no such laag only in vetus, does anyone know the reason or how to solve this problem, thanks
Awelo: Server down
Terry: Tope Tope o Papagalos :D
YuMa: Hi Hima, haven't seen you in a while. come play sometime.
W.O.R: yes from time to time :)
HIMA: Hey guys nice to meet you, how are you, am really missed you, are you still playing or no
HIMA: Hey guys nice to meet you, how are you, am really missed you, are you still playing or no
Arch_Angel: Nice, thanks
W.O.R: I have added ist to news
W.O.R: The Current? Not realy possible but i have a mail with the Rotation. And a Screenshot from this very fast Vote :)
Arch_Angel: Where can we see the new rotation WOR?
kro: a few after a short break 1 - BeFmwTmE 2 - PQeO7D1s
W.O.R: New Voted Map Rotation is onlline! Thx for that fast voting and have fun with the new rotation :):8
W.O.R: Auf Grund der sehr schnellen Abstimmung werde ich auch die Rotation gleich ändern und nicht erst morgen da 20 Stimmen schon vorhanden.
Awelo: Con esta rotacion se van a cargar el server
W.O.R: Is possible :)
Shooter: If the new rotation completed today can you reset it quickly ;( or we have to wait till tomorrow?
Reizung: Einer noch ; )
W.O.R: Ich denke nicht. Wenn jetzt noch so ein Abend kommt mit dieser schrecklichen Rotation werden sich auch andere die Mühe machen
ghost78: Oder es bleibt jetzt bei 15 wieder hängen :P :D.
W.O.R: So schnell waren noch nie 15 Stimmen voll ich denke heute spätestens morgen ist es fertig. Also wie ich sagte es dauert immer so lange weil alle zufrieden sind. Die meisten waren so zufrieden wie es war.
ghost78: Noch 5 fehlen :8 Die Rotation ist echt schrecklich :D
W.O.R: I think so too, you and your clan friends can easily change it. Please vote for your favorite maps and the new rotation will be available maybe tomorrow.
MariskalBismark: Mein lieber Vetus Miles, die neue Kartenrotation ist schrecklich und ich denke, sie wird den Server ohne Menschen verlassen. Bitte stellen Sie die alte Rotation wieder her. Vielen Dank, Mariskal Bismarck Clan TMT
Awelo: Dont like t6hgis rotation sorry
Awelo: Rotation maps is very bud for my clan sorry but dont like play
Awelo: Rotation maps is very bud for my clan sorry but dont like play
W.O.R: Freue mich schon auf das "Skip" oder "Next Map" pls
Reizung: Endlich mal gescheite Maps : D (Zum Glück ist dieses blöde Algiers mal ziemlich hinten)
ghost78: Ja die sieht echt komisch aus :8 :* :D
W.O.R: Was wird denn das für eine Map-Rotation... Naja da bin ich Mal gespannt. Denke nicht das es gut ankommt.
W.O.R: is online now
W.O.R: Sorry was @work
YuMa: Server down :S
Aixa: :S we want play, please :8
Awelo: Server out
FOF: Arma noob
Armpower: Hello guys. Long time.
kro: few short ones from yesterday 1- HnPl6LNI 2 - LDfZdPZ4 3 - tYn5w1G0 GG
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=k1OUUYmO bG8
YuMa: I miss dinga too and I love the video!
ghost78: i miss Dinga
ghost78: com/watch?v=2yKLnfYq OIs
ghost78: com/watch?v=2yKLnfYq OIs...Dinga ? :8
kro: short one from yesterday 6CXsbuks
|MAFIA|Billy: I agree with ghost and krog :)
Reizung: Erst mal großes Lob an dich, dass du dich trotz privater Vollauslastung noch so um den Server kümmerst :). 10 Runden einer Map finde ich auch zu lange. Egal ob es eine Lieblingsmap ist, 10 Runden ziehen sich meist ewig lange. 7 Runden für die Map mit den meisten Stimmen würde meiner Meinung reichen und so verstehe ich auch die Aussage von Ay anO. Viele Grüß ABE
Ay anO: (malta-gewitter-unte rseite-druckkammern- flughafen-bazzar-ber lin-Bahnhof-Ardennes )....we didn't touch most of those maps for months although they are good ones but aren't popular for most of current players so maybe they would never get their turns like democracy isn't always the best solution :D
kro: i disagree, if people want maps then they vote for them, if they are not interested then they don't vote at all. current map rotation has been with 15ish votes for weeks (months?) now so players who don't care about maps are not included in these votes. hence we will never reach 20 votes; lowering the requirement to 15 would at least allow us to see if it's better or worse?
W.O.R: Es voten nicht alle weil es so passt wie es ist :) der Server hat doch mehr als 15 Spieler und ist öfters auch mal voll. Ich denke es ist für viele einfach in Ordnung wie es ist. Man votet nur dann wenn einem etwas nicht passt. Ich habe es schon Mal auf 15 gemacht es war ein Chaos nur noch schlechte Maps und Gejammer auf dem Server.
ghost78: Ich meinte weil nur 15 Spieler voten, mit 12 votes würde sie sich die rotation öfters ändern, so hab ich es gemeint. ;)
W.O.R: ??? Verstehe ich nicht was du jetzt meinst. Das mit den Maps ist alles gut aber Privat muss ich erst einiges erledigen erst dann haben ich Zeit. Es ist nicht nur die Rotation Mann muss die Abstimmung anpassen das Script das die Rotation automatisch schreibt die Startseite und und und. Es ist immer viel mehr Arbeit als manch einer sich vorstellt. Ich persönlich habe nichts gegen die aktuelle Rotation würde es so lassen wie es ist. Sehe überhaupt kein Problem.
ghost78: Wegen maps wechseln,stell es mal auf 12,wegen 5 was nicht voten gibts kein wechsel ! 15 wollen und 5 nicht ?? :8
kro: from yesterday's game: 1 - 21pTF4CI , 2 - ouhZqI-Q ; i don't want to pat myself on the back too much but take a look at video 1 2:46 mark, this shot was so nasty..; @Latengoqueparte check video 2 3:12 and explain to me how could i not kill you there without a wallhack? :D GG
|MAFIA|Billy: Wor loot at private message
kro: can we add st.lo and st.renan to rotation? these maps are easily downloadable you have them on your site i think
|MAFIA|Billy: Wor loot at private message
Ay anO: there are nearly 23 maps there
Ay anO: i meant the whole maps not the ones with 10 rounds i got wrong thought there are only 10 maps
|MAFIA|Billy: Wor loot at private message
W.O.R: We can try that, then other maps will run more often, which would otherwise be neglected. All at 5 and the less popular stay at 3 and take turns.
Ay anO: My suggestion is that , make every map only 5 rounds no less or more to not getting boring ,and make the whole 10 maps in queue so we can play all not just the same few every time and repeat that queue ,,and maybe add some maps which other player can suggest
W.O.R: Ok I'll try something different. Which maps are you currently missing in the rotation that is currently running?
W.O.R: in the current rotation there are 10 maps (the most popular has 10 rounds) the 2nd position are 7 rounds then less popular 5 and the very bad ones with little vote 3 rounds which then also alternate... So they have little popular maps good chances and with 3 rounds many stay and wait.
Viru5: or make the rotation more frequent than once a quarter. idk whats healthy (every 2 months or maybe weeks??)
W.O.R: If you put topmaps in, what's different than now?
Viru5: Almost, yes it is a rotation. but the top maps can be included every quarter and the lower tier maps should be randomised.
W.O.R: I think the map rotation as it is right now suits most so it's not voted anymore, that's all. We can test and make a bad rotation (Berlin, Snowy_Park, Omaha_Beach etc.). Then we'll see if it gets voted faster, I'm sure it will be faster then :8
W.O.R: I'm trying to understand :* January - March 1st quarter [6 maps] Which will only come back in a year from January to March. correct? You want that more than what is now? So if I want play Stalingrad or Remagen then play from January to March and if you like Algiers or e.g. Southern France you can come from February to April. And then again in a year. Doesn't sound that cool.
Deku: esporto*
Deku: also i agree with espoto's opinion
Deku: thanks for your support and taking action with godspeed i really appreciate it.
Viru5: I would suggest to have a map pool that rotates every quarter like the statistics. This way every map will get a chance to be played. Im not playing so Im just passing an idea. Maybe return algiers and stalin more often in a year. e.g. in multiple quarter. downside of this that some players will not be playing if the mappool sucks in that specific quarter.
W.O.R: What is your suggestion, how should the vote be? The server sometimes has more than 20 players from the server at the same time... why are 20 votes too many then? I'm just assuming most players like the rotation the way it is... didn't anyone think so? I personally like the rotation as it is on 2-3 maps with 3 rounds but it's ok like that
W.O.R: Zu deiner Aussage ABE.. wenn nach dem Voten Algier wieder die meisten stimmen hat dann ist es eine Beliebte Map deshalb ist es einfach so. Und was ist eine Random rotation?
|MAFIA|Billy: Hi ABE my Friend i miss u bro in this server I hope to see you again
|MAFIA|Billy: Aizan did you send screenshots to wor? - To see godspeed's racism in front of Arabs and Muslims, this racism that he always shows to all players.. and insulting some of the mothers and fathers before “Remember, WOR, I gave him one last chance to respect others and he didn’t care about that..!
Reizung: Da muss ich dem Ay Ano Recht geben. Ich habe lange Zeit nicht mehr auf dem Server gespielt, da gefühlt 80% der Zeit immer nur Algier lief mit 10 Runden : / Und nach jedem Map Voting war Algier wieder mit 10 oder 7 Runden dabei. Vllt wäre eine Random-Rotation doch eine Alternative? Viele Grüße ABE
Ay anO: just update it like statics
Ay anO: need new system for votes ,,,,the vote won't complete like that cause it is only 15 players who do it every time and it didnt reach 20 for long ago,,,and also there are players that come only for specific maps that they only khnow and as soon as it ended they let the erver empty which make others feel it is the end of the day so they leave too,,so just make it autuomatically random every month no need for votes that aren't effective cause players don't even vote leaving the oldones continue and no need for narrowview players that let the server empty every time after only two or three maps
Deku: imo Palermo won't fit the server since it's kinda small . i would replace Verschneit with Destroyed village and add up more rounds to some maps.
ScorpEminem: Few days ago i gave link for download palermo map - coverted from BT to SH
|MAFIA|Billy: New Maps..? Vote for new maps ,And put link to download a new maps..
|MAFIA|Billy: New Maps..? Vote for new maps ,And put link to download a new maps..
FOF: I think it will be less stress on the laptop as it dont need to write inside your hard disk. Internet maybe the problem if its slow.
kro: not sure if my laptop is made for streaming, will stick to regular videos for now but i might try it once or twice see how it goes
FOF: Krog - why you not streaming on youtube rather than recording. Dont need any disk space n shit.
kro: yesterday's game 1/3 - O_WmSHxs 2/3 - GY-cxl8U 3/3 - CxofeYTs @terry part 2 00:20 sec in case you were wondering lol gg
ghost78: Sehr gut :8 ;)
W.O.R: Keine mehr soviel ich weiß... Oder ich habe was nicht gelesen ;)
ghost78: was habt ihr für probleme ?
ghost78: com/watch?v=xkggNrRA heY&t=19s
ghost78: com/watch?v=_tX3AnKi Yb0 :-O:D
Cookie: Good evening, fellow players. I apologize If anyone got annoyed with yesterday's misunderstanding. I was simply asking back for the nickname I have been using for quite a few years and the response I was getting was bothersome. Also, I'm sorry If I said anything out of line. I got patience but I'm no saint. For your information, I did not harass anyone as everyone who was playing in the server at that time knows. Have a great rest of the night.
FOF: Romantic comedy is it ? :D
FOF: Chist almighty! :D Its like a book here :D
GodspeedGreece: Iam always comment about player's gameplay and not for the person. Told many times for the 2 best ping at server how respect them overall and also say ns etc. Its same with billy's cheater "but this is all inside the game" . Sorry for my english .
|MAFIA|Billy: Look YUMA and CRAW at this #Billy_The_KiD# shorts/xxUJ4BaLo40?f eature=share
|MAFIA|Billy: Kro i love watching you on YouTube 😎💪&# 127995;
|MAFIA|Billy: Honestly, it's sad that we all talk like this to each other just because of a trivial game that is not worth anything in real life.. I like competition and talking in a competitive way when we play and get angry for losing but this is all inside the game but in real life we ​​should talk in this way why do I feel that The game has taken a different direction and it is as if we hate each other..!? Really if I meet any of the players in real life I will joke with them a lot and talk to them with a sense of humor and then tell them you cheater jokingly even if that person is "terry - godspeed" Let's play in peace and ignore talking badly or insulting each other..Most of us have known each other for years or we play here every night. We are more than a family..It becomes like a routine thing we do every day and when a player is away he is there every day We feel we miss him in the servant..we are a family even if there are cheaters among us they are part of this annoying family lol I swear I speak from the bottom of my heart “FOR ALL PLAYERS” -Billy
|MAFIA|Billy: ‏Honestly I agree with "godspeed" that the console should automatically balance players like some other servers.
|MAFIA|Billy: ‏Wow there seems to be a lot of chatter here.. in reply to you wor ‏"martini" is not a cheat, he did not use a cheat program in vetus, and this is what matters to you and what matters to the players.. If he cheated, he wouldn't have tried to prove many times that he cheats because of what he always says "godspeed" to him about being a cheater and so on.. ‏Also, if you are talking about that there is no fog, you may not have information that there are a lot of players who do not have fog and they think that this is normal.. ‏I also have a question for you wor..when will you stop banning people forever..? ‏There should always be a chance, even after a year of banning a player, right?
kro: yesterday's game, almost full server, no whiners, nice game - I5GNd-Es GG
W.O.R: Whoever writes about respect should start with himself. Many players on the server have told your sister that the name is taken. If that doesn't respect you, then don't start talking about respect here. Your whitelist link and that of your sister are therefore deactivated again, whoever comes like that can stay away. The game is 18+ if you let your underage sister play the game you must expect such words, violence and death to be confronted with her. You are welcome to complain wherever you want, good luck. Your account and that of your sister will also be deactivated (banned) here on the site. Too bad it didn't work.
Arch_Angel: 5318008
senpai: so i just got off work to my sister saying that the other person named "cookie" is harassing her and being disrespectful whilst in game. so again, we've been playing the game for 10 years and again we didn't know there were another person named cookie. nobody owns a nickname. you didn't pay money to purchase such nickname. i captured a video of "cookie" calling me dick and using inappropriate language "f word". i'll let it slide this time, but there are rules and guidelines you must follow if you don't wanna be banned. i was offended on behalf of my younger sister. she just wanna have fun in game. so to the other person named "cookie" and the simps who sided with her in game, if you harass my younger sister again. i'll be sending this video of you while using inappropriate language towards an underage to wor. and i'll personally open the ticket to submit an official report against you for such behavior. again, let's all have fun and show respect to each other.
senpai: Hello, this is cookie's big brother. kindly send me an ISP ban whitelist link so i can access the server on my pc, wor. also for other folks, i noticed some comments on my younger sister's nickname here in the shoutbox and in game..we didn't know there is another person with the same nickname from greece or wherever. we been playing the game since the release of spearhead. and we had different nicknames through 10 years course. we're not trying to pretend to be someone else. so kindly be respectful and don't harass my younger sister about her nickname. thank you. will patiently wait for the whitelist link to access the server. peace out.
Terry: I think that moralizing is not a good thing at all,each person is who he is for his own personality, and for this reason no one has the right to command the rights of another Enjoy the game in peace and harmony, we are all human and equal on this earth. Thank you to all!
Deku: i respect every word u said wor
GodspeedGreece: The server is in good condition now. The only thing to improve is to stop report cheaters, thats you asking me?? Kro is offended from opinions lol. You ego and rude , say all are easy targets. IF you had common sense and be normal you would respect other's playing . You and many other always go axis, never balance teams when its even 8vs5 so there is no common sense and not enjoying the game. (you enjoy your own game), thats ego. I dont personally care if teams are 8vs5 but asking to balance teams for all players.One more time i didnt insult anyone like old times (haha) and i will keep it like that. Have fun !
kro: short one from yesterday - 0Tv9_l1E @godspeed we will miss you although it's a perfect opportunity for you to create your own server hosted somewhere in Greece so that you will no longer have any latency issues seriously tho, instead of trying to chill and enjoy the game as everyone else on the server you are the one who absolutely must voice your opinions about ping, players' pc or choosing team side - in a rude and toxic way, so don't try to act like you don't offend people you literally changed your name to f*** 50 pings, are you sure this game isn't affecting you a little too much?
W.O.R: That you don't offend anyone is a lie I'm not blind and can see a little more than others. We don't need self-proclaimed cheater experts. As said before, if you don't like the way we do it then play on a server that is better managed and protected. It's enough for us as it is. You are now warned please change your behavior otherwise I will have to ban you. I really don't like to ban because every player is important to me, but if you don't follow the rules then I have to protect others from you.
GodspeedGreece: Noone insulted. Wor you never know what i think cause all that accuse me makes it huge since years. Its hard to be right . i dont say anyone is cheater. But i have better opinion for vetus server cause i play more often than you. So respect my opinion .
W.O.R: Ich versuche es kurz zu halten und in deutsch, kann sich jeder selbst übersetzten. @Godspeed 1. Zu dem smoothclients das kann ich wieder ausschalten, es war viele Jahre aus und kann von mir aus auch weiterhin so bleiben. 2. Was mich und viele andere sehr stört ist der Umgang (Respektlosigkeit) mit anderen Spielern. Deine Beleidigungen hören einfach nicht auf. Es wird jetzt Konsequenzen haben. Sollte es wieder vorkommen bist du raus. Der bann bleibt dann für Immer. @Billy, JA Martini ist ein Cheater, er selbst hat das Video von sich gemacht und das kann jeder sehen. Das Thema ist durch da fangen wir nicht wieder an. @all Ja vielleicht sind Cheater auf dem Server aber ganz sicher nicht so viele wie Godspeed denkt. Das Beleidigen und andere zu beschuldigen macht das Spiel genauso kaputt wie das Cheaten. Also wenn einer meint der Server ist voll von Cheater dann geht raus und spielt auf anderen Servern die sauber sind. Mir fehlt die Zeit und auch die Lust Cheater zu jagen. Wir sind zu 100% gegen Cheater aber wenn keiner besonders auffällt vertraue ich einfach darauf das er sauber spielt. Zu dem sind 90% der Vetus Spieler immer die gleichen Spieler. Wenn von den restlichen 10% einer cheatet und wir merken es nicht dann ist es für mich ok. Ich spiele aus Spaß am Spiel und nicht wegen der Jagt der Cheater.
Ay anO: However the continous crying mode of speed,,,but yah i suspected deku last month when he was playing with that name before and same with name aizen i felt 2 weeks ago that i saw the same style of playing but couldn't remember,,but now thats makes sense same style of cheats is there
|MAFIA|Billy: Martini is cheat ?! LoooooL 🤔😏
Deku: I am actually clueless rn . Idk how to solve this situation but have fun
GodspeedGreece: Bro why you mad? Try to communicate with arguments pls. So, you still cant say your old name! Noone accused you for hacking in 7 years cause you change names ! Also noone accused martini for cheats but guess what... A simple ss doesnt mean anything. its not a proof. Nevermind i never speak to guys like you, i did only yesterday (cause you first try to act sweet with me ) . I will stop there.
Viru5: Lol aizen and kro same boring ass playstyle. Don't think that theya re cheating just baiters but I like drama :D:8
Deku: I have been playing in this server for almost 7 years no one accused me of hacking but ofc u are mr detective who discovers wonders, i am ready for wor to check me
Deku: It's pointless to talk to such a human being who only complains about their existence, anyone who is playing in the server can confirm my point of u being a crybaby about everyone kills u just grow the fuck up peace.
GodspeedGreece: Nice words but the reality is different. You see after many years players ( mostly from egypt) put cheats to play. Thats the sad thing. Oh aizen is deku right. Who are you man? What name you use when i accuse kro for cheats before years ? ( btw i never say kro has cheats).
Deku: U don't respect other players then don't expect them to respect u . I am asking wor to take action in this cuz this guy has no idea how stupid it's to just accusing whoever plays the game with hacking thanks in advance.
Deku: Well speaking of aizen that's me And i can confirm that u are the most boring human being i have ever seen . U don't let anyone enjoy the game cux of ur none sense theories u are just bad in game. Stop accusing anyone with hacking i asked for an admin check u cried like a baby mentioning that u don't care about admin's opinion and u are a better investigator in what world that makes sense.Same drama happened with kro before when he firstly played on the server like few years ago and u denied that yesterday
GodspeedGreece: Can someone ban Aizen please. full of cheats. wallhack -aimbot- no recoil- no fog lag cheat- no clip -no trees - no walls- no brain .
GodspeedGreece: The server has smoothclients ON . I say again that is not good for high pings.ALso this period the server provider is not good. noone from 50-100 ping has a stable 98 ping. At least can you vote for smoothclients OFF ? I play the spearhead version that is not supported and the movement of some players its laggy. Its like dont install the 2.11 -2.15V patches. anyone else with that porblem? Thx in advance .
Ay anO: guys who vote for maps enough for those please: Algier-Stalingrad-So uthern France-Verschneit-Th e Bridge There are a whole bunch of ones we didnt even try in the last 8 months at least
W.O.R: Ich bin mir sicher das es nicht so ankommen wird wie man es denkt. Ich habe leider aber nicht so viel Zeit um es umzusetzen. Vielleicht komme ich Sonntag dazu.
cookie: Thank you for having me, have a great time everyone!
|MAFIA|Billy: All players come here to vote for new maps
ghost78: Guter Vorschlag, mal paar neue maps zur Abwechslung :8 .... Bin auch dafür ;)
ScorpEminem: Hello. im agree with you billy and krog. Palermo map is a great one , and i have seen palermo can be adapted from BT to SH. i dont know if is in this site to download the map but i put the link from what i shearch: http://www.mohaaaa.c nt/palermo-obj
|MAFIA|Billy: I think if wor will update server maps.. It is better to put a link to download the new maps from it..
|MAFIA|Billy: I agree with you krog I'm bored with these maps..“palermo” I think most of the players played in this map it's very cool
kro: also, can we add St.lo and St.renan to the map rotation vote? i would put the links to download these maps on the front page so that everyone can see them, and vote to enable them into rotation; they are really cool and fresh, the server rotation hasn't changed that much in 2 years i'm playing here because the options are limited and just bad
kro: how verschneit looks like in a nutshell - 6DaRy0N4 2 - CwvfbVls
GodspeedGreece: hahahaahha. I was wondering if Cookie tell lies and pretend to be from greece .
Terry: " cookie " who the hell are you using someone else's name
cookie: Hello, i'd like to request a white list link as my IP was banned due to global ISP ban in Egypt. thank you in advance.
kro: two short ones from yesterday 1 - 8QxNlUrY 2 - SwFfZPQM gg
|MAFIA|Billy: Will not come again
|MAFIA|Billy: Will come to play again .. maybe for long time or forever :
W.O.R: What happen with paf?
|MAFIA|Billy: We Will Miss You Paf! :S:S:'(
W.O.R: Hi cookie, check your Private Message.
kro: yesterday's game 1 - vkH2UGk4 2 - 8CLLkpQ0 some maps are too long to record in full
Terry: FUCK IT UP :8 com/watch?v=ibQeYLcr DXA
Terry: FUCK IT UP :8 com/watch?v=ibQeYLcr DXA
Deku: Yooo folks a guy named *someone* plays here sometimes but only after midnight and he is very suspicious. So may any of the admins check him later or so ? Thanks in advance
YuMa: Thanks ghost:) I love nirvana!
YuMa: Thanks ghost:) I love nirvana!
YuMa: Thanks ghost:) I love nirvana!
|MAFIA|Billy: Krog-You made me angry at you're a snake player grrr 😂😂 I will kick you today
kro: from yesterday's game; was pretty laggy ZNJ5glTI
ghost78: yuma for you...:D com/watch?v=ExIPfQ7c e48&list=PL6lOZMN5RQ idfyt538xNIPhsE01iX9 Pug
GodspeedGreece: When server is full game become unplayable. Maybe its server settings or maxpackets. My ping is never stable. cant play. And that Smoothclients ON is total disaster for this server.
kro: yesterday's game here 1/2 - ogRgWyZM 2/2 - PnzWYMT8 GG
GodspeedGreece: @ghost i dont blame anyone. 95% iam correct at any case. dont count the times i make jokes with someones. stats and history says a lot about this problem here.
GodspeedGreece: FOF now he start to put cheats. 1.5 year was clean. Forget the stats. Man why dont like me? Iam bad cause cheaters but their number is HUGE at server since beggining. I remember 5-6 pages at blacklist which means up to 100 names, mostly players from egypt :D
|MAFIA|Billy: FOF Grrrrr Bad boy .. wor must ban you because you hate the cute killer Billy :8 :*
FOF: Ghost. i dont like them both as well to be honest :DDDDDDD
Ay anO: problem with servers list,,and doesnt even enter with typing the ip of the server?:(
ghost78: FOF... The 2 always blame each other, that's why I made the screens :P:D
FOF: To be fair. I think KD ratio says a lot. So when someone has KD over 3 that feels sus. But all guys that have 1 or 1.5 its not big deal and in my opinion they should not be forced to take SS unless that KD clims up like crazy. Speeds KD was always at the same level as far as i remember. 1.5 1.8 max. And period anyone bellow 1 should be able to join anytime in my opinion.
FOF: Nice Ban Speed :DDD hehe les noobs on the server :D
ghost78: I have lifted the lock :8
GodspeedGreece: Hi Ghost. Yes maybe its a bug from the system. it says : Invalid screenshot. The ss name : vm_196508
ghost78: Hi speed, you both sent the screenshot, Billy a little later because it didn't work for him at first... I don't understand why you can't play!? There must be a mistake, I'll take care of it! sry :*
GodspeedGreece: I cant speak with new names . "You all look the same to me" - Morpheus (The Matrix) . hahahahaah
|MAFIA|Billy: First :- He asked me to send SS because I don't know how, so he told me that.. Second: - Stop accusing all players of cheating, this reduces the credibility and quality of the server because of the rumors you say will make the server have a bad reputation! Third: - Do not accuse Simon of falsely. The administrators of this server have the right to take SS when needed.. If you are clean, you will not have a problem with this.. (Even admins are not safe from your bad words) Fourth :- I sent an ss and then the same night WOR took a screenshot of me again and I sent it..
GodspeedGreece: +i was send it before days and it was approved and enter the server normally. now i cant. Thx for break my night Simon. You know me 20 years and still ask for ss. Let billy random name to play with cheats now. this is ridiculus.
GodspeedGreece: I upload the correct ss with TGA and say invalid. fix it.
kro: from yesterday XYGfxUQA if there are any tips worth mentioning i will be adding them in the description, enjoy :)
Arch_Angel: +1 subscriber
kro: i'll be making more videos from now on, just for the fun of it. maybe someone will enjoy com/user/furor402/vi deos
|MAFIA|Billy: G|u|N 1️⃣ 8081;
ghost78: zum hochladen sind die ja nicht gesperrt ?
ghost78: I remember where everyone said I can't find the screens :8:D
ghost78: billy send your screen on the link ! screen session 196499 token105
ghost78: https://vetus-clan.d e/Server/gsx/ss_uplo ad.php
ghost78: sry wenn ihr 2 euch streitet schickt die screens :8
|MAFIA|Billy: Cheats..yes yes that's me your memory is very strong.. :P ;)
GodspeedGreece: Oh you mean yesterday, when you start to put cheats for no recoil -lag -noclip. Ohhh yes i remember you !
ghost78: I have to agree with speed....why does everyone play with different names? scammers or why
|MAFIA|Billy: Who is new ?! 🤔 lol u too funny 😂😂 My first day here is yesterday :*. :8
GodspeedGreece: Billy you new player too. you play 1-1.5 year here with that name.
|MAFIA|Billy: The new players are very scary.. you always don't know who they are or how they play or even they will respect the old players or not!? - All new players should really be watched carefully and also players who are strange in the way of playing or who lack skills that make us suspect them.
ghost78: was bei euch los ?danke flame gun from estonnia !
GodspeedGreece: Lol FOF. This game its all about speed. If you want to see player's skill you have to play LAN or make all pings 100. :D ( I will take my revenge on that at server). Come on your Cowards , Tonight.
Spicy: I haven't played the game for a year, so I didn't stick to my old name and at this time I was playing other FPS games that might have improved my level like Valorant, but in general I respect your opinion and I think it's convincing enough, And if I was in charge, I would do the same.
FOF: i dont understand why people change their names. I mean there is guys who like that but we know who they are. Now someone comes in with a new name and shreds everyone . Kinda a bit suspicios in my opinion. Then he/ she told their name that i never seen playing for years and suddenly they are super good. Kinda makes no sence to me. For Ex Speed plays here or ronly forever and he still shit to this day. lol Same with my self Vetus or Fr_13 servers i played for probably over 15 years. Kinda strange to me for sure.
Spicy: Alright WOR It's your decision, i have been playing for 7 years on this server andd i can say there is no experienced players on this server, Try to choose a fairer method to ban players, GL.
GodspeedGreece: Ok you right. I can do this. no more insults to cheaters.
W.O.R: @Spicy your WhiteLink is disabled, too many players didn't find you clean. They are all experienced players and I trust my community
W.O.R: @Godspeed watch you languge, please don't insult the ppl everytime. Cheater or not, they are still people and I wish that people would treat each other with respect.
W.O.R: Hi Spicy, you have a private message. Check the blinking letter above near login.
Spicy: Whitelist link, please.
Terry: Hello :8:8
W.O.R: is possible with effort. But not in old statistics. You change the name Manuel and it changes with the next calculation. But new stats have only been available for 3 days... it's not worth the effort.
|MAFIA|Billy: If I change my name i can get my points kills ?
W.O.R: Stats reset, new quarter starting tomorrow :8
UnnamedSoldier: hopefully i will find some time for it :D
GodspeedGreece: Come to play again. If was DreamTheater live i would serius think about it. Maybe do the same thing after 11st August... Have a nice time there mate ! Rammstein \m/
UnnamedSoldier: [Netherlands, Foxy]: hi i'm Foxy, haven't played in a while but i'm going to the Netherlands for a few days (holiday, Rammstein concert). does anyone want to have a quick meet/drink while i'm there? i know quite some of the players are from the Netherlands
DingAling: Ghost :8 com/watch?v=aqlLJXYt RWg
|MAFIA|Billy: WOR look at your private message I sent to you
ghost78: Dinga :8 com/watch?v=CTx7tfe8 iOQ
W.O.R: Hi AlolA, check your Privatmessage (Flashing letter next to login field) for the Link. have fun on the server :8
AlolA: Hey There, Can I Get a Link to The Server? Thanks in Advance =)
ghost78: :8 :)
DingAling: com/watch?v=69FGX47p FnM :8 ghost
DingAling: ghost my friend. FGX47pFnM
ghost78: com/watch?v=qRKNw477 onU
ghost78: dINGA com/watch? :Dv=7jO9MqXmsvw
Cranius1986: Hi
Cranius1986: Hi
Cranius1986: Hi
GodspeedGreece: I cant vote ! This bug again. Its like ive already vote but i didnt .
ghost78: Next 15 votes... Is in 15 months :8;):D
ghost78: I am voted no. 5 :D
Arch_Angel: I voted for new map rotation because current one is crazy lol :D
W.O.R: I would like to (add melt points) but unfortunately I can't. I lack the ability to do that. :'(
Arch_Angel: Could the statistics be update to have kills/round and maybe players melted because it is freeze tag..?
Arch_Angel: Could the statistics be update to have kills/round and maybe players melted because it is freeze tag..?
ghost78: com/watch?v=Yam6mrCC vD4 :*
ghost78: dingalinging :D:8
ghost78: com/watch?v=CmFDyZ3y tg8&list=PLADC31AACD 25DBFDD&index=12 :8
Arch_Angel: I voted for new map rotation because current one is crazy lol :D
YuMa: Hey Ding, I'm good hope you are the same. Miss seeing you in the game. Wish you would play some time. Would be great to see you.
GodspeedGreece: we will when you start play at server. until now, its a big NO :D
DingAling: Hello everyone :8 I hope you are all well. com/watch?v=6NXnxTNI Wkc ;)
W.O.R: Oh... ab morgen gibt es eine neue Map Rotation! Danke für das Abstimmen.
ghost78: :8
Reizung: Nur noch 3 ; )
ghost78: 4 people are still missing to vote, where are you :D
ghost78: com/watch?v=FjLmVKyR FXc :(
ghost78: snowy und Omaha haben die meisten keine lust..Hab paar mal geschrieben sollen Voten..aber die T... sind alle in spec keine ahnung Kapieren die es nicht !? ;)
ghost78: -5 :D kannst es mal auf 15 machen ? :8
W.O.R: + 1 Vote .. yes !
W.O.R: Yes is true, you've already. But many who have an account here were not yet. For example Yuma, all TMC players, Billy, Terry. I've already seen how Terry does team kills in "Snowy Park" so that the next map comes up...
GodspeedGreece: I try to vote for map rotation but it says i already vote :(
ghost78: okay, warten wir halt mal ab :8
W.O.R: Werbung bringt nichts.. wahrscheinlich ist die Rotation so in Ordnung
W.O.R: you have a Mail :8
SpecialAngel: I read the news :). I send to WOR a message. Thanks for your understanding.
SpecialAngel: Dears, I'm trying to join the server but unfortunately my IP is banned. Please note I have new location and ISP. Regards,
W.O.R: Es lief mal ganz gut. Dann wurde es schlechter. Ich werde mal etwas Werbung machen.
ghost78: Ha ja schon bei dem letzten Vote ewig gebraucht, bis 20 abgestimmt hatten :8
Arch_Angel: Maybe some on server are not aware of the vote...?
W.O.R: It will be evaluated every morning. When 20 votes are reached, there is a new rotation. There can theoretically be a new rotation every day if enough vote. 14 have already voted, 6 are still missing. I don't understand why it's taking so long this time although many are not happy with the current rotation. Maybe many don't know it.
Arch_Angel: Hey WOR, when is the new map rotation starting?
W.O.R: Hi :)
Arch_Angel: Hi all
GodspeedGreece: You are not in position to make such a discussions Omar Yussry. Go back to your corner pls. And dont mention wor at every message here you damn licker :P:P:P:P
|MAFIA|Billy: Well well godspeed you are the person who loves to cause problems like you are the boss or the inventor of the game stop making yourself responsible and accusing players only of cheating because you can't face them.. Also stop talking about the martini and I told you before that he is my friend and when you talk about my friend insulting it annoys me and I will not remain silent.. Everyone knows that wor works to make the server better always not waiting for you to tell it what to do Greetings wor :)
Abdelhak: Vielen Dank W.O.R ;)
a7a: i didnt read all the chats but i heard someone mentioned Martini name so i came to say that Martini was Racist poor
Terry: Weak players always use cheat, lack of ability forces them to use cheat! Peace and love is good for all.
W.O.R: I can't say whether it's clean or not because we haven't crossed paths yet. But I have already checked that he is not Martini and I have also told you Godspeed that he is not. I'm pretty sure about it. It's not a new player, he played 3 years ago with the same IP range as today (=[OaO]=J@ck Sp@rroW.) Or (-={MCA}=-J@ck Sp@rroW.Dz) or (WrenCh[DZ]) and many other names. I hope I was able to help and resolve your dispute with it. :)
GodspeedGreece: First of all i was not rude . I start to speak about martini and you responded for no reason. And pls behave . Dont be a scambug . You can shut down your PC again after this.
Abdelhak: i'm this "Wrench-Jacksparrow"
Abdelhak: Well @Godspeed, lemme just tell you something, idc wether you i'm this "Martini" or no, since i'm sure i'm not this "Martini" then i have nothing to worry about, and yeah of course i would insult you, cuz u r rude person, you could simply contacted WOR and tell him to check me, but instead u started accusing me in the game and now all other players believes you since they aer braindead like you (not all of course), and thanks and i hope Mr,WOR would check me as soon as possible so you can shut your mouth and stop being retarded. "all my respect to other players"
GodspeedGreece: On the other side, its easy to prove this. I send a PM to admin that day i found this out. If he want he can check the logs. i speak with mention his name (martini) and Wrench-Jacksparrow starts to answer and insult too...
GodspeedGreece: I can beat cheaters.martini is 100% proven cheater. You tell that about me cause you cant beat me. Nevermind i suggest if admins found that martini uses VPN from algeria to ban him and you for supporting him. (If they find evidence)
|MAFIA|Billy: godspeed martini will still be your knot because you couldn't beat him.. This player is an Arab from Algeria and he is a friend with me on Facebook.. If you find evidence that it's martini wor, block him and I agree with you(All respect for you WOR )
GodspeedGreece: Hello guys. Martini banned player starts to play again with name Wrench-J@ck SP@rrow. He uses VPN. Enjoy your playing fellas.
ahmed: ah,ok, Thank you mate
W.O.R: Hi ahmed, check your Privat Message. Is the flashing letter next to the login field
ahmed: hey,How do I enter the server?
W.O.R: Statistics restarted :8
W.O.R: Ja ein paar zappeln noch :)
ghost78: Hi Sparta ja die letzten Mohhakaner :D Das war ein Zeichen, dannwird es Zeit da mal wieder aufn Server kommst :8
SpArTA: Omg Leute müsste gerade an euch denken und hatte nie erwartet dass es die Seite noch gibt. Gaaaanz liebe Grüße an Vetus
Abdou: Nein WOR, das war eigentlich nur ein Witz. i don't need a Link Billy, i'm not an Egyptians :8
|MAFIA|Billy: What you want Abdou if you want link talk to wor
DingAling: com/watch?v=U67yfNMg ep4 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=U67yfNMg ep4 :8
W.O.R: is this supposed to be a provocation? there must be more to come... I'm not that easy to get :8
Abdou: i'd rather play against Hackers than seeing this server Dead :'((( we need Vetus's Glory
|MAFIA|Billy: Coz wor ban Egyptian 🙂
Abdou: Why is server Empty? is it dead ?
ghost78: wish you too :8
DingAling: Happy St. Patricks day evryone. com/watch?v=e05Xfys4 wxg :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=XSMn0oUY yUI :P
ghost78: com/watch?v=FOt3oQ_k 008
ghost78: com/watch?v=EeD7-_E2 QHw :D:8
ghost78: com/watch?v=7vhhTvcL oRw
GodspeedGreece: Hello friend. We miss you. :D :D :D
DingAling: @ joker if your still around my friend and to all :8 com/watch?v=D9F244zt jxA
|MAFIA|Billy: What is going on in my mind is that the “hell” problem is over, so it is better for the Egyptians to return the matter as before, entering without the link. Is there a problem with that..? I think no and you what?.. If I accept that martini is a cheat, will you believe the player I told you about .. You can ask him what happened between him and the martini.. "Also for your information, I only want good for server vetus because I am a member of this server and I play almost every day on it and enjoy playing with everyone so I will not want any harm to happen in vetus "
DingAling: @ Ghost. com/watch?v=1HHMA1Dp o5M :(
DingAling: com/watch?v=relfz3ZF sZA :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=U67yfNMg ep4 :8
ghost78: TAXMcij0:8:*
ghost78: qHMSSzAY
a7a: i agree with billy please remove the ban from egyptians
|MAFIA|Billy: What is going on in my mind is that the “hell” problem is over, so it is better for the Egyptians to return the matter as before, entering without the link. Is there a problem with that..? I think no and you what?.. If I accept that martini is a cheat, will you believe the player I told you about .. You can ask him what happened between him and the martini.. "Also for your information, I only want good for server vetus because I am a member of this server and I play almost every day on it and enjoy playing with everyone so I will not want any harm to happen in vetus "
W.O.R: #This blah blah was for the racism card, there is nothing racist here.. you are not the first to call us racists. And that sucks it was just happening all over the world. #Resending the messages is an bug of the site shoutbox, not your fault. #Resending the messages is an error on the part of the site, not your fault. For your information, not the whole of Egypt is banned but only one provider (ISP) because it was easier than looking for all IP ranges and you would have achieved the same thing in the end. I spent a lot of time looking for a better solution but in the end it was the only way. #You write: "player “hell” because you could not control the situation" You see i have found a way to control the situation. Martini.. Error in the settings ... what errors? No Fog is not a mistake, you can't set it, you have to turn it off with a cheat. Wake up and accept that he's a cheater.
|MAFIA|Billy: “I don't know why messages are being re-sent like this... first "bla bla bla" that's your way of sarcasm.. Secondly, if you do not want to waste time banning countries to give them their own IP, why do you have time to ban Egyptians.. I know that you did it because of the player “hell” because you could not control the situation because of him, you banned all Egyptians.. Fourth, regarding cheaters, you can allocate a moderator, so this is not my problem. Fifth, why are you talking about a martini now!!? I have a question about that because you opened this topic • Does the cheating player shoot a video and upload it to YouTube in order to prove that he is not cheating.. An error in the settings did not make you think for a second to ban the martini
W.O.R: Für mich sind alle willkommen, solange es harmonisch zugeht und keiner betrügt. Wenn einer immer auf Ärger aus ist der kann auch gerne weg bleiben.
ghost78: sZ0ngd_U the Background Dancer is the best :D:-O
GodspeedGreece: LoL who he think he is? I have many proofs , (even his real name) and his friends (hopefully most are banned ) but you will not belive me. Nevermind iam not surprised by his words here in chat.
ghost78: Ich dachte Mafia Billy spielt nie wieder bei uns ? War doch mal seine Aussage 😎:P
W.O.R: 1. Sarcasm?... No idea what you mean, but it doesn't matter. 2. It's not just Egyptians who have to play with the link, there are others affected too. I wrote that Egyptians are more affected because many have the same provider. 3. You write ".. do it on all players from countries.." Why should I do so much more work? Each link is customized for each player. I have better things to do in my free time. Every Egyptian and also other players from other countries who asked for the link and help with the application got it from me... what's the problem? 4. "Don't kill the fun"... You're doing it right now with your messages here. All you have to do is click on a link before connecting to the server... No, I'm supposed to spend hours now banning all countries and giving each player a link so that everyone should click that one... for the sake of justice . 5. This click is for the community on the server, so we can react better to cheaters and idiots without banning the rest. Actually, you should be happy that this function exists, then everyone will think about whether they are cheating or not. 6. I've always had my own opinion and I almost never listen to others on the server. Anyone who knows me knows. So far you were the only one complaining about this feature. And also about the Martini being banned. Sometimes I have the feeling that you are missing the cheaters on the server.
|MAFIA|Billy: Don't talk in such a sarcastic way to me. If you want to make access to vetus through a link then don't do it on Egyptians only.. do it on all players from countries.. - Many and many Egyptian players who add fun and strength to the server to close the door on them in this way, so that some do not understand how to deal with it. They just stop trying to enter and vetus lose many Egyptian players.. I know the whole (hell) story but not All Egyptian players are like him. -I don't know why you don't listen to the players who play every day - and only listen to your own opinion and you don't even play and don't follow what's happening on the server..."Don't kill the fun"
W.O.R: Bla bla bla ... racism ... This "racism card" is always drawn, is fashionable nowadays. This all is not about the nationality of the players only about the behavior or cheating and because in a game that is 22 years old the options to ban someone directly are very limited. Egypt doesn't have that many different Internet providers, we hit too many innocent people with a IP-Range ban. In my opinion it is a very humane way with the Link. Modern games are all connected to one account... that's nothing else. Our web ardesse has always been in the name of the server. But you're right, the "ISP is blacklisted" error message doesn't mean much. I have changed these. New error message is now: "ISP is blacklisted (visit www" About How long: unlimited, we have no intention of undoing it. hope to have answered all questions.
Reizung: Hey Jungs, da muss ich dem Billy aber Recht geben. Ich weiß nicht was für eine Mitteilung den gebannten Egyptern angezeigt wird. Aber das wäre vllt. keine schlechte Idee, einen Link/Hinweis im Spiel einzublenden das den Leuten sagt, was sie zu tun haben. Kann mir gut vorstellen, dass viele gar nicht kapieren, wo, wie was warum,... Also falls das möglich ist.
ghost78: hi why don't you just give the link from our website?🤔
|MAFIA|Billy: WOR-How long will the ban on entry for Egyptians remain to enter without a link? There are many Egyptians who want to enter the server and try, but in vain, and they do not know what to do about it. Not many know the vetus site or that he should enter to talk to you to give him the link.. Please look into this matter and return it as before so that all players can play without feeling disrespect or racial discrimination
ghost78: com/watch?v=EIxsPBbZ _b8:(
ghost78: com/watch?v=i0xOSxgs 6w8 :'(
ghost78: thanks for game all, today not trouble!:)
ghost78: :8 🎶🎵
DingAling: com/watch?v=80ET1Jmu v-8 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=BeK9m4y7 3HY for Ghost! :8
|MAFIA|Billy: Ban Karachi he cursed all the players today
|MAFIA|Billy: (a7a) No one asked you for your opinion
ghost78: com/watch?v=B4Irn2P3 gZg :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=I_QJKalu Yjg dinga :8:D
GodspeedGreece: You want it so much. Thats why Mom :D
YuMa: dont ask i dont know why it hit 3 times lol
YuMa: where is everyone? lets get a game going!
YuMa: where is everyone? lets get a game going!
YuMa: where is everyone? lets get a game going!
a7a: i heard Martini name here so i came to tell u that Martini was racist
FOF: Guys it's just a game. We all talk shit to each other. I cant remember how many times I called speed an ass and so he called me that. but we been here for years and keep coming back so it goes to show you it's all good as long as you don't try to go around the system and keep things clean. if someone cheats on screen he/she don't deserve playing with us in my opinion. There is many places to play and please do so. Don't try to sugar coat it as its not fair to us and it makes anyone who support any type of cheating look bad. We don't like it and we don't support it period. Saying that you all noobs :)))
GodspeedGreece: :O
|MAFIA|Billy: First thing , when you talk about my friend in my presence, it's like you're talking about me. Secondly, you said to HULK that “Billy is a person with 0 intelligence” and that means you want to say that I am stupid.. Please don't say a word to me, not even a hello, and you must stop insulting or provoking me. Respect me and I will reciprocate the same respect only
|MAFIA|Billy: wor tell to godspeed not to talk to me or to me at all and to respect me or i will blame him for not respecting me or for talking to me
GodspeedGreece: Mafia no problem from me to not talk to you. i dont want to talk to you. i talk about martini yesterday. he trys to enter the server and you start supporting him . keep your opinion for yourself. dont talk to me about martini that is clean player and doesnt deserve to ban him. go talk somewhere else. WOR if you talk to santa pls tell him i want a road bike from Germany cause i cant find one. tell him i will pay. Thanks for your understanfing co-talkers
FOF: WOR can you please tell santa I want tesla for next Christmas. if not then tell him that I dont want to speak with him and he doesn't respect me so I don't want to talk with him or respect him. Thanks
ghost78: com/watch?v=pevN-zdY -i8:8
|MAFIA|Billy: wor tell to godspeed not to talk to me or to me at all and to respect me or i will blame him for not respecting me or for talking to me
|MAFIA|Billy: wor tell to godspeed not to talk to me or to me at all and to respect me or i will blame him for not respecting me or for talking to me
ghost78: Wünsche euch noch ein Gutes Neues Jahr 🥳 ;):8
natan-fr: ok mohaas net ;) thx wor
W.O.R: MoHAAS.NET Tool is from 2A Clan Moder. We haven't changed anything. Please ask here http://forum.mohaas. net/ why it doesn't work.
Denis: hello all bonne annee a tous yo natan :D
natan-fr: hello MoHAAS.NET Tool serveur crash ? thx
natan-fr: hello MoHAAS.NET Tool serveur crash ? thx
natan-fr: happy new year all
BloodSpencer: Happy new year everyone!
W.O.R: Gutes neues Jahr an alle! :8
Terry: Merry Christmas P E O P L E
ghost78: h0JNvuHs :8
Viru5: Merry Christmas @everyone
ghost78: Tempo! Tempo! Das muss genügen: Frohes Fest und viel Vergnügen! ;) Ich wünsche Euch ein frohes Fest und erholsame Feiertage. Auf das Euch der Weihnachtsmann reich beschenkt und ihr die Zeit im Kreise Eurer Liebsten verbringt!
DingAling: com/watch?v=dNb381uU vGM :8
ghost78: https://m.mixcloud.c om/DJ_Friction/robbi e-shakespeare-sly-ro bbie-tribute-mix-dj- friction/ :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=0uozLcPo ZOk :8
DingAling: Ghost. com/watch?v=oBVAGXPs tHk :8
ghost78: R.I.P Robbie Shakespeare :8 com/watch?v=dFmI34xB D08
DingAling: Ghost! com/watch?v=jTA7nMSg KFE ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=lSzICmwm RsA ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=S1qwcuiU mJM :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=jYUysNhq hAc :8 :D:(
ghost78: com/watch?v=Qu5RuOIU lhw :D
ghost78: Dinga com/watch?v=HkzJ-yZj j6E:D
DingAling: Ghost! com/watch?v=A5v-7NhA S_Y :8
ThugAngel: Königsforst com/watch?v=EcyIJbzQ pmE&list=FLX7Ewdrn1X Ny9PTKiPVF4fg&index= 14
ghost78: com/watch?v=zpeUnWrt eQM :8 :D
ghost78: aw23TWaU :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=04pbtf5t _LU:D
ghost78: com/watch?v=04pbtf5t _LU:D
DingAling: com/watch?v=8YQg48M6 f-I ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=JwpAYVDm IY8 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=wHJc9SRz U-g ;)
ghost78: Okay 👍
W.O.R: Für Betrüger jeglicher Art gibt es keine 2. Chance! Das betrifft auch Fubuki mit seinem Respawn Hack. Er wurde vorgewarnt, hat aber trotzdem weiter gemacht. Anders bei Bann für Benehmen, da kann man drüber reden. Jeder kann mal einen schlechten Tag haben.
ghost78: gib ihm ne chance ! WOR ... Fubuki aka ... xd :D
ghost78: da bin ich raus viel spaß Terry !
ghost78: terry ?
ghost78: wer hat mich gebannt
ghost78: 112 :8
ghost78: buxtehude:D
ghost78: YO Dinga :8 ;)
DingAling: Ghost..! com/watch?v=i9SdGSC8 jQQ :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=S1qwcuiU mJM :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=mwgg1Pu6 cNg :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=ubEC4kdO Q1E :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=XcMNfX5y h28 :8
|MAFIA|Billy: I send to u last message for u WOR
W.O.R: Hi COMMANDO, i have send you a privat message. The blinking letter above next to the login.
COMMANDO: hi i am commando and ask for white link
W.O.R: Hey Billy, if you read my answers carefully then you will See I have already told you everything with the first answer. Just because you don't like my answer, you don't have to write back and forth 20 times. The thing is clear and unambiguous, it remains as it is.
|MAFIA|Billy: Send your final decision to me? On private message
W.O.R: i have your message now
|MAFIA|Billy: I send again
W.O.R: Dont have an Message from you
|MAFIA|Billy: Wor look at private messages
W.O.R: done
Toy Soldier: Hello Admins, I would like to have the link so I can join the server again
W.O.R: NP :)
W.O.R: Hi NIGHT_MAN, check your Privat Message :8
NIGHT_MAN: hi admins, can you send me link so i can join the server ?, thanks
ghost78: com/watch?v=qDrf6nsO l0Y :8
W.O.R: @trmrall, you have a private message
tromrall: wor ..i need the link to enter the server iam in whiet list
W.O.R: Stats neu gestartet, 4. Quartal 2021
ghost78: CPt6PZIU
ghost78: danke für das Game an alle ,hat mal wieder Spaß gemacht ! :)
W.O.R: Thx for Report, is done.
Awelo: Hallo guten Tag, ich habe eine private Nachricht an WOR gestellt. Danke
ghost78: Achsooo :8:)
W.O.R: Ich meine wenn keiner mehr kommt, warum dann weiter machen. Aber es kommen ja noch ein paar.
ghost78: Wie wo was ? Aufhören :8
ghost78: https://vetus-clan.d e/
W.O.R: nicht wirklich vielleicht das hier https://www.gametrac /
Reizung: Neeeeeiiiiinnnn! :( Es kommen leider immer erst spät Abends die Leute zum zocken, meist zu spät für mich zumindest. Gibt es denn einer Server Statistik, auf der man sehen kann wann wie viele Spieler auf dem Server waren?
W.O.R: Ja das Interesse scheint immer weniger zu werden. Vielleicht wird es Zeit los zu lassen.
Reizung: Wo sind die Leuts?! Ich will zocken :=)
kro: another wallhacker ruining the server, -=Z=- is caught using wh for the second time now..
W.O.R: Fixed bug, we had an update from the provider, which is why an area was shot. Sorry and thanks for reporting!
W.O.R: ist was größeres, muss erst die Ursache für den Fehler finden.
W.O.R: if it still doesn't work please report then I will restart the whole server
W.O.R: Hi Awelo, try now i have restartet the server.
Awelo: Hola administradores, llevamos varios dias que no se puede entrar al server por problemas tecnicos. Gracias.:*
W.O.R: Oh ok, 5 Minuten
Krasta: Nabend, wir kommen nicht in den Server rein. Wird das noch was? :8
W.O.R: @NIGHT_MAN this IP is from your Router, Not your realy IP. But i can see your realy IP. You read that https://vetus-clan.d e/index.php?news-335 ?
W.O.R: Sorry Aixa, i was not in the website Yesterday :S
NIGHT_MAN: hi admins, can you unban my ip thanks
Aixa: Good night!! Can you help us? The server dont run, all Time connection blocked by server. Technical....... Thank you :D
ghost78: 7u32c3Rc :D
ghost78: laut MaP Rotation gibt es 13 aktive ...wo sind die anderen 7 :8 :P
ghost78: Write to me here, you won't get any links for the game via Facebook
ghost78: omar hat ein problem er kommt nicht drauf !....hab schon den überblück verloren !Welcher omar ?:8:D
ghost78: mal ne frage,kann man erkenne wer mit welchem Link spielt ? :8
W.O.R: Is not the first time someone has complained about your insults. We both know that I'm right and that you often offend people without being sure whether these cherats or not. Please don't provoke me. I am a patient person but there are also limits for me. Only then I'm Kensequent. You have been banned for over a year because of endings. This is your 2nd chance. There won't be a third one. I'm always very reluctant to ban, mostly everything can be arranged. Please don't make me do it. I didn't say anything wrong, leave it at that.
GodspeedGreece: If anyone offended and doesn't like it, he should tell me. I will offend guys who accept it. I speak about offend their skills say noob etc. I am surprised by the word many. How many they are?
Denis: merci !!!!!;)
W.O.R: @Fubuki, I'm sorry but you're wrong He offends many, that's true, but not just Arabs and Egyptians. But he also has many friends who are Egyptians or Arabs. It depends on the situation. I looked at the chat history, he didn't offend you, you started with the team kills. *_GødsÞeed ‡ '°² . : tk one more and you reported at site. *_GødsÞeed ‡ '°² . : ok seshi? And only then after your provocation did the insults come. In addition, you are banned on the server, why are you even coming? You are a naughty gamer, play fair and you will be respected! Then you come to the side and insult, what makes you better? Think about it. You are not liked because you are unfair. Many Egyptians play with us and are also very welcome, people like you make it difficult for all other Egyptians.
W.O.R: @Denis No problem, you are welcome
Denis: ok WOR merci pour l'information j'avais pas tout compris :D
Fubuki: WOR he Always insulting the Arabs and Egyptians with NO REASONS, When he get killed, starting insult and say hack!
W.O.R: @ **DINGO** you are not banned, dont need a Link you can play without :)
W.O.R: keine Beleidigungen hier
GodspeedGreece: Its the same guy who does the respawn trick....
GodspeedGreece: Zeshi tk me without reason... can you check him please? Who is he?
Denis: Denis = **DINGO**
Denis: Bonjour a tous cela fait très longtemps que je suis venue sur le site j’espère que tous le monde va bien. j'aimerais bien avoir le lien pour pouvoir jouer avec vous quand cela sera possible pour ma part merci !!
ghost78: let´s Vote for new Rotation :8 Ps Holland please ;)
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/djcedric040
ghost78: kann es sein das der Server laggt ?
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=ZSI-WSxv 80M
Viru5: I didn't do anything just respawning whenever you want :D
Fubuki: i didn't do anything, this is a false report
Fubuki: i didn't do anything, this is a false report
Deku: How are u speedy ?
GodspeedGreece: ok he enters
GodspeedGreece: Khaled's IP is blacklisted. Can you fix this please?
W.O.R: @a7a One must always be the first .. try it, maybe others will join you
W.O.R: @Fubuki read the reason. You play unfair and not the firdt time. Your respawn hack/bind It's like a cheat. This gives you an advantage over others.
a7a: why everytime i open medal i see the server is Empty :S
Fubuki: why was i banned from server ?
W.O.R: Yes i have your Mail. Thx for the Video.
Viru5: Wor I sent an email. please check.
W.O.R: I wil check that
GodspeedGreece: Fubiki plays right now and use a trick that rejoins the team all the time when he sees an enemy. After that a guy with name MV (obvius wh etc) joins the game and start do the same trick. we 3 players and 2 of them rejoin all the time and ruin the game. i leave when MV starts to TK. Wor can you check their IPs ?
Viru5: lol only omaha is unbalanced. :D
Deku: Can u guys vote for the new map rotation ?:'(
Reizung: Huhu Ghosti :=) Das weiß ich noch aus damaliger Zeit auf dem Vetus Server, aber vor allem auch durch den Chatverlauf aufm CDX Server. Auf dem Server gibt es noch so viel mehr Spieler, die keineswegs sauber sind. Aber beim Szil weiß ich dass er auch als auf Vetus ist und ich möchte euch nur vor ihm warnen bzw. schützen :)
ghost78: woher weist du das ? bist ja noch seltener da als ich !!:8 unter Reizung oder Abe spielst du nicht ? ;)
Reizung: Hey Vetus. Wenn ihr den Martini endlich bekommen habt, schaut euch auch bitte gleich den Szil an, bzw setzt ihn gleich auf die BlackList. Der ist privat dick mit dem Martini und blckhwk befreundet (weiss ich aus damaliger Zeit). Und in all der Erfahrung kann man wirklich sagen, dass dieser Kerl nicht clean spielt. Auch wenn es nicht offensichtlich ist. Das wollte ich schon seit tagen loswerden. Schönen Abend euch :) ABE
ghost78: com/watch?v=R_pZtgUS 0gA
W.O.R: Yes, everything has already been said, read my message carefully. There is no compromise. There is no second chance for cheaters.
Viru5: @Deku pls check your PM
Deku: @Wor I downloaded the game in the link u sent and i got this error ebcvxz7t
Deku: @Wor I downloaded the game in the link u sent and i got this error ebcvxz7t
Reizung: You want some, Virus? ;) The last time i played very rarely on Vetus :S Im already spleeping when some players are finally on the server. And think about it...never challange the BashBoss:8 : D
Viru5: ABE where you @ , your scared to get your ass bashed ??
ghost78: WOR aufm Vordach :P ...nichts hab nur mal probiert ob die aufnahme auch funktioniert über Geforce Exper.....:8
W.O.R: @Deku load/dl.php?name=rev ivalEuro_ZIP
Deku: can someone give me the link to download the game from,that spearhead works well cuz mine doesn't work anymore :'(
W.O.R: Was soll uns das Video den zeigen?
Reizung: Also Bloodmod haben wir auch drin. Gibt es ja auch auf der Homepage hier :=) Gruß ABE
ghost78: ich hoffe Bloodmod und crosshair ist ok :8 :( com/watch?v=qPzXqiqX _74
magdy emad: thanks:):)
magdy emad: Iam banned in blacklist. Why?
W.O.R: @magdy emad this is the Reason https://vetus-clan.d e/index.php?news-335 the solution for this problem you will find in your Private Message https://vetus-clan.d e/index.php?forum-pr ivmsg
magdy emad: Iam banned in blacklist. Why?
magdy emad: Iam banned in blacklist. Why?
W.O.R: Thx for Report, is banned already.
a7a: Guten Abend im here to report a guy called Martini he is toxic kid,racist and alawys insult to pepole religon or nation Ty!:8
Reizung: Finally this Martini is banned. No server needs such a trouble make like this guy. Good work guys :=) (But hes not the only one... just look at böckhwk, Szil, Mr. Wiggles... it would be great we could get caught them too :8 ) Greets ABE
W.O.R: I am against cheaters just like everyone else. But I am also for justice. It's a shame that there is still cheater in this old game. I thank you for your understanding and support.
kro: you just made moh great again
W.O.R: Martini is banned, finally a real proof! Thanks for the hint kro I watched the video briefly but I didn't notice it with the fog. Of course, I tried it out beforehand, even with a resolution of 800x600 and very low graphics settings. The fog does not disappear. It is definitely a cheat. Thanks for watching and supporting! :)
GodspeedGreece: THe no fog is minor cheat. This guy doesnt aim (aimbot) - Shoot through walls (on every corner you never see any area of his body to kill him) - healthpack cheat ( most times gets hits , hard to kill him) - cheats for moving (when try to bash him you get something like lag and he avoids you) and who knows what more? He must have buy all the cheats of the world. Add his bad behaviour to all. This guy plays a happy game , one year at server . Total disrespect to all clean players. this must be stopped...
kro: exactly, you just have to be a massive moron to try prove anything with a video where you clearly are cheating. you can't make this stuff up LOL, congrats you just showed everyone how you clearly have advantage on any maps like bridge, hunt or any other where you play without a fog. WOR you see this?
DingAling: Who ever made that video MAFIA Billy, Is clearly cheating with No-Fog LoL
kro: what kind of no fog shit is this
GodspeedGreece: Omg this guy has proofs !!! This video is so clean. Iam sorry you have right kids , i will delete my video !:'(
|MAFIA|Billy: “ This video for martini yo prove everyone in Vetus he doesn’t play with cheat “ com/watch?v=FytmaGjK sAc
Mada: thank you wor
W.O.R: Many Players mean the new Map Rotaion is stupid! Yes may be, but it was decided by the majority. It can be different tomorrow, please vote! https://vetus-clan.d e/?vote_map :)
W.O.R: Hi Mada, the Reason is here https://vetus-clan.d e/index.php?news-335 and the solution you will find in your Privat Message. And if you want to vote for new Map Rotation klick here https://vetus-clan.d e/index.php?vote_map :8
Mada: hey Wor Why My ISP Is Blacklist ?
W.O.R: done! :8
Aixa: Good night, can you restart de server, please?:):)
GodspeedGreece: Vote done ! 1st !
Deku: There u go new map rotation:8
ghost78: 0815 ;) :P
a7a: a7a
W.O.R: @Omar, we have blocked the ISP. Read or News. And Check after your Private Message.
W.O.R: Bomber Look Here. https://vetus-clan.d e/index.php?forum-pr ivmsg or Check your E-Mail.
Bomber: wor pls help me
Bomber: i cant find this link:'(:'(
Bomber: cause ur are bad player;);)
a7a: Guten morgen why me ( omar memes ) is in black listed ISP ??
Bomber: hey war iam here
W.O.R: Hey Bomber, in my Message you have only one Link. Click it! Ready now you can play. :)
Bomber: How can i get my own link pls??
Bomber: hey war i have read my PM and i cant understand what the next step
FOF: Been some time. :D Hope you all doing well. Might put GOD MODE very soon. Much Love :)
W.O.R: Hey Bomber you have read your PM? This ban is not against you, unfortunately there was no other way. PM = Privat Message, the blinking letter next to your profile, at the top of this website. Thank You :8
Bomber: what i can do to solve this problem???
Bomber: Hey admin wor pls i want to solve my problem i cant join to the server due to server banned me pls i want to reconnect :'(:'(
W.O.R: Hey Bomber Welcome ob pur Website. You have an Private Message ;)
COLONELHETLAR: thanks vetus thanks admin wor :) :)
goo: Thank you admin ghoste I am so grateful to you @and you too admin wor@@ :)
goo: Thank you all I love you vetus server :):):):):):):):8
W.O.R: :) nice to hear that, and thanks for the feedback :8
Deku: Thanks for the help, Wor it works now :8
W.O.R: Hi Deku pls check your PM for a solution. This ban is not against you, unfortunately there was no other way. PM = Privat Message, the blinking letter next to your profile, at the top of this website. Thank You :8
Deku: hi there is something wrong with the server i tried to connect today. it says that my isp is blacklisted
W.O.R: Ja ist zwar etwas umständlicher und harter Weg aber wenn alle unschuldigen Ihren Link haben dann haben wir es unter Kontrolle. Hoffe die betroffen zeigen Verständnis, ist schon etwas blöd das ganze aber nach und nach können wir so die Leute mit bösen Absichten raus filtern und dann haben alle was davon.
W.O.R: @goo you will found my Messege here https://vetus-clan.d e/index.php?forum-pr ivmsg
goo: Oh ghoste admin. The wor admin didn't send me a message on my private page . . . . . . . . :S:S
ghost78: Scheint zu funktionieren :8
Deku: hi there is something wrong with the server i tried to connect today. it says that my isp is blacklisted
W.O.R: @COLONELHETLAR Pleas read your privat message
COLONELHETLAR: hi :) i cant connect to the server ?
W.O.R: read my Message
ghost78: @goo... If W.O.R sent you a link, open the link and then the game !
goo: I entered the pm as you told me. And then do you admin? :S
W.O.R: PM = Privat Message, the blinking letter next to your profile, at the top of this website.
goo: Hey admin wor I want to enter the server with your permission @ :S:S:S
goo: Was ist pm admin wor :S
goo: Was ist pm admin wor :S
goo: Was ist pm admin wor :S
W.O.R: Check your PM for a solution. This ban is not against you, unfortunately there was no other way.
goo: And I didn't do anything bad, addict w o r :S:S
goo: Hey addict, I'm a hoopa.. Whenever I want to enter the servers, they tell me and take Ban for no reason?? :S:S:S
Mido: Alright Boss :8
W.O.R: Hey M!do, check your PM pls for Solution :)
Mido: i can't join the server because my ISP is blacklisted?
Mido: i can't join the server because my ISP is blacklisted?
ghost78: com/watch?v=g-Vr-7eQ PiQ :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=OOgd9hit EAE :D
ghost78: Dinga this is Od PArtol:8
DingAling: com/watch?v=1HHMA1Dp o5M :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=n4RjJKxs amQ&list=RDMM&start_ radio=1&rv=mrPHeRvmj qM :8
Mido: com/watch?v=CldejUAU yIs :)
kro: com/watch?v=IQQHutzj vok reject FT, return to FFA
ghost78: com/watch?v=LhJYQ4ja WRs
ghost78: com/watch?v=p6RhWc-e 5aI
ghost78: Wünsch euch ein schnes wochenende ! :)
GodspeedGreece: com/watch?v=aoBWUs8p oYU
ghost78: com/watch?v=O52jAYa4 Pm8 :S:D
W.O.R: Ja kriegen wir hin. Heute Nachmittag wenn ich Mal Zuhause bin.
ghost78: Seite hängt :8
ghost78: Seite hängt :8
ghost78: Seite hängt :8
kro: such a shame that nobody played on ffa stalingrad server, is it gone for good?
DingAling: com/watch?v=_rlUQsC8 ECk :8
ghost78: Dozorca™' I lift your ban. Next time send the screenshot and don't wait 2 years :D :8
ghost78: @dozorca, is 2 Years ago :8:D
Dozorca: @ghost78 idk how long ago it was i think like half year or so
ghost78: com/watch?v=d1oyvAMt Fsk :):D
ghost78: com/watch?v=UbjNDCIb 0E0 :-O
ghost78: com/watch?v=QgbgUrp1 a70 :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=QO0X99y8 kO4 logitech :P:D:8
ghost78: com/watch?v=LX_J8oTn rtQ&list=PLJZTkjGM9l eGA3nU85gv92CGgZmuwX rQH&index=24 :P
ghost78: com/watch?v=alK5m97I U_s :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=WlGiOiRQ NhI :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=cf0E_PJt JWg :D
ghost78: jak długo to już
Dozorca: hello, could you unban me? idk why i was banned, it shows me that cause of screenshots, but the problem is im on new pc and i cant find them
ghost78: Hi :8 Hi have unbanned her. Next time here on the page, at the top left you can upload a screenshot ;)
EAGLE: Hello @W.O.R why doesn't whitelist work for me,i sent you Pm ,can you please answer it, thank you.
Aixa: Helloooo :D, Elisenda sends the screens, can you help us?, she is baned :S
ghost78: com/watch?v=5KxtcSYH hms
ghost78: com/watch?v=MGbpucWL fpE:D
DingAling: com/watch?v=e05Xfys4 wxg :8
W.O.R: Ich weiß doch, passt schon ich schiebe es schon die ganze Zeit vor mich hin. Bin froh dass es jetzt erledigt ist ;)
ghost78: Ich wurde öfters angesprochen, ich hab nur Druck wegen dem Voting gemacht :D
W.O.R: Der Grund war das sich User nach einem Bann von der Seite immer wieder aufs neue registriert haben. Ich hatte keine Lust auf dieses Spiel und habe die Registrierung ausgeschaltet. Nun musste ich es erst so umbauen das nicht die User selbst Ihre Registrierung bestätigen sondern ich. So habe ich das ganze besser im Griff bei solchen Aktionen. Da der Druck von Ghost immer grösser wurde :) musste ich mir jetzt diese Zeit nehmen und die Seite umbauen. Ab sofort kann man sich hier registrieren. Ich werde dann die Accounts frei geben, wenn alles in Ordnung ist. :8
ghost78: 54 Gäste :D
ghost78: Meinte "Neu" Registrieren ;) es wird immer wieder danach gefragt, weil es nicht geht :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=uKBNmU4G y58 :8
Reizung: Meinst du denn anmelden auf der Homepage oder "neu" registrieren? Denn das Anmelden funktioniert (bei mir) :=)
ghost78: 4 leute wollwn sich regiestiren zum voten :D:8
ghost78: wieso kann man sich nicht registreiren ?
GodspeedGreece: Hello there! Before days a player with name Bolt.. join the game and console kick him for cheats cause his old name Hyper. but after this he connect again and play.. can you check it pls?
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/iamdjdee?fbclid=Iw AR2Ge_-S_aRgfgch_MlM SqGAww7MCyGiV7oyodf_ wCwJrRsnYif0nGI0GOA& sr=a
W.O.R: yep! :D mache ich morgen wenn weniger los ist
ghost78: com/watch?v=Z-C6p-Gw HfA :8
ghost78: Sieht so aus :D :8
ghost78: Kann es sein das die Seite wieder ewig lädt?
ghost78: Kann es sein das die Seite wieder ewig lädt?
ghost78: Kann es sein das die Seite wieder ewig lädt?
ghost78: Kann es sein das die Seite wieder ewig lädt?
ghost78: Kann es sein das die Seite wieder ewig lädt?
ghost78: Kann es sein das die Seite wieder ewig lädt?
ghost78: Kann es sein das die Seite wieder ewig lädt?
ghost78: Kann es sein das die Seite wieder ewig lädt?
ghost78: Kann es sein das die Seite wieder ewig lädt?
ghost78: Ja fast, aber wenigstens mal 2 andere Maps würden zur Abwechslung nicht schaden. Tust doch auch nicht jeden Tag Schnitzel Essen :P
W.O.R: sieht aber nicht viel anders als jetzt die neue ;)
ghost78: Leute noch 4 Votes für neue Rotation, was ist daran so Schwierig :D ??? :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=5KS2b691 9oE ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=cQy2BQAV tVc :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=0An6cVi3 Y-Q ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=122isznJ dto :8
W.O.R: Yes the server was down. See https://vetus-clan.d e/index.php?news-331 here.
Mido: :*
Mido: :*
Mido: i can't access the server .. it looks like it's down, please check it WOR
ghost78: com/watch?v=2Ox1Tore 9nw:S
ghost78: com/watch?v=LvcROx4c xng :D
ghost78: com/watch?v=EvLwxHRv Vw8 :P
ghost78: com/watch?v=PWgvGjAh vIw :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=uc2UEfWj vo8
DingAling: com/watch?v=WBOohuZl AiM :P:D
ghost78: com/watch?v=pO3KfDGb n48 :)
ghost78: com/watch?v=aLJFRgE4 Ywk :D:8
Mido: com/watch?v=TXxOU49T VKA :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=i3_dOWYH S7I ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=MzlSVFtx b4c ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=9orTtY9e Lds :8
ghost78: Ja mal sehen 😎dauert echt lange, dafür das jeden Tag soviel Zocken :D
Reizung: Noch 4 :=)
ghost78: Votes, 5 are still missing :8
VXp: ( . Y . ) ABE's titties :S
ghost78: com/watch?v=4B2Z7vKu U14&t=182s;)
ghost78: com/watch?v=Gg5KfL-4 asE :)
DingAling: com/watch?v=7nKZt8uz 9ZM :D
ghost78: Ja Wor da gebe ich dir recht ! Aber denke das sind meistens die selben, die kommen nur um uns zu ärgern. Ständig neue Namen/Spieler kann mir nicht vorstellen das es alles neue Spieler sind.:8
GodspeedGreece: com/watch?v=SfOqNr3_ 0w0
W.O.R: Danke ABE und Reizung. Es ist immer schwer genau zu sagen was war ist. Jemanden zu unrecht zu bannen mag ich nicht, aber das Spiel ist so alt und hat so viele Cheats und ByPasse das man oft auch nichts nachweisen kann. Deshalb sollte man einfach versuchen sich weniger auf das Jagen der Cheater zu konzentrieren sondern mehr auf den Spaß. Die Leute die das Spiel noch spielen sind eben eingefleischte Fans und sollten sich nicht den Spaß nehmen lassen. Es ist sehr traurig das selbst noch bei so einem alten Spiel gecheatet wird. Finde ich wirklich sehr schade.
W.O.R: hey Artur, hmmm this is now a surprise and very strange... this player is in our stats https://vetus-clan.d e/Server/ServerStati stik/stats21-1/outpu t/player/1441.html, thx for the Link, but not in our another system ... why? Have to apologize, maybe overreacted a bit. I just don't understand why he's not on our Playerlist. I have to see if I can find something else. First of all, W.O.R., thank you for the reply. Of course, -=[Am0k]=-Easy is not the player I talked about. This is the player who I believe is a cheater: https://vetus-clan.d e/Server/ServerStati stik/stats21-1/outpu t/player/1441.html
Reizung: Wir hatten gestern auch auf dem Server gespielt und der Reacher war drauf. Er hat gut gespielt, war aber (nach unserer Meinung) kein Cheater. Er hat wahrscheinlich mit einem Headset gespielt und konnte eben einigermaßen Orten, wo der Feind ist/war. Viele Grüße Abe&Reizung
W.O.R: A player named EASYY never played on our server. The last (easy) on our server was -=[Am0k]=-Easy over 3 months ago. What shows that this Easy and the other two (Proxima, Reacher) are not the same person and that you are wrong. Just as you can be wrong with the assertion that they are cheaters. Is there any evidence or is it just your guess? The same cheater today again using the nicks Proxima, Raecher. Player EASYY is clearly a wh. Player EASYY is clearly a wh.
GodspeedGreece: Can you restart the server? it lags very bad !
W.O.R: Als erstes, es gibt schlimmeres als das. Und zweitens wenn Du etwas weißt was wir nicht wissen dann kannst es uns (mir) gerne zeigen. Nur Verdacht reicht mir nicht. Da gibt es zu viele Fehlentscheidungen.
Reizung: Mir blutet immer wieder das Herz, wenn ich diesen Szil auf eurem Server spielen sehe :S
ghost78: mahlzeit !!!!!!!!!!
W.O.R: Ja ich habe zurzeit wenig Zeit, ist irgendwie alles auf einmal gekommen. Dann werde ich es so umbauen das wir die Registration manuell bestätigen müssen. So wie es schon mal war. Sonst hat man hier ein Durcheinander.
ghost78: aber ! ist ja egal ! com/watch?v=bm03wqLY 3Nc :8
ghost78: echt traurig ! :8
ghost78: alles gut scheiß drauf !°.....serpico gehört auch dazu !?? :P:S
W.O.R: ich habe es abgestellt weil sich Stylo nach dem bann gefüllt 20x registriert hat um sich hier auszuheulen. Seinen Account ständig zu bannen war mir zu blöd.
ghost78: regiestrien ist abgeschafft !?wieso funktioniert es bei uns nicht ?
ghost78: wor ,regiestren..haben die es ? Terry braucht einen in Serpico :8:D
ghost78: com/watch?v=QDYfEBY9 NM4:8
ghost78: ein all weapon wäre auch nicht schlecht !:8:D
W.O.R: Alles weg, sicher ist sicher ;)
ghost78: Wollt nades anmachen aufm anderen Server.... Aber hat dann doch funktioniert ;).... Aber andere Waffen funktionieren nicht oder?
W.O.R: Denke schon? wenn ich kann... :8
ghost78: Wor tust mir einen Gefallen :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=G0T7WVzQ -hw :D
ghost78: com/watch?v=G0T7WVzQ -hw:8
ghost78: com/watch?v=92sXWVxR r0g..anny one whant see STGT ? :8:D
ghost78: com/watch?v=qBDLnIeh iQA :P
Jagu4r: Done :8
ghost78: Super ;)
DingAling: Voted ;)
ghost78: Vote for Rotation :8 ;)
ghost78: com/watch?v=ulkKYn81 Hh4&fbclid=IwAR1Zzvk bRNtZnEJF7WWVYMjJbq- zMxmbozosVrPt_6A5ans sWawlffqk6jU guter freund von mir ! :8
W.O.R: play, is possible now.
hopa: Addictive War I want to play in the server as possible :S
hopa: Addictive War I want to play in the server as possible :S
W.O.R: Is off now, sorry for the inconvenience :-O
W.O.R: I will switch it off immediately and will only switch it on again when there are instructions on what to do. Sorry
W.O.R: what is then the problem?
hopa: admin Addict, I don't want to enter the server
hopa: admin Addict, I don't want to enter the server
hopa: I don't want to work :S
hopa: I don't want to work :S
hopa: ok :S
W.O.R: Try now, hopa
hopa: I don’t know what to do :S
hopa: yes admin protected:S
hopa: yes admin protected:S
ghost78: Then go to your profile settings here on the page and delete the name at GSX. And then don't forget to confirm below:8
hopa: yes admin protected:S
ghost78: Hi, what does it show you ... Name Protected?
hopa: admin w o r pls answer:S:S:S
hopa: hi admin my hopa .why banned sever?:S
kro: works, thx
W.O.R: Try now. And sorry.
kro: when i try to connect it says that player name is protected (''krogulec) and i cannot join
W.O.R: What is the Problem?
kro: what should i do in order to connect to server now?
Denis: all is get in order it works thanks ghost78 ;-)
ghost78: com/watch?v=9F_BqGR4 JpA :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=SAp3HrQG 3PQ :8
ghost78: Dingo go un your profil settings and delte the name in GSX :8
Denis: good evening everyone unable to connect me to your server message" username protect "can you do something? thank you:DINGO
ghost78: der andere hat es nicht gesendet !
ghost78: hey specaial sry i want see the work to uplaoad !
specialangel: As usual to be suspected for cheating :'( !. Screenshot has been uploaded :) ;).
W.O.R: Ok
Tex: All sorted Wor now thanks
Tex: Hi Wor -I cannot join server - blocked with protected user name message - can you unblock Tex pls
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/djwhitegold
ghost78: com/watch?v=JPuVYti3 WVc ;)
GodspeedGreece: restart server it lags bad !
ghost78: com/watch?v=axHcpuqc Y4c
ghost78: com/watch?v=qdZ5wY9X xdA
ghost78: com/watch?v=qdZ5wY9X xdA:8
Terry: https://soundcloud.c om/masterterry/maste r-terry-cut-house-me gamix
Terry: https://soundcloud.c om/masterterry/maste r-terry-cut-house-me gamix
ghost78: com/watch?v=eaauycwK FYU:D:8
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/oldbutgoldparty
ghost78: https://www.mixcloud .com/DjEmilio/xxx-ma s-2020-90s-horrorcor e-rap/
GodspeedGreece: I ask for martini to open console> write dir> upload it and he accepted. He says the dir its on his facebook profile .Ican t find anything can you help? https://www.facebook .com/photo?fbid=7332 40414287111&set=a.73 1484931129326
ghost78: only for Dinga :D com/watch?v=4HoetLxe ego
ghost78: com/watch?v=2Enpsruz iUA :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=kPBzTxZQ G5Q :8
Denis: thank you W.O.R yes since September 2020 more news have worried
W.O.R: @Denis https://vetus-clan.d e/index.php?forum-sh owposts-848-p1#11587
Denis: I have a quick question to ask . Does anyone know you =[CvrD]=Phabryss? just to get news
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/engsen?fbclid=IwAR 1JCZuO8VwUehZPbS4yfm PzwcN8YhqtjLIUNvFRZS mLTXGvXgxctXG01qs
ghost78: Gutes neues Jahr euch allen! :)
Reizung: Jawoll, danke dir :=) Das wünsche wir dir und der ganzen Vetus Community natürlich auch :) Viele Grüße ABE
W.O.R: Wünsche allen einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr :8
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/dj_taybeatz ;)
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/dj_taybeatz;)
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/beesusthedj :8
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/sympulsmusic?fbcli d=IwAR32u-WS8P4HBKdk qcQTD-RU4c0eI5XEIG5S 7SkgUGI9Fd2wMnLrSnUL o6w :D
ghost78: i am DJ an make a SET with Dinga :D
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/sympulsmusic
Armpower: Simon where are you? lol :D:D:D
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/sympulsmusic:8
ghost78: /djzegon
ghost78: /sympulsmusic :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=_Yhyp-_h X2s ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=s5oVamIo krw&list=RDs5oVamIok rw&start_radio=1 :8
Krasta: Frohe Weihnachten allen!
ghost78: Thx Dinga :)
DingAling: Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a safe and Happy New year.
ghost78: Wünsch euch allen eine schöne Weihnachtszeit und bleibt anständig!!! ;)
ibrahim: thank u man
W.O.R: Hey Ibrahim, Check your Privat Messages. We have a solution for you without unban Nour. :8
ibrahim: hey wor , i tried to join the server, but i'm banned for ss not send with name rs nour , and it's not me , my name in game is ibrahim
DingAling: com/watch?v=xumkxoV9 c_I ;)
UnnamedSoldier: com/watch?v=HInA9jKy oKE found it a few days ago
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/oldbutgoldparty?fb clid=IwAR3jqvZeEmuiN AI00GMx0NR3jyra27TuZ l6cCazbEsqnhoCSm6-lF cOwIYk
Reizung: You have to change team to kick asses of asses ;) Maybe see you later guys :=)
Armpower: Sweet ABE i never insult or TK first !!! Why i must change my team when some not adevcat person join here and talk about genocide, insult, and TK .
Reizung: Hey Armi, why you didn‘t change the team? If i have a problem with a player that is teamkilling, i just switch to the other team and kick his ass : D Greets ABE
Armpower: At first ghost open chat history and watch who starts insult and TK !!! This idiot Hulk have problem with brain and insult all players. Ask about it !!! And finaly yesterday you see this faggot TK me and you dont do nothing !!!
ghost78: was für ein Kindergarten....Armp ower Hulk usw ....unglaublich. Tragt eure Machtspiele und Beleidungen oder was ihr da treibt wo anders aus !
DingAling: com/watch?v=xumkxoV9 c_I :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=mGr8FZ2t 2Fo :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=n7DUXFcQ 0io :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=vPZydAot VOY ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=lS-af9Q- zvQ :8
DingAling: Anyone like trance Music? com/watch?v=Kk4M44p6 C8I ;)
W.O.R: Ich werde diese Diskussion nicht mehr führen. Wenn es euch nicht passt spielt was anders oder wo anders, es bleibt so wie es ist! Ich sehe keinen Unterschied auf dem Server mit Joker und Dinga zu ohne. Seit die zwei weg sind ist es ruhiger geworden aber was cheater angeht ist alles genau so wie vorher. Und sagt mir nicht es ist schlechter du bist ja nie da. Ich bin immer wieder da und schaue mir die Leute an, selbstverständlich inkognito, vor allem neue Namen genauer an. Das war mein letzter Post zu dem Thema.
Armpower: Stop cry like horney !!! When i see cheater he dont have chanse play with me, i TK him or make other shits )) Respect Admin !!!
kro: there is no admin 24/7 except for Rasta on FUF so cheaters will take advantage of that, in a most cowardy way when there is no one online to ban them. Take -=Z=- for example who in a matter of 2 minutes left the game and connected again with a wallhack on - speaking directly to you - once a hacker you will always be a hacker; I have been slandered and accused of hacking countless times (also kicked, screenshoted, etc) and now some random guy comes in to ruin everyones game and no one bats an eye to all fair players, keep playing :)
W.O.R: look at the statistics for the last 3 months I have 1240 rounds you have 1364 ... not much more than me. And these are my rounds with my original name. Add all my undercover rounds to spy on a few suspects and I have surely spent more time on the server than you. Stop cry and play the game and if you have too many cheaters then leave it and go to other ... cheater-free servers ... if you can find some. Over and Out.
GodspeedGreece: Yes this is happens. Because if i put cheats and go play at full server 22 ppl max are going to whine and i will be one only cheater. :D . Come on, ban this martini random name. this is ridiculus.
W.O.R: there are far more people whining about cheaters than there are still cheaters in this old game. And I'm more on a server than you think
GodspeedGreece: WOR i agree with all you say except "Go ahead and cry" . It becomes very annoying if u go to play everyday and few ppl uses cheats and ruin the game. You dont enter everyday so you dont have an opinion. PLease put ego out of this. You say you dont have time for vetus . Dinga says the same but with tougher way. we play lots of years here why we cant communicate ? Make Ding admin again. he does a great job and he is active player.
W.O.R: oh yes it hurts so much .... blah blah blah, sometimes I wonder if you are really as old as you say you are. The comments from you are teenage level. Sorry for this statement but take a look at what you are writing!
Reizung: Pls behave Dinga. Lets respect them for given us the opportunity to play such a cool game :=)
DingAling: I am not crying lol, the truth must hurt wor. Your a lazy owner that cares nothing about your own server and the cheaters that play it.:8
W.O.R: Go ahead and cry Dinga, there are other tasks in my life too. Please don't forget it's just a hobby and not a 24/7 service. If I have time, I continue to take care of everything that is still worth the effort. should the Langs caused by attacks srin I can't do anything. I won't be looking for a new provider with better protection, I don't have the time and motivation to do so, because you're just constantly being criticized.
Aixa: Good Night, can you restart the server please? :D
GodspeedGreece: What noone man? ppl goes to server to play and not to chat. Put a vote here to see .
DingAling: No-one cares any more Speedy.
GodspeedGreece: Server lags please restart
ghost78: https://www-pcgamesh ardware-de.cdn.amppr al-of-Honor-Above-an d-Beyond-Spiel-72270 /News/Systemanforder ungen-1363318/amp/?a mp_js_v=a6&_gsa=1 &usqp=mq331AQFKAGwAS A%3D#csi=1&referrer= https%3A%2F%2Fwww.go 20%251%24s&share= https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pc edal-of-Honor-Above- and-Beyond-Spiel-722 70%2FNews%2FSysteman forderungen-1363318% 2F
ghost78: https://www-pcgamesh ardware-de.cdn.amppr al-of-Honor-Above-an d-Beyond-Spiel-72270 /News/Systemanforder ungen-1363318/amp/?a mp_js_v=a6&_gsa=1 &usqp=mq331AQFKAGwAS A%3D#csi=1&referrer= https%3A%2F%2Fwww.go 20%251%24s&share= https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pc edal-of-Honor-Above- and-Beyond-Spiel-722 70%2FNews%2FSysteman forderungen-1363318% 2F Was zum Lesen :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=SPYK2xfH Nwo :8:D
GodspeedGreece: Ban this Martini cheater ffs. why he still plays? Where is Ding?
ghost78: https://space4games. com/de/games/medal-o f-honor-geschichte/
DingAling: com/watch?v=LIh5dUOz 824 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=_NlrsmEv v1Q ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=_NlrsmEv v1Q ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=Uux6tw45 HBk&list=RDUux6tw45H Bk&start_radio=1 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=YCnVrjdg yAk :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=4dSGu980 3LA :P
DingAling: com/watch?v=8GEqQ5Qc YCo :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=Vn8phH0k 5HI :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=8ui9umU0 C2g :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=_6B9tBRF EeE :8
W.O.R: Habe es jetzt erst gesehen
ghost78: Server ist off :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=rog8ou-Z epE :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=NNEgUPKx k7A :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=TB54dZkz ZOY ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=i3MKTm-4 9uI :8
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/beesusthedj
ghost78: com/watch?v=RFDW9b_e jfI
ghost78: com/watch?v=aQhKqlOc cHE& :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=WlnfJbEw syw :D
ghost78: com/watch?v=LRPSk7YI 930 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=BLhD-h1L RQs :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=Ah_Vat0F Mdg :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=kEHsSQDp 2zk ;)
ghost78: com/watch?v=LTeaXw6h CVo :8 :D
ghost78: Kusjma_ sorry
VXp: I've just voted!!! :8:*
ghost78: 2 votes are still missing, who has not yet voted for the new map rotation :8
ghost78: :D
ghost78: com/watch?v=ySHrVhlJ dhc:D
DingAling: com/watch?v=E-z7M3FZ v4E ;)
ghost78: com/watch?v=qJ_MGWio -vc :8 gn8
ghost78: dinge googles xd
ghost78: :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=Uux6tw45 HBk&list=RDUux6tw45H Bk&start_radio=1 :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=Bqc0FXia zQM&list=RDQO3mC4i6P kI&index=5 :8
ghost78: Dinga:D Musik :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=lAZx3Txi lnQ :P
DingAling: com/watch?v=Q2ZCe1B9 YsU ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=gwgOUzod S6E :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=iGaF4tKU l0o
W.O.R: np :8
DingAling: Thank you Wor. :8
Reizung: Nur noch 2 ;)
GodspeedGreece: Voting done .
ghost78: Please vote, 4 votes are still missing for the new map rotation ;):8
VXp: ( . Y . ) ABE's titties :S
ghost78: Schönen Sonntag euch :) :yahoo_mini: :dirol_mini:
ghost78: Mist ich hab Internet Ausfall :* hoff die Störung ist gleich wieder behoben :8
Armpower: Wor im just joke:*:*:*
W.O.R: If you dare to be the first, other players may come too ;)
ghost78: what is a7a ? :8
a7a: Guten Morgen .here hello why no players online in the server ? did that guy called Dingaling banned all players .. Ty:8
W.O.R: Hey, don't provoke proxy or VPN has nothing to do with cheats, you've had this problem before.
Armpower: Off wh paddy :D:D:D
W.O.R: you have a mail :8
DingAling: Server is blocking me, for proxy or VPN. I have the same IP, Wor, can you loook and see what the problem Is. Thanks Ding
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=dcBsXAm8 NNg
ghost78: com/watch?v=54LEywab kl4
ghost78: com/watch?v=54LEywab kl4
ghost78: com/watch?v=54LEywab kl4
ghost78: com/watch?v=ouCgeape J_g :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=Qw7k_mK0 tY4&list=RDQw7k_mK0t Y4&start_radio=1 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=s5oVamIo krw&list=RDs5oVamIok rw&start_radio=1 ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=-0SmXVrL lZ4 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=IuUDRU9- HRk :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=IuUDRU9- HRk :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=IuUDRU9- HRk :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=IuUDRU9- HRk :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=IuUDRU9- HRk :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=uyFzSsMr qgE ;)
VXp: ( . Y . ) ABE's titties :S
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=RKGbveD_ cuE
Reizung: Hey! Unfortunately, there are only players on the server in the evening. I would like to play too. But im not at the computer at these times :S Greets ABE
a7a: Hello is This server still alive or that guy called Dingaling Banned everyone ?:8
DingAling: com/watch?v=4edjh2sJ vxc :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=E-z7M3FZ v4E :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=nsrBITwo 5JQ&fbclid=IwAR1Zwzl xKXVB4-HAXdzbyAzLXha o9aTWt73gjdoDSdSXOiX Upx5EdCTwY-A:S
ghost78: R.I.P com/watch?v=9X9agrbN X4I :S :8 :( :* :'(
W.O.R: Server Stats New 4.Qurtal is opened!!! :8 I wish you success! :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=6swgiM9v SEE :D
ghost78: com/watch?v=iKsa41Ly 1m8
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=vTZhG9YS Y_c
Toy Soldier: hi all, is just to let you know that I'm not able to connect to the server anymore since it displays (Connection rejected because of VPN or proxy detected). I'm truly sad because nothing in my connection changed. had to feel bad hoping I could join again
DingAling: com/watch?v=L1VZdNZQ EUo ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=GrpSjXo6 ah0 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=ofhao4SH XGo&list=RDPsXGzblg7 Ws&index=4 :8
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=3ak3t6xk TsA
Toy Soldier: Hi all lovely warriors, Inferno here is happy to see you that and nice to each others. @WOR is just a small message to you and our respected Vetus-Miles admins: we will support vetus miles server and site till the end and I mean it literally. regardless of activity momentum which is in turbulence we had and still have funny cool moments and won't let go for easy. let's go guys
ghost78: 10 Jährige mach ich noch voll ...fals es nicht zu spät ist ;) Versteh dich WOR ...wär ABER trotzdem mal wieder schön jemanden von Uns zu sehen :8
VXp: Maybe, only time will tell, I know you miss me ABE... ;):8
077: com/watch?v=U98XkOMe zsw
Reizung: It was a cool evening on Vetus server yesterday. Maybe today some titti freaks will join and get some bashes? ;) Your ABE
VXp: ( . Y . ) ABE's titties :S
VXp: :*
VXp: :*
DingAling: com/watch?v=9vxDBqZS QeU :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=9vxDBqZS QeU :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=9vxDBqZS QeU :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=9vxDBqZS QeU :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=Uux6tw45 HBk ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=cqmS-pWc tBM :8
W.O.R: Alles Klar Ghost wünsche dir alles gute! So lange noch was los ist lasse ich es laufen. Ihr habt es nicht verstanden den Vetus als Clan gibt es schon lange nicht und wie ich es schon vermutet habe läuft es ohne Admins genau so gut wie mit. Der Server wird noch besucht und so lange es da und hier ein paar Spenden gibt lasse ich es laufen. Wenn es mich zu viel kosten und keiner es bereit ist zu übermehmen mache ich es natürlich dicht.
Reizung: Ey Jungs jetzt macht doch nicht so ein Blödsinn. Ich kann Ghost verstehen. Er ist so ziemlich der einzige Member mit WOR, den man auf dem Server sieht. Aber... wir brauchen euch :)
ghost78: kannst den Laden dicht machen :'(
ghost78: so für alle WOR bin auch raus ,da ja keiner mehr da ist !
ghost78: https://www.twitch.t v/dj_bionic
ghost78: :D
ghost78: :D
Reizung: Gleich gehts rund! Wer kommt auch? ;) / Who wants some kindly bashes from the big ABE? ; )
ghost78: ohje :D
ghost78: Vielleicht klappt es ja dieses Wochende :8 Bis spater eventuell ;)
ghost78: Vielleicht klappt es ja dieses Wochende :8 Bis spater eventuell ;)
ghost78: Vielleicht klappt es ja dieses Wochende :8 Bis spater eventuell ;)
ghost78: Vielleicht klappt es ja dieses Wochende :8 Bis spater eventuell ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=mwgg1Pu6 cNg ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=pKwQlm-w ldA
Reizung: Jetzt hat es nur ein viertel des Textes und das zweimal gesendet, sorry :/ Wollte aber sagen dass ich meist nur an Wochenenden spielen kann. Von daher blöd wenn da nichts los ist, würde so gerne mit euch mal wieder zocken ;)
Reizung: Heey. Danke dass du an mich denkst
Reizung: Heey. Danke dass du an mich denkst
ghost78: Wann Spielst du wieder ABE ?
ghost78: Ab und zu läuft es ohne probs! Gestern musste ich paar mal neu Laden die GSX Seite, bis sie überhaupt auf ging. Und auf den Server bin ich auch erst nachm 3. versuch gekommen. Hat ewig connected und dann stand was von Server technical difficults dran :8
W.O.R: Das mit der Seite, ich glaube es hat was mit GSX zu tun. Da die Seite mit dem Server verbunden ist könnte sein das der Server die Seite lahm legt. Ich muss mal Zeit finden auf ein neues CMS system umzusteigen. Das ILCH 1.1 ist zu veraltet und das neue ist mit dem alten nicht mehr kompatibel :'(
DingAling: com/watch?v=s5oVamIo krw :8
ghost78: Ja coco, dachte erst liegt an meinem Internet... :8 aber selbst übers Handy dauert es bei mir... Ja schade ABE...
cocofun: die Seite lädt wieder ewig bei mir
Reizung: Jetzt bin ich leider nicht mehr zu Hause : / Schade dass selbst am Wochenende zu Mittagszeiten nir noch so selten etwas los ist.
ghost78: Ich bin Ready :) Die Seite lädt bei mir wieder ewig :*
Reizung: Jawoll , dir auch := ) Hoffe man sieht sich später auf ein paar ordentlichen Runden mit vielen Spielern :) Gruß ABE
ghost78: Schönen Sonntag allen und bis später :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=aqlLJXYt RWg ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=-G-OOIGB ko4&list=PL4toHvcNwZ a5dGYxHWKu64TSXMrVPw mr9 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=Qw7k_mK0 tY4 ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=lAZx3Txi lnQ ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=Fk0V_GGa 2XM Last Tune. :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=BGUeRbHW NZ4 ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=wDjeBNv6 ip0 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=x47aiMa1 XUA :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=3JWTaaS7 LdU :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=kPBzTxZQ G5Q :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=7Xf-Lesr kuc :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=NdYWuo9O FAw ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=GxBSyx85 Kp8 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=Zi_XLOBD o_Y :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=DPJv5u1E caM ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=lc2n58vz hz8 ;)
DingAling: @ Hawkeye, com/watch?v=lAZx3Txi lnQ :8
2fast4uhawkeye: 3qCbo0F0 ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=wHJc9SRz U-g ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=V2-aRHd0 kLw :8
ghost78: muss ein Lob aussprechen für alle die gestern und heute Gespielt haben! dachte werd genervt mit ,screen den und der ist cheater ! so macht das Spielen wieder Spaß ! Bleibt gesund !
ghost78: com/watch?v=v15OcJTj NyE :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=v15OcJTj NyE
DingAling: com/watch?v=n4PE6gK2 odM ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=n4PE6gK2 odM ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=n4PE6gK2 odM ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=n4PE6gK2 odM ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=93wGaGFU nTs :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=8rg2vkz7 2a8 :8
ghost78: Jetzt geht es wieder!
ghost78: aloha,was ist mit der Seite los,die ist ständig am Laden ?:8
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=b80Jw8Mu Zxo
DingAling: com/watch?v=JEomVfNB gp4 ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=JEomVfNB gp4 ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=JEomVfNB gp4 ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=o_5-Kf2C rLc :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=bJNiMNUS rw8 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=bJNiMNUS rw8
DingAling: com/watch?v=L1VZdNZQ EUo ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=5CWIIoSf 4nw :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=6i0a7RDP kM8 :8
ghost78: Massive-Toene/Songs/ Falso-One-7140
ghost78: Massive-Toene/Songs/ Falso-One-7140:*
077: "there's two sides to every story, the defeat or the pain of the glory" ;) regards to all smart people in the name of jusTice 4 moh com/watch?v=Uj2Q3L13 4mY
Aixa: :)wow 21 messages :D I don't know how lol sorry :D:D
DingAling: com/watch?v=qFJFonWf BBM :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=3e-mkINU 5GY :8
Denis: I love ACDC Dinggg :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=FkiqSU2D 9dI :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=Af0P6XEk I7Y ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=7iC1gWwq p-Q :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=OVzvoPP6 M50 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=OVzvoPP6 M50 :8
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
Aixa: Server is down, can you restart it please? :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=ofhao4SH XGo :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=ueXtbIQ3 shY :8
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=rfYh855R LUg
ghost78: com/watch?time_conti nue=1&v=3oSlZMe2WIo& feature=emb_logo
DingAling: com/watch?v=zZ5gCGJo rKk :8
UnnamedSoldier: Vetus chatbox hasn't really changed for a decade :D look at chat on this link, those comments could be from these days as well http://web.archive.o rg/web/2011111805412 1/https://www.vetus-
DingAling: com/watch?v=L1VZdNZQ EUo :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=jdyto5rf 0HU :P
DingAling: com/watch?v=pKwQlm-w ldA ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=FLbsciv7 3D0 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=y4NlW43Q NQQ :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=_rGGItel MYI ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=gEPmA3US JdI :8
DingAling: Enjoy All. :8 com/watch?v=n4RjJKxs amQ
ghost78: was denn hier los ?:8
ghost78: :8
Mido: com/watch?v=v2AC41dg lnM :8
Mido: com/watch?v=Nqqc2FHf 9Ug ;)
Mido: com/watch?v=UAKCR7kQ MTQ :P
Mido: com/watch?v=UAKCR7kQ MTQ :P
Toy Soldier: connection blocked by server. VPN or proxy detected? I've been years on this internet (workplace) Internet
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=dPzqdoeN V38
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=3L-jFbWR 8vM
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=5ZdvfCe- ya4
DingAling: com/watch?v=rov5qTvT NO8 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=cQy2BQAV tVc ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=n4RjJKxs amQ :8
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=BNxtlj-l PBk
DingAling: com/watch?v=jLsye_LJ _Ks ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=Hdlh_BDO QKo&t=75s :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=c5j8In4w u3g :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=jhdFe3ev Xpk :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=3-bkyiAm pxo :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=Y2_CNGOx 2A8 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=pAgnJDJN 4VA ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=s86K-p08 9R8 :8
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=M_nutbrR hok
Toy Soldier: @WOR. I guess it's nice to hear that I got suspected because it's been a long time since I got so :)
FOF: Thanks WOR. It was only DPI overide under compatibility :)
W.O.R: Hey FOF, go to and download under Utilities the Widescreen Utility. I think this is trat what You need.
FOF: tried that Arm. Dont work :D
Armpower: r_customwidth 1920, r_customheight 1080, r_mode -1
Armpower: Lol Fof;) open the window and throw out the monitor and it will work:D:D:D
FOF: Got new monitor! Game looks like shit ! Impossible to play! How do I make my resolution at 1080p!!!???????
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=Q3SCHuXy em4
ThugAngel: Whatever happens to Vetus Miles.. maybe not daily but i will appear from time to time, because ITS NOT OVER... and if i will be the only player left, there is infinite plates waiting there to be shoted, with a twist...
DingAling: Let there be no Panic, as Christy say's. com/watch?v=uYpgsPB- Bkw :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=kBYHwH1V b-c For all mohaa players that are left, you know who you are. w00t! :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=mTXPNf1_ QTI ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=loFDn94o ZJ0 Enjoy :8
DingAling: @best, Your wrong about 2 active servers, there are lot's of server's, If you know where to look :8
W.O.R: since peaceful to unite, soon this server may not exist either ... Slowly but surely have no patience with this permanent bad mood
W.O.R: If I as admin now decide for me "Inferno" is a cheater that killed me 5 or 6 times in a row today (that's a true story :)). So I can just banish him because I am sure that he is a cheater ... but can not prove it ... why I am sure that should be enough ... Is that fair? I do not think so! I've also been banned to cheating on the server ... Do you think I'm cheating? But the admin who did it was sure!
W.O.R: That's exactly what bothers me guys, no one has more respect for each other. Accusations are made without any evidence. The world goes crazy. You are cheater! I think that and that's enough for me! Please don't think that I want to protect "The Best" now. It was just that my collar burst. It could be just one of you.
TheBesT: And how "TheBesT" got BANNED with many "NAMES"?! How does that make any sense? Do U have any left?
TheBesT: Other servers?? R U high on something bro there are just two active server nowdays....ur bare naked eye?? put some clothes "glasses".. Which server.. Which names.... The reason why I was BANNED is why joker and ding had to go no further explaination... And regarding that i can't play the way i play with my ping without assistance, I would take that as a complement from a noob yes but i will take it ....U should have kept ur mouth shut instead of making fool of ur self.
Toy Soldier: @TheBest and if you don't mind you can share with us why you got banned on other servers. I won't mentions the server names but I was there and witnessed this with my bare naked eyes. got banned with many names. yeah you could bypass it and everyone knows Xs Destroyer story and Xs TwissTer aka Mustapha Shadouf and his brother. there much been to say. is just I need to close my mouth to keep things simple but truth & transparency should be declared
Toy Soldier: @TheBest and you know my dear that you are got banned many times. one thing to mention here that your friend (Healer) was spectating for you to tell you the enemy location before you got to your suspicious behavior. who can spectate you could see obviously your perseverance of hitting silent shots that most of the time you can not be taken off guard. excuse my french but you can not be compared to any good players like blckhwk neither Dodgy or someone else. those players could be killed face to face. but you always seek to hide and enter room getting always prepared whether the players are rushing, crouching or peeking. compared to your ping this is almost impossible without any assistance. so please do us a favor
Toy Soldier: @Dingaling and @Wor. I can't say nothing but look how the server got more active in the last 6 months than last year. maybe because of COVID-19 that made many work from home and had time to participate. maybe for good admins activity and follow up. maybe anything good. so don't just throw it up because of just one simple case
Toy Soldier: If someone would suggest a brand new anti-cheat system even it would cost I guess that all Vetus Miles players wouldn't mind see a cheat free server. it's time to stand out and say I can't do it alone. we need your support guys. God only know how we love this server it represents a lot of good memories and nice team mates
Toy Soldier: Hey all. I'm Inf3rn0 old MOHAA geek. is just saw this thing and I'd like to address something here. a couple of facts that EA (Electronic Arts) has stopped supporting this game so being in an international tournament like oldies is kinda cumbersome these days. specially among the trending high popularity FPS games in the current scene. so what I'm trying to say. the solution of our problems comes from inside (US) the people here playing on this server. there were been many many active players and servers in the past now all in the long gone. wake up guys. this server is literally one of the few clean active servers in the game and many players playing only here because of the fair play and the fun we have together. we can not avoid problems to happen this is a fact. but we can choose how to respond. meaning that the current anti-cheat system could be easily bypassed from SS to recoil test to all this 90's technology. and there is no programmer or developer would volunteer to develop a new anti-cheat system for MOHAA. Admin and the well known respectful players are the last hope. so please make it happen before we all regret and Vetus Miles would extinct like KLM after migration with 2A
ghost78: com/watch?v=PZ2MGb5C pHM
ghost78: :*
ghost78: com/watch?v=OCKFO56C I44:S
ghost78: com/watch?v=y3morxUS Ovk&
ghost78: i miss all com/watch?v=y3morxUS Ovk& :)
ghost78: wer Admin werden will kann sich bei mir bewerben ! schlag es dann WOR vor !
ghost78: com/watch?v=sKYYPh8r vQU :D
ghost78: com/watch?v=cag6mg-m ZQ8
ghost78: com/watch?v=8LhkyyCv UHk
ghost78: com/watch?v=iGaF4tKU l0o&fbclid=IwAR0UhVv 4UHQ9tjHmI3rBcYxb3P5 VE8Ah4oOJvei6TJKGi64 Dk-l-vxl-YRI
ghost78: com/watch?v=bgfO00r2 JJo :8
ghost78: reizung !
ghost78: reizing schreib mir mal !
ghost78: com/watch?v=IkoidwsL XCg
ghost78: keine Worte...sry ! spielt doch alle Sauber wie wir alle ! da braucht man kein Admin ,ehrlich wärt am längsten ! ohne -theater !:8
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=ogxTQXAg Y3Q
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=ogxTQXAg Y3Q
DingAling: Live com/watch?v=1dPGujFG Ce4 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=7-dRks5Q VQo :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=R8AOAap6 _k4 ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=R8AOAap6 _k4 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=RZ2oXzrn ti4 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=Hdlh_BDO QKo ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=mTXPNf1_ QTI&list=RDmTXPNf1_Q TI&index=1 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=BLhD-h1L RQs :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=uYpgsPB- Bkw :8
DingAling: Happy Sunday All com/watch? v=uYpgsPB-Bkw :8
Armpower: We need some admin in server !!!
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=JYTBWJ0J ArE
Titi_fr: Hello. One day, there won't any be server left, so there won't be any arguing anymore. It's better to come and play for fun, I think. Anyway, thanks to Vetus for letting us play on their server.:S
DingAling: com/watch?v=1ltoAcZr jBw :8
blckhwk: That's an ironic comment from you vaccie, guy who's talking about what is fair while insulting belief system. That's actually religious discrimination and a crime in the free world. You might aswell finish your argument with me (if you have one) by addressing it to brick walls.
TheBesT: yes and i never miss and accusing me of lags even when i kill u or ding from was ridiculous and talking about people ruining the game lol
vaccie: I only say that you fly around
TheBesT: i didn't say ban, u were to get engaged in him talking shit to people and back him up, i don't know if u were there when he kicked several times in a row if not then my bad
vaccie: I never encouraged ding to ban or kick lol wtf
TheBesT: and it's three month not one's called quarter not month :D
TheBesT: i'm not surprise u were the one who encourage ding to kick and talk shit to people....I was banned if u didn't know till now:-O
vaccie: Just started this statistics look at the mont before
TheBesT: statics is on names not can u not know that? lol
vaccie: You lag like shit but try to dont believe it np
vaccie: Hmm maybe you play diff names could be
TheBesT: @vaccie keep lying man it's really wonderful u talk about being active while i'm 4th in the statics and played double ur rounds, who talked about lags? r u high on something...go fix ur shit eyesight
vaccie: And wor if you play or see more then you will know that a few people always try to ruin the game mostly the same people:S
vaccie: Blckhwk you are not really a fair person dingaling warned you enough for talking bullshits in the server and after 10 warns you get kicked sometimes thats normal cause you never listen i hope you are happy now and for the best you come once in 2 weeks for a game and you lagg like shit go fix your internet
W.O.R: Ich bin noch da, alles gut ABE. Und Vetus als Clan wie früher gibt es schon lange nicht und wird es auch nicht mehr in der Form wie früher geben... wie alle anderen MOH Clans. Es geht nur noch darum ein Paar Server am Leben zu halten damit man noch ab und zu abschalten kann. Und wenn wir Admins unsere Spieler nicht respektieren und Schätzten egal aus welchem Land dann will ich auch nicht weiter Admin sein. Willst Du respektiert werden dann fange bei dir an. So einfach ist es.
Armpower: Hello to all !!! Calm down !!! As you do not understand that several morons want to quarrel you !!! I already saw this in server 2a and so now our server is empty. These few freaks want to destroy the server is their goal. And let all the players on the vetus server have respect for the admin and let them know everything the admin does, he does it right !!! Be smarter !!! Regards Armpover.
Reizung: Ouh Jeses, was ist hier denn los? :S Schade dass es so drunter und drüber geht momentan. Würde auch gerne den Ding behalten wollen. Er war wie ein Dauerpolizist auf dem Server und hat sehr gut aufgepasst und oft mal schön den „Müll“ rausgeschmissen. auch wenn er ab und an mal seine Machtposition doch ausgenutzt hatte. Ich habe auch gerade mal in der Member Liste geschaut. Wer von diesen Vetus Membern ist denn wirklich noch aktiv? Die allermeisten habe ich schon so viele Jahre nicht mehr gesehen, egal ob auf dem Server oder gar hier auf der Homepage. Ich hoffe ihr werdet euch eingig und vertragt euch schnell wieder :) Viele Grüße. ABE
W.O.R: I will remove your account if you still want it tomorrow, I will leave that one day to answer if you want.
W.O.R: @Delta If you know a cheater and can prove it then it will be banned immediately. That was never different and is the same where else. Tell me who you think is cheating on the server and it will be banned, but don't give the reason "Because I believe it"! It is always easy to complain and to say the server is full of cheaters but if you are asked for evidence then you are calm. But I don't accept to ban on suspicion, that's also the reason why Joker has gone and now DingAling. There are also limits for admins and at some point it is over.
blckhwk: No bruh, this guy kicks me without reason. Let WOR make new admins of people with sense of justice
TheBesT: I don't know man there are a very few admins around if he can change "banned cus i feel ur a cheater" thing there will be no problem, i'm just saying there should be more active admins around and unfortunately he is one, so it will be bad if an active admin left even if it's ding, u got what i mean?
blckhwk: Dude TheBest are you for real mate? You don't think DingAling knows banning someone for being a suspect is wrong? Still he banned you. What is there to convince?
TheBesT: @Delta there is nothing called cheater without prove then how did u know from the first place?... how many players would be banned cus u "think" they r cheaters??..with that being said i don't want ding to leave he may not be a good admin but at least he is the most active one....WOR if u can convince him to change his approach, ask him to stay i think it would be better for the server if he did and i don't mind him ss me every day but no random kicks and bans.
blckhwk: Lol @ DingAling questioning wor's judgment when he himself banned TheBest for "cheats" without proof
blckhwk: Lol
Delta: Well, cheaters allowed to play and Ding forced to leave, that's a really smart decision. Delete my account please, I'm not interested to play in this server anymore
blckhwk: Man.. You can not ban a person for cheating if there is no proof, because without proof you got nothing. Proof is the only you need and all you need. Glad to see TheBest allowed to play on vetus server. :8
blckhwk: Yup.. DingAling kicked me too many times before without good reason :*
W.O.R: Then be it, I'll do it tomorrow I don't feel like it anymore. Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best for your future
DingAling: Then there is nothing that I can do But leave vetus Wor. What I will say is I have enjoyed my time here, good times and bad. So please take away my admin right's please starting now. I Can not be a part of something that allows cheaters to play without proof or not. You obviously have thebest in higher regard than me. So Unfortunately my time as a vetus admin here is done. On a side note you make your decisions on what they complain to you about not playing your own server like I did, but hey I wish you all well and I hope the server keeps going. Stay safe all Ding.
W.O.R: Yes the server had hung up, it was lucky that I was watching right now.
Aixa: Server is down, help please :D
ibrahim: I kicked from server and can't join
W.O.R: I have lifted the ban and you can come again. We don't ban anyone without proof, DingAling knows that and will hopefully not do it anymore. It is clear to me that there are opportunities to fool us and play with cheats, but it is also not right to ban people only on suspicion. Always in doubt for the accused, it is the same all over the world. I'm sorry it has come to this.
TheBesT: I won't talk to a baby head on a man body anymore, i will wait what WOR have to say cus I'm sick of talking to some sad child with issues
DingAling: To be honest i don’t care what you have to say, you won’t be back, find another server to cheat with your pathetic lag and never miss a shot, your unhittable. As for stats I’m sure most players know me by now And I do not care about stats. I have played this game long enough to know that your not clean. Now jog on.
TheBesT: WOR pls end this madness...check the logs and see how is he being disrespectful towards some players not only me and check his kicking history and what he said between those kicks, i wasn't alone on the server and the players saw it too.
TheBesT: Me?? Lol just ask WOR how many ip ranges was BANNED and players getting random bans..... U r talking like u have personal problem with me but by checking statics 71 kills against U with only 22 for U it just makes sense
DingAling: No Just you. no need to ban anyone else.
TheBesT: U keep mention the prevoius ban which should isn't on ur side but it should condemn u that's prove that there was admin like u who would ban an entire half of a country cus he can't do his job or it's too hard..... WOR knew this and UnBANNED me, do U say that WOR allow cheaters to play at the server?? Or U know better than him?! U act like it's your server and i'm glad it's not... U BREAK THE RULES "ADMIN" FFS
DingAling: Like I said before you should not have been allowed back in to the server, from your previous ban regardless what you say your not clean.
TheBesT: Oh.... I forgot this, the first time U kicked me, it was in stalingrad cus U didn't want me to get top score :D :D and U were bragging that U kicked me and i lost my score :D :D ..... OMG that was funny and sad in the same time... It's sad that there is admin who would think like that and will abuse his power for his self and his ego.
TheBesT: yes this was the type of shit u were saying in the server...what about cheating despite my many many clean ss?? which rule is this??? who says that? definitely not an admin... and who did u apply this bizarre rule on before?? am i the first one?? or u banned many players just because u think they are cheaters without prove.
DingAling: You should not be even allowed to play on our server. You are not clean, no matter what screenshot's you send.
TheBesT: Ding keep kicking me for no reason for quite several times! then calling me cheater despite ss me in the very same map and me getting back after uploading it and saying things like why did WOR let me play and saying things no admin would say and if i defend my self i get 24 hours ban!! it's getting annoying with ding really....pls do something WOR
Armpower: hi vacc
DingAling: com/watch?v=kIufLA7B x2Q :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=ikGyZh0V bPQ :8
DingAling: Nice Criteria for joining vacc, that rule's me out ;)
vaccie: Hi arm
vaccie: Didou you can still join us cause everyone knows now that you are a hacker and you are a big noob that are the 2 things you need to join us in war .ask delta
Armpower: :D:D:D
Armpower: Didou is big cheater:*
Armpower: Didou is big cheater:*
SUPER DIDOU: NP Wor m8, it's funny :D. I was happy cuz i was abble to join the Old Fart Team, i was a real cheater :8 ROFL. Ty to take care of it, i'll come to bash you soon for that ;), cya guys !!!
W.O.R: :D
UnnamedSoldier: a rare occasion, you can see WOR playing on the server today
W.O.R: Ok, already found ... that was even me :-O I don't understand why either, that was by mistake. I'm sorry it was not on purpose, it should work again now.
W.O.R: Wellcome here SUPER DIDOU! It is definitely a misunderstanding, I will take care of it.
SUPER DIDOU: Lo guys. I don't know why, but my ISP is blacklisted. Now i can really proove that i'm cheater LOL. I hope you'll fix it soon. Cya
kro: have fun kids
kro: I'll post them so everyone can learn how to do it, and not to prove anything to anyone anymore, you can think whatever you like, I'm clean, I'm good at this and I'm not going to apologize bcoz of it :)
kro: I'm going to upload some new videos every once in a while, although I highly doubt that this game will see new faces anytime soon
blckhwk: looooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooool what is this? this is madness! NO! THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAA - KICK FROM SERVER
ibrahim: And i hope the people support the content to make the game better like other games, all people who makes vids will upload they they know about the games to make the players better
ibrahim: @kro what ever it is, nice man I hope we make a acontact for the game trying to make old players back
DingAling: com/watch?v=usYgf8cV fvU :8
DingAling: Yes kro, Your right Videos do not mean anything here, as for potato jibe. Well done you. :P
kro: sorry for the potato quality of previous vids, it was my old gaming beast
kro: com/user/furor402 - I can record every game if it makes any difference to you, there's no way in the world I could convince anyone that I play the way I play because I've spent most of my childhood daily online in this game; maybe these vids mean nothing but still enjoy and pick up some tricks if you will. I know that you kick people to mess with them - you said it yourself but come on, that's low. I don't want to argue about anything with anyone here, just to chill and play. GL&HF
kro: hi, ding & hulk & yorkie, my biggest haters
DingAling: Hi Amphe, long time no see, good to see you back ;)
-=[Am0k]=-AmPh3: Hey Leutz was geht ;-) :8
vaccie: m/watch?v=FxSsol3Zd7 k
UnnamedSoldier: or im just playing stupidly half the time for fun and challenge
blckhwk: Nah it's just score, it doesn't mean anything, all your opponents could have been pros. :)
UnnamedSoldier: mine is 0.992 so the average mohaa player is better than me :D
blckhwk: Ratio 2.000 :D
ghost78: QF0AoyNk
ghost78: Sorry joker, an dem abend hab ich alle gescreenT Tut mir leid das du auch dabei warst. Wusste nicht das du wegen. DATENSCHUTZ KEINE HOCHLADEN KANNST...., :8.
DingAling: 1 more tune to relax me before I go out for a night's fishing on the Boat. Stay safe all :8 com/watch?v=IHauhYNS Bog
DingAling: com/watch?v=uYpgsPB- Bkw ;)
blckhwk: Thx for account W.O.R. Everything working now. And i got your and dingaling's messages, alright m8s :8
W.O.R: Exactly to the point DingAling, this discussion alone has a kindergarten level. I don't want to hear anything anymore, accept the rules as they are or you're out! That was the last word on the subject! Your account should go now.
DingAling: @Blckhwk, It is not a new rule, It's a general rule for most servers. religion, politics amongst other things are Generally not talked about or discussed, You have to understand we have lots of different nationalities and lots of different religious persuasions playing on our server and you going on all the time about your beliefs maybe be upsetting or annoying to other players, hence why I and many other players have asked you to stop and 99 percent of your replies on the server come back with Jesus or repent etc. Now we (vetus) gave you a chance to play the server again because we thought your behaviour had changed but so far you are proving us wrong. Now all we want you to do is play the game and have fun on the server, If you can not do that and persist with the Religion type or Religious "Quotes" there are no more chances, you will be banned from the server and the website. So I say to once again just have Fun.
icantlogin: W.O.R wrote yesterday: W.O.R: @blckhwk You have now been warned several times that religion has no to doo on the server. "religion has not to do on the server" this means religion has no part with vetus gaming server
icantlogin: WOR's rule wasn't even no talk about religion, WOR's rule is no religion on the server. That means everything including names.
icantlogin: I was only saying that if vetus made a new rule for example "don't talk about religion" they should know what religion is before they made this rule. Hell belongs in religion, angels belong in religion, so do heaven.
icantlogin: Nothing is wrong with talking about religion. It is vetus who forbidded the religion talk, not me. Ps. WOR, i can't login with my blckhwk account, i don't know what's wrong with it, can you contact me pls?
Reizung: Dude, what is wrong if players are using names like "Hell". The can use every name they want (of course no racisting or instulting words) It would be a problem for you, if someone calles heaven? Or what is with ThugAngel? Do you mind the name angel? So please dont be so strict and enjoy the game (without cheat of coruse :) ) Grüße ABE
blckhwk: I don't caree if im banned in hypocrite server. I wasn't talking about religion. I was talking about how you don't respect your own rules. You say to me religion does not belong on server and i see this guy name hell. what is this ??
blckhwk: ?? i know religion does not belong on the server but you dont, there was a guy named hell playing. You don't follow your own rules
Armpower: HULK(GR) do you have problem with your head??!! Everyday you insult players and fight with thems.All time i told you stop, and you do it again. STOP IT !!! Last ATTENTION for you !!! FFS.
W.O.R: @blckhwk You have now been warned several times that religion has no to doo on the server. Nevertheless, you provoke and are only complaining about how bad everything is on the server. I hear again a complaint about you that is also banned and then forever. And you won't come in under other names either. Think carefully before you write anything on the server.
W.O.R: @ibrahim It has nothing to do with how long you've been with it. Each admin can decide by whom he makes the SS. If you are particularly good you will be checked more often than others. You should see it as a complement.
ibrahim: Hey wor i hope i and some players in the server have some respect, in the lastquartal i ss 3 times, but when i ask to ss some cheating players, they don't ss them, i play in server since 2011 so i'm old player
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=PutFL6jw O7U Superschall
W.O.R: @blckhwk is done :8
Armpower: Love you moin Ghost ))))))
OsSwald: Hi wor! I changed my name in game back to blckhwk yesterday because 3rd quartal started and i will keep the name now. Is it possible to change my website name too?:D
W.O.R: Ja genau und diesen SS sollst Du auch hochladen und wenn es nicht geht dann sollst Du dich melden und nicht einfach die IP wechseln und weiter machen... deshalb bist Du gebannt. So wie ich das sehe hast Du nicht mal richtig gelesen was ich geschrieben habe und Unterstellst mir Sachen wie "unerwünscht" und das es für mein "Ggo" ist usw. Dabei bist Du derjenige an dem es hier liegt das Du nicht rein darfst und nicht ich. Was genau geht den beim Hochladen nicht? bekommst Du eine Fehlermeldung? welche? Und wenn gar nichts geht dann schicke es per Mail ich lade es für dich hoch. Und mit Höflichkeit kommt man besser durchs leben. Wenn Du aber weiterhin so aggressive bist und Leute die Du nicht magst auf dem Server Teamkillst und uns hier Verbal angreifst dann bist Du tatsächlich nicht mehr Willkommen. Willst Du auf dem Server spielen dann musst Du unsere Regeln akzeptieren mehr ist von Dir auch nicht verlangt.
ex: ist kein Problem für mich !! wenn es dein Ego dadurch besser geht
ex: kannst mir auch sagen wenn ich unerwünscht bin !!!!
ex: sag mir bitte was ich tun muss !!
ex: aber hauptsache der Server ist voll
ex: Du als admin müsstest es eigentlich unterlassen so etwas zu sagen
ex: Wenn Du ein Privatass Problem mit mir hast musst Du es mir sagen !!! können es bestimmt Klären !! habe ein ss bekommen mit der id 133850 Torken 1303 erhalten hab versucht es hochzuladen aber leider der ohne Erfolg
W.O.R: Statstik 3.Qurtal gestartet viel Erfolg!
ibrahim: Mother lovers, i'm clean stop anoying me please
W.O.R: Als erstes, wenn Du auf die Seite kommst kannst Du auch Screenshots hoch laden. Wenn es nicht geht musst Du dich melden und sagen das es nicht geht dann finden wir in der Regel eine Lösung. Einfach IP zu wechseln und weiter zu spielen ist nicht der richtige Weg. Bei solchen Aktionen bist Du selbst immer aus gerastet und halb Ägypten gebannt. Aber wenn es dich trifft dann bist Du beleidigt und greifst uns an. Was hat Ghost falsch gemacht? nichts! DuU hast keinen SS gesendet deshalb bist du gebannt und der Clan hat damit nichts zu tun. Sende dein SS und wenn alles i.O. ist kannst Du gerne weiter kommen. Für dich gelten die gleiche Regeln wie für die anderen auch.
ex: danke ghost bin 10 Jahre bei vetus gewesen ! jetzt machst Du von mir ein SS und ihr Blockt mich so das ich kein SS hochladen kann !super Leistung von euch !!was seid ihr für ein scheiß clan geworden schämt euch :-O habe nie ein schlechtes Word über vetus verloren!!! und jetzt so-was !! Danke Gruß Joker
ghost78: sry gayArm :8
Armpower: rly gay
Armpower: noob Ghost
ghost78: normal müssten die Gemeinde zusammen halten ....Damit mein ich alle Server was noch Aktiv sind ! :8
ghost78: jetzt muss ich mal hier was los lassen ! Betrüger hin oder her.....wer hat es nicht mal AUSPROBIERT als das Spiel noch Aktuell war !? Wir sind doch die letzen was noch zusammen Spielen...Wieso machen wir uns das Spielen gegenseitig kaputt ? grüße Ghost
ghost78: peace :8 com/watch?v=Nng6UM1p JcM
DingAling: @Osswald, Your 24 hour ban is now lifted and you are free to play the server. Please no more talk about religion, the server is not the place for it, it is not needed and not wanted. lots of players asked you to stop including myself. Hence the 24 Hour ban. Thank you.
OsSwald: What do you mean what science? There is only one (1) science.
Armpower: Yes im good ty osswald, dont think same about you lol. Did you read what you type? lol. What science you talk about?? !! Doctor osswald loooooool!!! FFS!!!:-O
OsSwald: armpower u gd?
Armpower: Osswald why you always cry like horney ??!! Fix your problem like man !! We all perfect know who are you. Dont forget you talk with admin!! And you first must refreshed your brain a bit !!! FFS !!!
OsSwald: Alright man. Hey, you can believe whatever you want, i'm just speaking the truth. You can believe that the universe came from nothing even though every single thing around you that you can observe with your physical eyes have a source and an originator. Scientists also say that you came from a rock. This is their theory up to date as it goes --> "In the beginning the earth was as a molten rock, and when it cooled off, the waters were formed, and the life was formed in the waters" This is science for you guys, not religions, politics, church etc. Hope this refreshed your brain a bit. :)
W.O.R: There are many people there is nothing you can fix. And conversations about religions are also not welcome on the server. Politics, church ect. we don't need here. It is supposed to be a retreat from the whole, the brain needs time out. Team kills and vigilante justice are also not welcome. If someone doesn't like how things are on the server, you don't have to go there. But when you come, behave, you are guests.
OsSwald: WOR you need to fix your server people are teamkilling me and calling me cheater and no one do nothing but i get ban when i talk about God? what is this?
OsSwald: yo someone do something about JOKER.GER he won't stop teamkilling me
DingAling: Keep Safe All. ;) com/watch?v=0E1bNmyP Www
DingAling: com/watch?v=bhSB8EEn CAM :P
DingAling: com/watch?v=TLGWQfK- 6DY :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=BeK9m4y7 3HY :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=aWGzr-kO oQY :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=hxsJvKYy Vyg :8
W.O.R: Server ist wieder erreichbar, viel Spaß :8
W.O.R: danke für den Hinweis und für die Mail. Ich schaue gleich was los ist.
UnnamedSoldier: we played on the custom vetus server
Armpower: server?
ghost78: the same..... but Custom works !
UnnamedSoldier: when loading it drops out and says: CL_ParseServerMessag e: bad command byte: 199
UnnamedSoldier: server randomly crashed. cannot rejoin. it starts loading then stops in the middle :*
Titi_fr: yo all know this German music 8Od5qJio :S
ghost78: killt euch gegenseitiig... so ein altes Spiel...ich mach mich für euch lustig !!! Spiel gerne mit euch .................... ...Hulk !? or other name Gyros :D !
ghost78: com/watch?v=qKVAyljl 4cM :P
OsSwald: Thx for input wor
ghost78: com/watch?v=kjV1M1Lv 12A:8
ghost78: hulk = άτα&# 954;το` 2; :8
ghost78: -kids garten ! sorry............... .vollen Respect an dich WOR ...2 spieler mit vielen namen !!!...vorallem Hulk ! (der frächste von allen ) :8
W.O.R: I'll write my opinion about blckhkw and Hulk. First of all, I think it's a shame that long-time players organize a kindergarten like Teamkill. To the Blckhwk, he was never banned for cheating, it was the effort and insult of admins and other players, relegion, etc. If you think we didn't know that Osswald = blckhwk, I'm sad that you underestimated us. He has been playing on server under different names for a long time. The reason why he was allowed to play was to see if he changed his behavior. And it was actually decided that we should remove this ban because it has improved. I also have respect from Hulk and he has already asked for admin rights because he is there so often and would like to support us but if I see teamkills and call others as cheaters without evidence then i think my decision was right not to give admin rights. Team kills are always shit no matter who started, someone has to stop, I hope everything is good again. Because of the fake rounds and statistics that is nonsense!
San: @your cute fox is revealing to much :D
UnnamedSoldier: @San how do you know we met? the name "UnnamedSoldier" is banned on the server ;)
San: @Unnamedsoldier was a pleasure to meet u my friend ^^
OsSwald: So you admit that you teamkilled me on purpose. I on the other hand teamkilled you accidentally, and said sorry after. You started teamkilling me after i told you that don't revenge teamkill that *** I KiLL you *** -player but report him instead, for teamkilling you. Also get your facts straights bro, i was never in my life banned for cheating in any servers. And this thing what you call "fake round" in reality is that in the start of round i go to spec and join team again, to get the 2nd sniper, what many other players too do. GG "EP HI ALL HULK GR IS HERE" :P
OsSwald: I told HULK GR many times to stop teamkilling or i will report him and he didn't care, but kept shooting me while in the same team, so here i am, telling that he is a teamkiller.. GG HULK
W.O.R: Open "This PC" and type in the Searchbox, right top, for search all tga Files [*.tga]
mZ11: maintt*
mZ11: main and mainta cant find anything there?
mZ11: cant find screenshot that asked for on my pc can any one tell me where to find it?
UnnamedSoldier: player named SAN is one of the most fair player :8
Malone17: why i'm banned ip?
OsSwald: Roger that.
UnnamedSoldier: server has connection problems, Ding can confirm. even website has extreme long loading time
vaccie: It makes the server lag :D
OsSwald: Lol vaccie :D :D :D why ding singing is problem tho?
mtc: @Word, done! Thanks!
W.O.R: Sorry my bad, try again pls
mtc: @WOR, thanks! I've just uploaded it again and now it shows the message "Screenshot already uploaded once"
W.O.R: @mtc I had disapprove your screenshot because nothing was uploaded and you were banned. I have undone it, please upload it again, if nothing comes in the next 24 hours, the ban will remain.
vaccie: Problem in server is that dingaling starting to sing on saterdays ...and the bigger problem is that delta and yuma are swinging around whit him :D
Titi_fr: Thanks W.O.R for the information ;)
YuMa: wow I haven't listened to stairway to heaven since my brother died in 2004. I never thought i would listen again but clicked your link ding and couldn't help myself. So many memories. Thank you for posting it.
DingAling: com/watch?v=bdneye4p zMw :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=xbhCPt6P ZIU :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=uDuyXkfm lnY ;)
OsSwald: Why this said that comment 2 times i didnt mean to spam i never again write anything with phone
OsSwald: U probly believe that everything came from nowhere, even so, i still love u to tell u the truth :*
DingAling: @osswald, This chatbox is not for your need to talk about religion, We do not need it here or in the Server. your views are you own and we respect all views of religion. Please refrain from typing about religion or your beliefs. Cya on the Battlefield :8
ghost78: N05vOuSM :P
OsSwald: U probly believe that everything came from nowhere, even so, i still love u to tell u the truth :*
OsSwald: But being on his side truly just means that you will have the best life and makes a winner even out of the biggest loser.. take it from me :8
OsSwald: Actually all knees will bow and all mouths will confess his holy name; but other than that, you will be mute, because you will not be able to speak a word against his power. That's why you are now alive, to get on his side. :)
OsSwald: Yes u can mute me but u will be mute yourself before God on judgment day unless u repent and believe in Jesus
DingAling: Good idea Blckhck, maybe I should use it on you when you start preaching about God in the server. :8
OsSwald: Vatec has a setting in his own server (CDX) that it's possible to mute a player if someone wants to do that :D :D
mtc: @WOR, screenshot id 134035. At the time I was testing an old cfg, so I was playing with a random nickname ("Function") - hope there is no problem about this. I'm new in European servers, so you probably don't know me. Thanks again!
W.O.R: @Titi_fr: Hi Titi your message just went under, but I still had it in my head. We have not a specific date or month for server donations. Anyone who wants can donate something, the amount is voluntary. You can use the Donate button over this Menu or this https://www.paypal.c om/donate/?token=6oA canQLKmpqylTLNSfBSjv JXGNeNT7WelJU9fnHT2b wT-od5aaLcx-SPUA3Axb HdrJwSm&country.x=DE &locale.x=DE
W.O.R: @OsSwald yes i can disable the chat :grinsen: and nobody call you cheater anymore, there is always one away, then nobody will insult anyone else. But I think with the chat is a little more fun.
W.O.R: Ok, another question, who exactly are you and what screenshot is it? We do not miss a screenshot with the player name mtc.
mtc: Is there a way of fixing this? Maybe can I send the original screenshot via email? Sorry for the trouble caused. Best!
Denis: c'est avec un grand plaisir ghost78:D
OsSwald: Pleaz guys,, anyone is welcome to screenshot me anytime :) no need to accuse me of being a cheater, just take ss instead :D :) for example tex and yorkie are calling me cheater everytime im in the server, plz wor can you make stop to this :'(
OsSwald: Thank you wor! :)
W.O.R: @OsSwald is done
ghost78: sorry für die Bilder ! :8
ghost78: Danke Bingo :D wir hatten schon unseren Spaß ! ich freu mich,gegen ehrliche Spieler zu Spielen! Wer bei diesem alten Spiel betrügt ,der betrügt auch seine Freunde !! Play fair !!
Denis: bonsoir a tous mon nom de jeux es *DINGO* content de jouer sur vétus avec d'ancien médaleux merci pour le serveur:D
Delta: It's always funny watching cheaters praising each other :D
mtc: Now it says that my snapshot has the incorrect name :-|
mtc: @WOR, thank you for letting me know this. Best!
ibrahim: Thank you osswald bro,thank you wor
W.O.R: Hello Ibrahim, it would not have been necessary. I'm not saying that you cheat. I don't think you are cheating, I personally didn't notice anything. But all videos of yourself are worth nothing as proof. No one cheater would film while cheating and show it to everyone. Just my opinion on your video. DingAling will no longer kick you in the future, we have already discussed everything internally. Sorry for the previous kicks.
W.O.R: @mtc, you have to upload it withaout convert it to jpg or other thinks. Upload the original tga file.
OsSwald_mohaa: Nice shots Ibra:)
ibrahim: this vid is for dingalling for calling me cheater hope you all enjoy com/watch?v=y1f933sb mA8
ibrahim: this vid is for dingalling for calling me cheater hope you all enjoy com/watch?v=y1f933sb mA8
mtc: Hi, I got a message saying that my screenshot had a problem and I was banned because of that. I was playing with the nickname: "Function". Can someone please explain me the true reason? I didn't modify the screenshot and it seems silly to say that I'm not a cheater. :'(
San: iyeah it worked thanks ghost for your effort
San: does enyone know how to make the aim assist a green dot instead of the normal one and is it legal in the server or not ?
ghost78: You can find it here, yes it is legal ... Many play with it ... :8 http://www.mohaaaa.c nt/medium-green-dot- crosshair
San: does enyone know how to make the aim assist a green dot instead of the normal one and is it legal in the server or not ?
San: does enyone know how to make the aim assist a green dot instead of the normal one and is it legal in the server or not ?
UnnamedSoldier: today's play for Rashford, hope this is enough com/watch?v=MDoPpioW Qpo
ThugAngel: Melt them com/watch?v=aaM3z-jl dK8
Titi_fr: hi vetus have you a specific date or month for server donations ? :-O
a7a: ibrahim bro i met this Guy called The Witcher he using aimbot too not wh only
a7a: stop kicking me for Bashing someone pls and fix server of Wallhackers Dingaling Ty The Witcher :8
ibrahim: witcher in the server is wh , or only what you can do is kicking me for no reason ?
ibrahim: i have screan shots if you need to
ibrahim: hey guys , dingalling kicking me eceryday for killing people !
W.O.R: thanks for the kind words :) Stats works now to again.
UnnamedSoldier: is Medhat clean? (i mean wh)
DingAling: Hi Titi, Welcome to the vetus website. ;) Cya on the Battlefield. :8
UnnamedSoldier: yes, thank you WOR :)
Titi_fr: hi all thx for the server medal
W.O.R: Hi EAGLE, i see you have uploadet it, thank you.
W.O.R: Statistik macht noch Probleme, wird heute wohl nichts mehr. Muss ins Bett morgen Arbeiten :'(
W.O.R: Hi EAGLE i have test the upload just now and it works fine, recaptha to. Upload pls the ORIGINAL TGA File here https://vetus-clan.d e/Server/gsx/ss_uplo ad.php we do not accept all others pictures.
EAGLE: here is my ss for people who said i have wh to see it too. .com/file/d/1cu07Bzv KYgU-X3GQOS4VoB3qUER gWIBF/view?usp=shari ng
EAGLE: here is my ss for people who said i have wh to see it too. .com/file/d/1cu07Bzv KYgU-X3GQOS4VoB3qUER gWIBF/view?usp=shari ng
EAGLE: Hi , i had problem uploading ss that it takes long time to upload and then say wrong captcha , i think it makes time out after sometime but not enough sometimes to upload for slow connection, it worked after second try, maybe you should increase time for it , thanks.
Armpower: Hello admins . Player name MQ, S use wh check him pls.
ThugAngel: Feuer com/watch?v=XEedGOE- 3nM
aReS: W.O.R will you read pm's on the new site as well? hugs and kisses from your sweetheart
a7a: Can Dinga help ? Player called ( Healer ) using Wallhacks+triggerbo u can ask : Yuma, fala7 or MO2MEN Thank you ..:8
Aixa: server is down , can you restart the server please? :D
doxy: i play only vetus and CDX and now all other shit servers are browsable only not vetus and cdx is this can be some virus
doxy: i did try every fucking thing i know and i have learned today nothing works i'll fcking bust my fucking computereeeeeeeeeeee eeer :'(
DingAling: Connect is all 1 line Doxy, space in between connect and 185.
DingAling: @Doxy, Your getting all servers but not vetus. I am not sure why that is happening But the vetus server is in the list Doxy. Try this https://www.x-null.n et/forums/threads/21 59-Medal-of-Honor-Ga me-Server-Browser-Fi xer
doxy: i did try to connet using ip jst msg that connection timed out:'(:'(:'(
doxy: i did try to connet using ip jst msg that connection timed out:'(:'(:'(
Reizung: Doxy, try to connect to server by open your console and type connect
UnnamedSoldier: if you mean in-game server browser then try restarting the game, it helps for me. or you can join with IP
doxy: hi all i can't find the server in server browser all other fucking servers shows up just vetus no somone know what might be the reson?
OsSwald_mohaa: All lives matter :)
OsSwald_mohaa: Hi all :)
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=X5RKVc1A 8A4
DingAling: Rasta lover..;) com/watch?v=rF1AurL0 OiY :8
DingAling: Where is the love? com/watch?v=WpYeekQk Adc Black lives matter :8
DingAling: Vibes..https://www.y FYgdr5O6jI :8
DingAling: @Omar Like I said to in game, your lucky to be playing the vetus server. Your the one that entered the server with that that name fuck you DingAling. Like I said to in the server, One last chance so just have fun and enjoy the game. I do not want to ban anyone in this climate. Just play and try to enjoy the game. Seen as you name is Rasta lover, spill me some tune Rasta... Here is one for you Omar............. com/watch?v=wXHm9Yl5 tRM :8;)
a7a: you saw that Ding player faxe is team bashing me i report this to you plus he said :Fuck you DingAling Fucker but you didnt nothing to him what you waiting ??!!
ghost78: Test :8 https://www.mixcloud .com/dj-jmc/dj-j-mc- miami-bass-2013-dj-j mc-megamix/?fbclid=I wAR3L7zX7ANUR30j7Ot8 OwDX47F8DSwheDKFo4rI 0Vpr7qtGPFpWZhsSA48I
DingAling: @a7a, What does it tell you on the screen why you are banned?, What was your gaming name in the vetus server?
a7a: i want to Remove the banned ip i didnt do anything
a7a: DingAling why im banned ?
ghost78: :8 hZDGLEXM
ghost78: Cx9WgGV8:8:8:8;)
vaccie: I thought i was your friend ding :S:S
hro: I am not funny i just wanna say be careful with your words about me
DingAling: @hro lol your to funny, I don't need friends. ;)
hro: dinga please watch out your words about me if someone say to you that i am say something about you be sure its true and never talk nasty things about me i am not your friend
ghost78: Maxpackets :8 nFOvR05E
cocofun: com/watch?v=6muude_J sZ0
ThugAngel: Code Name Zahnarzt com/watch?v=wiim_vNn dvw
W.O.R: Done! The server now forces maxpackets 100 for all players, we will see if everyone is now more satisfied.
ibrahim: thanks wor
W.O.R: @Ibrahim the forcemodel is is intentionally deactivated, cheaters like to use it to get all models in the same color.... about stats and spec I don't see any problem that needs to be fixed. The effort is too big for a minor error, if one may call it at all as an error.
W.O.R: not for that, it was an easy thing, you are welcome :)
Aixa: Thank you wor :D
ibrahim: Hey wor, i hope you activate force model in server, and fix the problem which i told before, is spec after every round(makes fake rounds in staticks)
Delta: You should buy better ones then :P
DingAling: @ delta I have them here but they are shit, the packet loss is more than using wifi. :8
DingAling: @vacc, It's not fof's fault he is Vegan ;)
vaccie: Oke blame vaccie for all the shit that happens but the real.problem is this useless FOF:D
Delta: @paddy you should use Powerline
DingAling: Oh I forgot to mention its all vaccie Fault :P
DingAling: Also if your playing with Wifi and not wired connection that could also cause your ping to spike. I have a good PC and a powerful Internet Connection, but i have to use wifi as my pc is to far from the router and sometimes I get the spikes that you talk about but I do not get them if my PC is wired to the router.
DingAling: Hi Natan, I think it could be your connection m8, your ping sits at between 65 and 85 sometimes. The ping doe's sometimes cause lag spikes on the server which can make everyone's ping jump to 200 or so but it only usually last's for a second or 2.
natan-fr: Hello Could you tell me why? Whenever there is a new player connecting to the server, the ping and lag server and the ping goes up to 200,300. Do I have to make an adjustment? If yes, how See you soon
Armpower: player name papa TK, pls kick shit. Thanks
ThugAngel: nein, nein! diese kinder nehmen drogen, Hanz get ze flammenwerfer
DingAling: Just for Thug :o) com/watch?v=8eYEW4q4 2y8 :*
DingAling: com/watch?v=9orTtY9e Lds&list=RDzr9C_R2UM 20&index=14 ;)
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=_RAzBU8p GGQ
DingAling: com/watch?v=WpYeekQk Adc :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=9PukqhfM xfc :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=nPLV7lGb mT4 :8
Armpower: Good job Admins !!!! We all agree for force maxpackets to 100 !! All noob laggers have no chase for lucky lagger shooots !! Thank You .
Reizung: Ach, habe den Link auch so gefunden (im Forum Bereich) : D Meinen Post von gerade eben kann man löschen :)
Reizung: Hey WOR, wenn ich den Link zum voten benutze, kommt eine Fehlermeldung bei mir. Bei den anderen auch?
vaccie: Great idea wor 100 maxpackets should be good for everyone:8
GodspeedGreece: 100*
GodspeedGreece: Iam allready vote for 10mp
W.O.R: isn't it what everyone wants? you also often write to others that should set the paxpackets to 100
GodspeedGreece: Make all players 100 ping. ha-ha-ha
W.O.R: Need our Server a Maxpackets 100 force for all Player? https://vetus-clan.d e/index.php?forum-sh owposts-845-p1#11546 Vote please :)
Roller Coaster: @armpower i am in clan tg now :D w 5lek f 7alk ya 7ltha
Armpower: Roller Coaster just shut up and send normal SS. You are poor cheater, thats why Old Fox ban you from TG server.:8
DingAling: natan https://www.vetus-cl m-showposts-843-p1#1 1541 :8
natan-fr: yyo all go ding ?
Roller Coaster: I don't have anything else you don't want to let me play as you like:)
DingAling: com/watch?v=9wNPug7h 1gQ :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=wHJc9SRz U-g :8
W.O.R: That was the same file, not the original. But well it's your decision.
Roller Coaster: Because Screenshot already uploaded once
Roller Coaster: @wor i send you tga in yahoo
ibrahim: Hey wor player called zero is wh playing every day
FOF: I'm not :D its just a joke Arm :D I like you all fucking Idiots :D
Armpower: Fof debil )) Ne obijaisa na nego Vlad.:D:D:D
FOF: I can answer you in English WOR. I can read in Russian. So I dont need google translate :D
W.O.R: ФОФ ; не ржи ;, отв ;етn 0; мне ; по-l 8;ус 89;ки и мы пос ;моm 0;ри 84;, как ; тво ;й рус ;скl 0;й буд ;ет выг ;ляk 6;ет 00;. Важ ;но пон ;имk 2;ть сод ;ерk 8;ан 80;е а гра ;ммk 2;ти 82;а в это ;м слу ;чаk 7; име ;ет вто ;роl 9;те 87;ен 085;ое зна ;чеl 5;ие. :P:8
FOF: I am with I am :D
W.O.R: @Roller I give you my last answer and this is your last chance after that you don't need to come up with the original. Send me ORIGINAL.tga file from the mainta (tt) screnshots folder and not the crappy conversion from jpg to tga. Everyone knows that it is not the real thing. If you have this modified file, it must also be possible to defraud the original. And please no more excuses.
Roller Coaster: @w.o.r. I dont know what to tell you you asked me to send tga I sent it, believe me, I am not troy, and I do not know what to do, I not deceive you
natan-fr: nice wor président
W.O.R: @Roller I have a problem with the screenshot, this is of very poor quality quality https://vetus-clan.d e/Server/gsx/screens hots/427_87db3931b98 a51744fdc06c358c2ee0 5.tga this is not the original. You said Sparta = Troooy not you. for comparison, this is a screenshot of Sparta https://vetus-clan.d e/Server/gsx/screens hots/426_1704807ef81 692df3e117e1753b9e66 4.tga The differences in quality are like day and night. Please don't fool me.
W.O.R: Hey nichts gegen google übersetzter da kommt mein Englisch auch her :8:D
vaccie: Lol coco:D
cocofun: Die google Übersetzungen werden auch immer schlechter :8
Roller Coaster: FOF Stay in talking, you are not with you
FOF: Upload SS on the fucking website god damn :D I got SS'ed 50 times and had no problems uploading! So find original file and upload on the website. BAN
LEONARDO: WOR I do not lie When I told you that my friend had not played for two days Already not played My friend is not TROOY When it enters with me it is the name Roller Me and Roller play for fun We do not use cheating I hope you understand that
Roller Coaster: I misunderstood that I have not really played for two days until this day with Leo. We played together and went out and I will not play again on this day. Troy is not me, as I told you, but I contacted him and took from him a screen shot I sent it to you then when I sent you the original I communicated with him secondly and I sent it now I do not need to lie this game in the first place !!
VMan: Thanks WOR gonna try it now, looking forward to start playing mohaas again with the good old mods we had a lot of fun back in the days. Even had our own server and mod etc but forgot all about how that worked etc. Im a very old guy meanwhile :P
W.O.R: User Moh Revival, that works with Win10. Download and all other Infos here
VMan: ok i have registered and all where to find to tutorial for install of mohaas on w 10?
Armpower: player name FGHO is wh pls check him admins . Thanks
Armpower: Good Job Wor !!!:8
W.O.R: I have reasons not to trust you You are untrustworthy. When I said that you still had to send screen, your answer was ... I haven't even been on the server for the last 2 days ... Lie! Leonardo confirmed it ... also a lie! Then I showed you the logs and proved that you were on the server and that you and Troooy have exactly the same IP. Your reaction ... Yes I was on the server but I'm not Troooy we are friends who all have the same IP because they all have the same network ... Possibly but then please make sure that the original is uploaded to the page .... if what you are saying is true ...But when everyone starts lying, it's hard to regain trust. Upload the original here https://vetus-clan.d e/Server/gsx/ss_uplo ad.php , nothing will happen beforehand, the ban remains so long.
Roller Coaster: Not with me, I said you did not, I was playing with this name !!
Roller Coaster: Not with me, I said you did not, I was playing with this name !!
W.O.R: Dort send it to me. Upload pls the original tga file on our Homepage. Thank You
DingAling: com/watch?v=nvDQF0Ao yNk:8
Roller Coaster: hi wor i send msg in yahoo please reply
Roller Coaster: hi wor i send msg in yahoo please reply
natan-fr: you send screenshoot admin roller
Roller Coaster: hi wor why block me in server
Aixa: i did but it not change lol other day ;);):8:P
Aixa: i cant lol hahahahaha i tryed :D:D maybe the language dont help me lol
W.O.R: Is in the Login Area, top right of the page.
Aixa: Thank you Wor im Noob hahhaajjaa:P
W.O.R: Hallo Aixa click the icon User with the pen and you can change everything about yourself, avatar pic to. :)
Aixa: Hello!!!! Where can I change my profil pic? :D:D:D
W.O.R: I was brought up again on the topic of "spectator rounds" and statistics fake rounds. I say again that I will not do anything in this direction. I'm sure it's not worth the time! Nobody wins any of it.
cocofun: it is always funny to read the answer of an accused:D They all sound the same, they all played for years, bla bla
natan-fr: yo all ok leonardo :D:D
LEONARDO: My friend San, Roller is an old player too, and I've never played before But my friend knew him from this game and I invited him to play with me in the server and we have a clan that collects our name Jen We liken it to some really fast as it is one school in play We have no fault that we are skilled players I am ready for you to check me, I do not worry dear because I do not use anything
San: Good to know that u shared the same skill with your twins roller !!
LEONARDO: I want to tell you that I do not really use any hacker methods And I'm not a new player here, I've been playing for a long time And I have enough experience to deal with these new guys It is just a game in the first and last, not fanaticism As for my strikes, I only shoot a bullet, and if I am sure it will strike, most of those who say this nonsense about me will kill them in the game face to face. As for what distinguishes me, it is speed and mastery in aiming, and thanks for your reading
ghost78: :8
ghost78: hi Mohaa Nation,ist ein altes Spiel wieso regt ihr euch auf...Spielt besser oder steht drüber! Denke wir sind Alt genug :8
Delta: I agree with vacc, we should ban that hacker
kippo: agree whit greek, one day ok one day cheat lol :'(
vaccie: I think make a ss of delta damn italian hacker:D
GodspeedGreece: No suggestion from me. Give rcon for one day to see . I know the priority for you is fun over the cheat. Thats all. Also its hard work for the admins and i respect this. I have different opinion but it doesnt solve the problem. Its your server, do what you want. i will come to play anyway. I dont care about the cheaters. They play 15 years here.
W.O.R: Your suggestion is to screenshot the players every day? Are you all spinning slowly? Remember it's just a game, stay human, don't get so involved in the matter. We do not claim that our server is an anticheat server, no one server is 100% anticheat. Everyone who claims it from your server is a liar, there is always a way to bypass the anticheat. I am always on the server and have already observed many from which one says they are cheaters, unfortunately in 95% of the cases I could not clearly see whether it was a cheater. And a maybe is not a reason for me for a ban. I am sorry if you are not satisfied with the answer, no one forces you to play here. The fun is first! The situation is not so bad as is often claimed here, I am often undercover on server and everything is peaceful and most have fun, I rarely have to intervene.
GodspeedGreece: Maybe they tested the day was clean. what about the other days? Its too good to be true if they clean. Who are these guys? i Bet they play at server for years, use other names too. Also maybe they have Bypass so their ss are clean anyway. Leo aim direct at me all the time. he never search. also the way he shoots smell aimbot. continue shots-> this is not normal way of aiming. cheaters plays for years here. maybe the "defence" you use is not that much.
W.O.R: No problem, we want everything to be the same, but I also want to stay fair. And only guesses are not enough for me.
San: ok thanks for your efforts wor :))
W.O.R: @natan and San, both players have already been tested (Screenshoted) and nothing has been found. We know there are ways to keep screenshots clean and I hope they both don't use it and are really cleaner players. If someone has evidence that these players are cheating then please send them to us, otherwise they are only guesswork and not sufficient for a ban.Otherwise we would have to ban all good players. Hope you understand, when in doubt for the accused.
San: please any admin check players called ( jen roller coaster and jen leonardo ) they always shot before corners i dont get it !
natan-fr: yo all roller Leonard , suspect playeur scanne pleasssssssssse
cocofun: danke WOR
W.O.R: Gefunden ;)
cocofun: Wo ist denn der custom server hin? Hat gerade angefangen Spaß zu machen.
W.O.R: :) Np vaccie is a litle bug of the shoutbox.
vaccie: Lol:*
vaccie: I noticed some ss do not end up in your mainta or maintt maybe try look for tga files on pc
Romi_cz: Ich habe einen kopierten Bilschirm gesendet und dieser Bildschirm ist nirgends zu finden:(
ghost78: Romi ich habe dir eine Nachricht gesendet ! :8
Romi_cz: Ich verstehe nicht,bitte beschreiben Sie detailliert,was zu tun ist:(
ghost78: Snímek obrazovky můžete odeslat vlevo nahoře na této stránce! A prosím, postarej se o své zpoždění
ghost78: look left up, in Menu you can upload your Screenshot !
ghost78: send your Screenshot Romi and fix your lag please :8
Romi_cz: Did i get banned?:*:'(:(
Romi_cz: Ahoj co se stalo? Hraju v pohode a vykoplo me to a uz se nemuzu pripojit.Prooooc?:'(
Romi_cz: Ahoj co se stalo? Hraju v pohode a vykoplo me to a uz se nemuzu pripojit.Prooooc?:'(
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=nh3KuqhG 9Ig
ghost78: https://www.facebook .com/watch/live/?v=2 49990449531411&ref=w atch_permalink
VXp: :S
ghost78: com/watch?v=Gbvy2R0L Lrc& :D
ghost78: com/watch?v=gjgjoSsO vi4& :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=iQAFl7NL Yi8&list=RDJEomVfNBg p4&index=2 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=1tsw3nKD lBE :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=WJoTxywi RG0 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=KF_0Jgm7 JHg :8
GodspeedGreece: lol who do this for statistics? can you name them? i think they 2-3 ppl? first time i hear that kind of thing. Good job Sir :D
ibrahim: they go to spec at the end of the round then they back after the new round starts , then they have few rounds
W.O.R: I think you have right God. will fix it next days.
W.O.R: I will test it next days
Armpower: :-O:-O:-O
GodspeedGreece: Hey ibrahim cheater, how they do this? Also i think 3 min spec doenst work.
W.O.R: Okay, done :) welcome back Godspeed.
NIGHT_MAN: Hey wor, can u uban godspeed from website, he just tried to download custom maps and opened too much windows and got banned,Ty.
W.O.R: Tisch is for me not a reason to kick a player from the server. Our Server kick all auto after 3 minutes. I trink this is ok.
ibrahim: Hey wor i saw players who are top in staticks every round go to spec to make few round and fake staticks i kicked so many in the past for doing this so is it allowed now? or you don't know about them
HIMA: yes i have two internet connection but one of them has ban ip black listed
W.O.R: aha! :D ok here iam here! ;)
San: Asap means "As soon as possible"
HIMA: dears , if any admin here please reply me ASSAP
W.O.R: Hello everyone, the ban was an attitude error, please do not take it personally. Excuse me, it was not on purpose :-O You all welcome servers are leaving now. :8
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=P3iq1yIr uJk
GodspeedGreece: Lets download custom maps from main page and play at custom server. come on.
Aixa: :S I want play normal:S
SONY: Why ban me :-O
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=P3iq1yIr uJk
GodspeedGreece: Good Job Wor ! LoL ! We re not gonna die for one day without mohaa, we will download porn . Take your time we re not hurry:D
beunhaas: Allright, looking forward to go online :)
beunhaas: Custom server works. I am also banned from the regular server
Armpower: lol WOR np:D:D:D
W.O.R: Yes this is my Bad, i have change settings without a test and go to my Work :S but in 2,5 h i will fix it... Sorry
beunhaas: Custom server works. I am also banned from the regular server
beunhaas: Custom server works. I am also banned from the regular server
vaccie: All come to custom server
vaccie: Nope i am in now
vaccie: I will try brb
Armpower: no custom server works
W.O.R: Is on Custom Server the Same Problem?
W.O.R: The Problem is that iam AT work now. I try to hell from here. After 22:30 iam home again and will fix it.
vaccie: Lol.wor stop downloading hax
W.O.R: I think this was me :S
vaccie: Just kidding didnt even try yet
vaccie: I can go to server np
vaccie: Im not banned
Delta: you just had to ban vaccie
Pablo: all banned ??:-O
Pablo: all banned ??:-O
Pablo: all banned ??:-O
natan-fr: yo all Banned ? :D:D
NIGHT_MAN: hi guys, am banned too what's going on the server ?!!
YuMa: I am banned too :S
doxy: i'm banned too why what happend?
doxy: what happend all complaining for ip ban and the server is empty
Romi_cz: Hallo Leute. Was passiert ist, dass ich keine Verbindung zum Server herstellen kann. Habe ich etwas falsch gemacht?:'(
Romi_cz: Hallo Leute. Was passiert ist, dass ich keine Verbindung zum Server herstellen kann. Habe ich etwas falsch gemacht?:'(
YuMa: I am banned too :S
nerofidas: ban IP why?:(:(
Armpower: server crashed IP banned
GodspeedGreece: I cant enter to the server. ip reject banned ip !!! aaaaaaaa
W.O.R: @Im here, I will temporarily whitelist you until I have checked everything. I don't have enough time for that now. Please press the link in your PM before each connection, then you can play on the server. If everything is good I will leave the link otherwise I will deactivate it again. sorry for the inconvenience, but we want to keep the server clean as much as possible, hope you understand.
W.O.R: M.$alah = TwiSster = =[OaO]= ŠÖÑ݈' that all you?
W.O.R: @Eldeeb, this is very suspicious, this ban system should no longer be active. I take care of it. Should work again now.
iam here: Played with name "M.$alah" before I dont khnow the reason it was from long ago I couldn't send message to the server because there was a problem in registration
Eldeeb: The error is "Server rejected connection: Banned IP'
W.O.R: @2A FalCoN, can't find you in the log, when was that and what exactly is the error message?
W.O.R: Hello "I'am Here" who are you? nobody know you. Maybe you are the reason why it is banned... Give me a few names under which we or others will know you.
Eldeeb: Hello Guys this 2A FalCoN i have an issue while joining a game got an error 'banned ip' its happens at intervals. Hope you could solve it i want to plaaaaaaay :'( Thanks ;)
iam here: isp*
iam here: trying to play but ips is blacklisted any solution? player name ; I'am Here
Terry: log-post_66.html?spr ef=fb&fbclid=IwAR3B0 H4mNInjubO7n5xOqYJYo 6Fl9-LamzxHG74njlz90 nIwGVO7LL0_iTg
aReS: @GodspeedGreece DT means?
Terry: com/watch?v=JtKp_p11 aKU
GodspeedGreece: Any DT fans here ? You have to tell me at server so i will respect you more :D com/watch?v=ntLqUg-4 VcY& &fbclid=IwAR2ncQMi2U yK-SR29Wor7L-Ui5OA09 ZP52CVLU_3PK0mmzxRjN zlslRdp1o
Terry: com/watch?v=osfDt5ZG cgA
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=ClR9tcpK Zec
Reizung: Ja eben. Saßen aber auch schon so oft Minuten vor vollem Server und konnten nicht rein. Wenn man es dann doch mal geschafft hat, waren zig Spieler im Spec. Und auf die Raucher muss und darf man keine Rücksicht nehmen : D
W.O.R: Die Gefahr das man jetzt rausfliegt wenn man mal eine raucht oder mal groß muss ;) ist halt grösser. Und wenn der Platz weg ist dann musst Du warten. Aber wenn man es nicht versucht wird man es nicht erfahren was besser ist. Deshalb ist es jetzt testweise so und wenn es nichts ist kann man immer noch zurück.
Reizung: Sehr gute Idee die Zeit auf 3 Min. zu reduzieren : )
W.O.R: Yes, thanks to Hulk. We speak yesterday about it. I dont know if you want to smoke or toilette you have 3 minutes for future ;)
Delta: Ty Wor
kippo: yes thanks
W.O.R: I have change the spectator time form 6 Min. to 3 Min. Is a test, we will see or it will help to solve the spectator problem or not.
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=ExnO-jzj wAw
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=ExnO-jzj wAw
DingAling: com/watch?v=6Ejga4kJ Uts :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=TvnYmWpD _T8 :8
Delta: Kick spectators pls
kippo: server Full :(
kippo: server Full :(
DingAling: com/watch?v=nx8LYGtQ dDs :8
aReS: W.O.R. do you know what easter/ostern means?
W.O.R: np m8, wellcome back. Use our Mapvoting if you want https://vetus-clan.d e/?vote_map
natan-fr: hellooo all thx wor:D
W.O.R: Frohe Ostern!!!
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=HKLIPnNr LYk
W.O.R: Im know Vatec turn Serverlist out from PakRadar im dont know why. I think because of problems with X-Null but not sure. https://www.x-null.n et/forums/threads/24 81-PakRadar-in-game- autodownloader-The-n ew-MMDL?p=24227&view full=1#post24227
GodspeedGreece: Pakradar doesnt browse servers... anyone knows why?
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=rOB8LQq_ rjU
ghost78: Wünsche euch allen Frohe Ostern und bleibt Gesund ;) Stay Home and Play on Vetus :8 ;)
GodspeedGreece: ry is still at server and tk all. Any admin here? :(
DingAling: com/watch?v=puZAGRkf 6xc&list=RDzr9C_R2UM 20&index=42 :8
077: com/watch?v=Dhfy9TPg a-c
Mido: there is a player calls "ry" TK me now
ghost78: com/watch?v=PNeGc2eZ zmw :D
ghost78: com/watch?v=IuUDRU9- HRk
ghost78: com/watch?v=vjTZLrWh 3uM
GodspeedGreece: ok i find them i will try now https://www.facebook .com/oficialexplorer /photos/a.1495100764 129988/2435494586757 263/?type=3&theater
GodspeedGreece: Where we can download custom maps?
Romi_cz: Hey Leute, geht jemand, um euren ursprünglichen Server zu spielen?
Romi_cz: Ahoj chlapci. Chodi nekdo hrat na ten puvodni server?:D
Armpower: Hi, pls kick spectators cant join sever.
aReS: Hi W.O.R., nice that there is another server. When can I start playing it? Tschuss
DingAling: com/watch?v=4zIidh-n 6kI :8:8
DingAling: com/watch?v=mYHXDJ5U EfA:*
DingAling: com/watch?v=yaS3vaNU Ygs&t=71s ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=yXlULkwh grc ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=Bk7RVw3I 8eg :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=l7GnVHmT iI8&list=RDl7GnVHmTi I8&start_radio=1:8
DingAling: com/watch?v=xbhCPt6P ZIU:D
DingAling: com/watch?v=4edjh2sJ vxc ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=v2AC41dg lnM&list=RDBLhD-h1LR Qs&index=8 :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=BLhD-h1L RQs&list=RDBLhD-h1LR Qs&start_radio=1 ;)
DingAling: Rest In Peace Bill, Great tune. com/watch?v=CICIOJqE b5c :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=GUYym86k Zd8 :8
EAGLE: I've just gotten the PM , Thanks again.
EAGLE: Thanks W.O.R , i still didn't get any PM , when you send it please tell me here .
W.O.R: Ok, Eagle we will try IT with the Whitelist. Check later your PM.
vaccie: com/watch?v=ugtlksk2 hZw
vaccie: com/watch?v=KwKk_nCt Shs&list=RDIft51RekJ io&index=13
EAGLE: No problem W.O.R , i understand , i'm an old player , i've played since 2012 or something in your server , i don't remember exact date , i've used name ( EAGLE ) , or ( EAGLE[EG] ) in the server a lot of time and was clean player thats my original name.
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=2QojWHqP IQ8
W.O.R: Ok, Eagle i have your message but (shadow) is too famous many other player use it to. Need one or more names of you that only you have used. If you want to play here you have to prove that you are not one of the banned cheaters. I'm sorry we have to do this, but from this ISP it was just too many cheaters. I hope you understand it.
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=2QojWHqP IQ8
EAGLE: Sorry W.O.R i didn't recognize that you want my older name to judge , i sent you PM too, i didn't play since long time in your server .
EAGLE: Hi DingAling , i sent PM to you about my name.
DingAling: Hi Eagle, What was your gaming name on the server before the ban?.
EAGLE: Hi W.O.R , i recently changed my ISP because other one wasn't good to me and found that it is banned , i like to change my Name from time to time but i always play clean , how does white list work? , Does it guarantee that i can play with all banned ip range? , i mean i have dynamic ip so it will keep changing , thanks for your help.
W.O.R: Hello EAGLE, why you ask now? You registred here since 21.01.2016 and this ISP is banned by me long time ago. Why now? And bevor our System has kick you yesterday as EAGLE you try to play with the Name Bolt one hour bevor. This all is very suspected. Is there a name of you that I should know and can say yes i know you and you are a clean player? Then we can speak about a whitlist entry. Otherwise the ban remains.
EAGLE: Hi, can you remove my ip range ban please?
DingAling: com/watch?v=cFoXcO8l lNI&fbclid=IwAR1hCkt 9-HuhlZA7z_py51q-m4- wK35QiNzWD6iFoB6_ZUv Tq4SAfiY4wog ;):D:8
DingAling: com/watch?v=qNYNNrpy hEE:8
DingAling: com/watch?v=U67yfNMg ep4&list=RDU67yfNMge p4&start_radio=1 ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=v7wErmth 4k4 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=PUZqMw4r kVs ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=x3xYXGMR RYk :8
GodspeedGreece: Ask covid to leave.
Armpower: Hello, pings are high in server can you pls fix it. Thanks
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=klV7NG64 eTA&fbclid=IwAR2uK-I 420wVC_sQBpeD-mwk-ue yz-xrb7Fs-_ZOPfvh1aN yeDEFTBmawDo
ibrahim: com/watch?v=iF1M_tzv WUU this is my video in server trying to prove that i'm clean , hope you enjoy
DingAling: com/watch?v=Wz_ak-sf Zbg :8
Terry: to vlepw mou exei priksi ta arxidia. malaka vlepeis ti grammi exw?
GodspeedGreece: Terry σου βγα&# 950;ει VPN συν&# 948;εσ_ 1; και σε πετ&# 945;ει.
Terry: This is my connection 229 MBPS & 95 MBPS Upload https://vetus-clan.d e/include/images/use rgallery/img_746.jpg
Terry: This is my connection 229 MBPS & 95 MBPS Upload https://vetus-clan.d e/include/images/use rgallery/img_746.jpg
aReS: Bans*
aReS: Hi, @W.O.R, since all types of providers are offering people free use of their services during the Covid 19 situation, would you reconsider to lift some of the band so that people can play on the server?
DingAling: Hi termi, Help you with what?.
termitermi: I need help mates, i am TERMINATOR(eX-Pro), could you check forum and try help me..:S:S:S:S
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=ALcCMySt VLY
DingAling: com/watch?v=5j6SQl6- F_Y :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=bhSB8EEn CAM :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=BLhD-h1L RQs ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=kPBzTxZQ G5Q :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=mTXPNf1_ QTI&list=RDmTXPNf1_Q TI&start_radio=1
DingAling: com/watch?v=V2-aRHd0 kLw :8
vaccie: ding:8
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=bCqDTJfB mF8
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=fK9lqEx_ 9j4
W.O.R: The ISP Ban comes from Joker but he left the clan a few days ago. I cant found a reason for the ban. your ISP ban is now removed you can play again. Sorry for the ban and welcome back.
MAro_HewRa: Yoooo, why my isp in blacklist? :((((
DingAling: @vacc com/watch?v=lyEP_st9 csI
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=fK9lqEx_ 9j4
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=fK9lqEx_ 9j4
vaccie: com/watch?v=o39qnlkj c2k
vaccie: com/watch?v=Xa0HOpQR pLM
vaccie: com/watch?v=6irC5A4M 2JE
vaccie: Just listen reggea cause server is laggy to me atm im gonne throw pc in river np:*
W.O.R: Your Bann is removed now. Could not find a screenshot that was not sent from you. Maybe a Mistake. Sorry for the ban and welcome back.
Todeath: Hello! Sometime ago someone decided to ask for a Screenshot. I wasn't very happy with it since I have been playing in Vetus server for more than 4 years. One or two months later I got back to the server and found out that I was banned. Yesterderday I tried one more time and I'm still banned. What can I do to play again?
DingAling: com/watch?v=r8EEJ-_E NC0
DingAling: com/watch?v=mTXPNf1_ QTI&list=RDmTXPNf1_Q TI&start_radio=1 ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=yHGKgKCh PqA :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=dNacOVme rhU :-O
DingAling: com/watch?v=wHJc9SRz U-g :8
W.O.R: Thank you for the Info, Server works now again.
Aixa: Please restart the server :(
DingAling: com/watch?v=BtVu0gfP 9tc:8
DingAling: com/watch?v=q05liMm3 LI4 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=7jFGjC2M pUU :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=RPv92ABF NP4 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=YR5ApYxk U-U :8
GodspeedGreece: All fine here except the crazy night yesterday at server :D
ghost78: I hope you are all well?
ghost78: com/watch?v=TYDkQgKg ghc :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=tvdDYWh5 k3g :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=9xQjpcHG lzc :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=VK7iHiCm Tg8 :S
DingAling: Joker :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=Dx9FaVVq fbc :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=LfeIfiiB TfY :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=bWgWKdqo Jmo :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=Xc8cjKjG as4 :8
ghost78: gT3o-MgA :D:8
ghost78: m/watch?v=nEH_ms8d1w s& :S
DingAling: com/watch?v=zr9C_R2U M20&fbclid=IwAR0gnmH h7-oQE6CTtet0dwP_0Yt hFywQ6-cwyEuMDr0pJI_ -lMauSyeLAPs :8
DingAling: Enjoy. com/watch?v=T4yh2NZ0 kJw ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=1lI30Qw6 9AQ :P
DingAling: com/watch?v=p7Sl0wMz 95w :8
W.O.R: Hallo x_TiB_x ich habe was gefunden aber da bei mir alle Maps gut funktionieren kann ich es nicht testen. Lade es runter und lege die PK3 Datei in dein MAIN Ordner da sind alle SH Maps drin. Sollte dann funktionieren https://vetus-clan.d e/index.php?download s-show-36
DingAling: com/watch?v=foiIkoA1 zMI&list=RDfoiIkoA1z MI&start_radio=1 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=7YvAYIJS SZY :8
Aceax: xD:8
San: what a lovely conversation !
aReS: Delta rather tell me that you miss me :S:D
Delta: Loool damn dutch hacker
vaccie: Can someone check this delta he uses some italianhax pk3 thx :D
W.O.R: Hello God, Ibrahim a player (canon__greece) or other can only be checked when he is playing. A ban only on guess is not fair. Even if I have known you both for a long time, I cannot and do not want to act without evidence. One can also come and say that Ibrahim or Godspeed uses WH, how should I react then. Sorry and I hope you understand it. I will check him when I see that he is online again and I remember doing it. We are only human and want to have fun not only hunt cheaters.
Delta: aRes, you'll not be unbanned so just find another game and stop boring us :)
GodspeedGreece: aReS today at night was 22 players. you miss it. :D
GodspeedGreece: canon_greece obcius wh . Please check his Ip. other players can confirm too.
ibrahim: canon__greece is wh in the server
aReS: pff let's put the server back alive...8 players, is this usual nowadays???
vaccie: God what i meant is that in my pc or whatever the lee enfield looks just as fast as the axis rifle i understand high ping is delay but.i heard from others that they like axis gun more cause its fast but for me its not faster :8
kippo: vaccy your ping is 48 right ? :D
GodspeedGreece: *you cant understand
GodspeedGreece: Almost at a game which speed is the most important makes the difference man. E.g. you shoot 1sec faster you kill the others. Its kore than enough. Lee gun is fast but weaker than the axis . Come on , you play years here its obvius-clear things.. i dont have to mention the differences . And for 100 pings is much slower than you think. You can understand this vaccie .
vaccie: com/watch?v=PWxhfqHX dgM&list=RDQc4r4bNgX _I&index=5
vaccie: com/watch?v=Qc4r4bNg X_I&list=RDQc4r4bNgX _I&index=1
vaccie: Lee enfield is fast 2 godspeed
GodspeedGreece: Axis have faster weapon. Thats the reason most ppl live there. I ask you before years to put axis rifle at allies team but you dont agree. Some ppl have the same opinion thats iam writing at forum.
San: agree with wor
W.O.R: don't think it works everyone should decide where to play. I prefer Allies, other axis. A team balance is also active, think it fits. About the freeze points, I have to watch that but it is probably too high for me to fix it when it's broken
GodspeedGreece: Also do you agree to put team time limit? there are players who play at axis 50 years. it is possible to have time limit for each team? e.g. one day? Is this possible to happen? Thx and have a nice day.
GodspeedGreece: Hello there. Some melts doesnt count. i melt- it confirms at left screen with yellow letters but dont see it at score. it is fixable?
ghost78: Danke :)
W.O.R: ISP Bann wurde wieder entfernt. Es war ein Versuch die Cheater vom Server fern zu halten. Leider wurden dabei auch viele unschuldige getroffen. Deshalb alles wieder bei altem. Sorry an alle die es getroffen hat.
ghost78: 8aDOJvtM :P
ghost78: eipTU7VQ :):8
ghost78: eipTU7VQ:)
ghost78: JBr9tt8Q :8:*
DingAling: com/watch?v=eH8jYhmc aQE :D
tromral: com/watch?v=uHBaHQau 8b4
DingAling: com/watch?v=LIh5dUOz 824 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=KK8gtGOJ K6Q ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=iQAFl7NL Yi8 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=PvMDwJkv Zaw :8
tromral: loool they ban all egypt XD
hopa: admin:S
hopa: joker why me blaick last ?i.m cant connecion server:S
hopa: hi admin
tromral: why icant enter ...isp blacklisted
UnnamedSoldier: some correction: ISP not IPS, and Internet service provider ;)
UnnamedSoldier: Hi Wizo, it's Foxy. I was on the server when you tried to join. it said "blacklisted IPS". so it's not you, it's your Internet Server Provider
Waleed: I'm -=G.M=- Wizo
Waleed: How are you guys? Why am I on the blacklist?
DingAling: com/watch?v=fgWFxFg7 -GU :D
077: com/watch?v=-XIRj_Iq 3cw ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=WQTF1dLJ B4E :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=NTVoNb5h eIs :8
aReS: Haha you funny guys, but you know it's true and a shame as well..Kippo who are you anyway?
DingAling: com/watch?v=E7VgstsV S44 :8
kippo: Ares leve us alone bro please...
GodspeedGreece: you leave and server is empty hshas. try at night.:)
aReS: Server dying? Looking forward to play again!
ghost78: J7sYxnyM :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=gi7woGUC JtY ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=_nLmM9kc BKs ;)
ghost78: com/watch?v=Fe93CLbH jxQ :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=hmWWSVnD cD8 :P
ghost78: com/watch?v=dmNR3Ope 2jg :D
ghost78: com/watch?v=z5rRZdiu 1UE :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=HMjQygwP I1c :S
DingAling: com/watch?v=zrxD9mxd 6ug :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=97hp3adH aEk
DingAling: com/watch?v=P40YOU8g gJk :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=jdYJf_yb yVo&list=RDJEomVfNBg p4&index=11 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=JEomVfNB gp4&list=RDJEomVfNBg p4&start_radio=1 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=LIh5dUOz 824:8
DingAling: com/watch?v=P1vpdsEb _30 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=fUNTk5xs xk4 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=oBVAGXPs tHk :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=FGT0A2Hz -uk :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=iQAFl7NL Yi8 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=yAe0HCHJ TDA :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=Z-9lDJlW NW4 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=LFxOaDeJ mXk :8
Aixa: :P
DingAling: com/watch?v=cEXhZ8Pw M-Y :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=pKwQlm-w ldA :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=8MuhFxaT 7zo :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=_Jtpf8N5 IDE :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=iQzK0Qo_ Ot4 :-O
DingAling: com/watch?v=hFOk2AMp uwA :8
vaccie: Hi bashboss you can go cdx server:8
ghost78: com/watch?v=CGdOD8ZE _OU&list=PL-HwQr1uP2 DcO7VkO0xeqjrCeoGWmm 9OQ :D:8
ghost78: com/watch?v=q_T-HxVU GIQ :8:8:8:D
ghost78: schmeist mich bitte raus :8
ghost78: undercover ,spielst doch genauso und jetzt heulst du ?
ghost78: WOR darf doch jeder lesen oder ?
ghost78: Reizung ? wieso ? bist du fremd hier im verborgenen .. ne Scheide ?
ghost78: Die Pornung(ung) wieso #funkts du ?
ghost78: com/watch?v=ZHVkWRkL jQg
ghost78: da geb ich jokerlette recht,welchen meinst du denn Heizung ? :8
W.O.R: Ja sehe es wie Joker, so etwas ist eine Interne Sache. Da gibt es auch nichts zu diskutieren.
DingAling: com/watch?v=FGT0A2Hz -uk :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=6wkCsnFR uwg :D
Reizung: Mit dmin meinte ich Admin :)
Reizung: Hey Jungs, wäre es möglich eine Abstimmung zu machen, welcher dmin welche Rechte bekommen bzw. welche Rechte entzogen werden kann? Viele Grüße ABE
077: com/watch?v=bS1MOfkS cYA dingalalalaLIELILIE dingalalalaLIELILIE
DingAling: com/watch?v=AkWXXGe4 9cw :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=vPZydAot VOY :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=RhJ0q7X3 DLM :8
077: merry christmas soldiers :) com/watch?v=gZAnM5lt vRs
ghost78: könnte man mal ändern die start seite :D
ghost78: gutes neues und Frohe Weinachten allen !:8
ghost78: com/watch?v=-CuoPHc1 B1M
ghost78: com/watch?v=_86Gm9ic lAg
Conan_XXL_SVK: gut verschickt ;)
ghost78: Habs gesehen :8 bist frei wieder ;)
Conan_XXL_SVK: gut verschickt ;)
ghost78: Send it per email screenshot@vetus-cla
Conan_XXL_SVK: invalid file name :(
ghost78: In deinem mohaa ordner C: games /mohaa /screenshits
Conan_XXL_SVK: HI wo kann ich finden vm_0.tga?
DingAling: com/watch?v=ZdxdSuWc OM:-O
DingAling: com/watch?v=-g4UWvcZ n5U :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=JZQzAWzS sn4 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=UaEC-lWS lmI ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=Ffyg3tNj Vec :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=SVQkdV4G wLc :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=BLhD-h1L RQs&list=RDBLhD-h1LR Qs&start_radio=1 :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=dS3d7DgC -kc :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=N2CE6_NH 3fo :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=cOqgviR5 5_c&fbclid=IwAR2vhys 7mDTdmXBm3tQHEeRg8tv myMGyOiWB9YkrGL6La2_ fKuxV8e1mPXw
ghost78: com/watch?v=jGqrvn3q 1oo :8
mastaT: ich habe ihn wieder hochgeladen
mastaT: nicht dein ernst joker...
mastaT: WIESO WERDE ich denn schon wieder gebannt?
vaccie: com/watch?v=s6VaeFCx ta8
vaccie: com/watch?v=IC3C1qzo Ya8
DingAling: com/watch?v=48b0nhUL avY :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=7hF-P1RJ yhk :8
pepitog: Bonjour a tous ,je joue a medal depuis plusieurs annees sur vetus miles jai commencé avec Mutabor et Soldat et d autres , un jour on m as banni et je peux plus jouer et je n es jamais triché merci de me laisser revenir:(:(:(:(
aReS: Bloody **** W.O.R what makes you so persistent?
DingAling: com/watch?v=r57J0jPy ZRs :8
ghost78: hSuSQIo4
aReS: Thanks Vaccie :) I don't see why W.O.R stopped conversating, since I'm able to tell him sorry for this situation. Atm I do miss Spearhead a little bit but it saves quite some time on the other hand. Is W.O.R still playing himself?
vaccie: Hi ares you still.trying i think if you send him some real flowers he maybe can help you
vaccie: Can we put delta on a hold for 2 weeks he is to bussy whit stats maybe 2 weeks ban :D
Tex: cheater called Danny on server now
aReS: W.O.R?
aReS: W.O.R?
077: com/watch?v=OiMPBpCQ dJs ;)
DingAling: Original, com/watch?v=P1vpdsEb _30 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=s836K9d3 f4Y :P
DingAling: com/watch?v=sB6HY8r9 83c :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=XfzpYcwi UrA :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=bWgWKdqo Jmo :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=vjSwDOgn jT4 :8
ghost78: com/watch?v=PEHGxpRo ZQM
ghost78: com/watch?v=usNsCeOV 4GM :*
DingAling: com/watch?v=PsXGzblg 7Ws ;)
ghost78: com/watch?v=Cv6tuzHU uuk :8
vaccie: Damn hackerstats
vaccie: Happy now guys my stats are ruined
Delta: You forgot to drop vaccie's stats loool
W.O.R: Stats fixed, and updated for the last feew days.
ghost78: Vote on, there are still 2 people missing for new map rotation
ghost78: Hab ich mich auch gefragt 120...:8
cocofun: wow, in diesem Moment 116 Gäste online. Was geht vor?:*
aReS: W.O.R received my pm?
DingAling: com/watch?v=JEomVfNB gp4 :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=a--3I1Lv tdU :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=lSzICmwm RsA :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=cEXhZ8Pw M-Y :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=noYnK9KZ XAA :D:8
DingAling: com/watch?v=wOwblaKm yVw :8
vaccie: Guys you want war whit the old vaccie well its on be prepared :*
BloodSpencer: Hi, I haven't played for weeks. Am only here because I heard we're going to hack vacc's stats. How can I be of help?
Delta: yes it's all to make your stats worse vacc:P
DingAling: Delta told me to do it vacc.. He said it's all about the stats. :8
vaccie: Wh@t Th3 MoUsY
vaccie: Damn mouse desease its all the fault of this delta and dinga they try to play settings damn hackerd :-O
ghost78: com/watch?v=4xmckWVP RaI :P
ghost78: com/watch?v=MeMKafdZ 27I :P
ghost78: and now :8
GodspeedGreece: ghost there is a mouse desease this month. i have spotted 3 mouses, they stop working. kippo more ppl was about to help, but ghost answer first and he cover you.
ghost78: com/watch?v=obUHDyWF Mi8 :P
ghost78: com/watch?v=Unnvj58s P3I :8
ghost78: No problem my mouse is dead :D vUZExlzg
kippo: only this man helped me, everyone are .... :/ thanks mate
ghost78: :8 :D fortunately it worked Kippo
kippo: linnnkkkkk :*
GodspeedGreece: You disable sniper but you let 20-30 same ppl to became pussy gun holders for ever. hahaaaaaa. why you disable sniper? ( just curious)
kippo: no ;)
Reizung: buy the game. its worth it ;)
kippo: hey, someone give me torrent link spearhead please, im free gonna play this days, whit patchs please :8 NoroMon†e
kippo: hey, someone give me torrent link spearhead please, im free gonna play this days, whit patchs please :8 NoroMon†e
DingAling: com/watch?v=4edjh2sJ vxc ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=loFDn94o ZJ0 :8
ThugAngel: com/watch?v=qbxBEMV2 Zbk
ghost78: m/watch?v=v62QkD_q1b s&
DingAling: com/watch?v=mTXPNf1_ QTI ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=wZuW3YvH HLU :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=1lI30Qw6 9AQ ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=wTQxiGJz R_I :8
ghost78: Server aus ? :8
merowinger: MasterTerri, pls do not use any proxy or VPN connection. Such connections are automatically blocked and you cannot join the game...
ghost78: U_Pw7vO4 :(:8
DingAling: com/watch?v=7-dRks5Q VQo :D
DingAling: com/watch?v=nOWjX4Bp C24 ;)
DingAling: com/watch?v=ko8Ec7oj ahU :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=Ah_Vat0F Mdg :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=cf0E_PJt JWg :D
GodspeedGreece: Damn penguine campers.
UnnamedSoldier: 007 com/watch?v=Le0uVL1B bgw
kippo: happy new year :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=b98ZnlY1 8DE&list=RDPsXGzblg7 Ws&index=7 :8
GodspeedGreece: Happy New Year with fun and lots of kills guys :D
Delta: Happy new year mates!
ghost78: gV86bx-Y
ghost78: Frohes neues Jahr :8
Zait: A Happy New 2020 Year ! :D
W.O.R: Statistik wird neu gestartet das was heute gespielt wird ist schon für die neue Statistik. Viel Erfolg! :)
W.O.R: Wünsche euch allen einen guten rutsch ins neue 2020!
ghost78: oEQX5n80
ghost78: c_idfDp8
ghost78: Bis nachtstes Jahr 🥃
ghost78: 7amDyqbY
ghost78: Jungs wünsche euch nur das beste... Ohne Lags und maxpackets..Happy New Year all Vetus Players. Bleibt wie ihr seit. Schießen uns next es Jahr Wieder. ;)
UnnamedSoldier: com/watch?v=ch-fed2_ swY
DingAling: com/watch?v=5EHqpiw5 0j8 ;)
DingAling: Perfect People. com/watch?v=dt9GBafF zjE :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=4edjh2sJ vxc :8
DingAling: com/watch?v=RxWEvV9z Yj4 ;)
DingAling: Drums anyone ? com/watch?v=6wkCsnFR uwg :8
DingAling: WTF? :8 com/watch?v=2JTB7m_V Rzs
gigi: :D :D :D
DingAling: I Hate Sniper ;) com/watch?v=w68_1HV4 l8M
GodspeedGreece: Same problem at CDX
W.O.R: what about the CDX Server? Is the same location and same provider. Trace it to pls
GodspeedGreece: Request timed out. WX
GodspeedGreece: oups. a little confusing info. thats the results i receive.
GodspeedGreece: Geo-Location Information for Country Germany State/Region City Latitude 51.2993 Longitude 9.491
W.O.R: Maybe you can see with a traceroute to where the problem is....
GodspeedGreece: Nah. Connection timeout !
W.O.R: The Server is online again, you can try it.
W.O.R: need few minutes to save the Stats ect.
GodspeedGreece: ok just tell me to try again.
W.O.R: The server is empty, i will restart the windows from it maybe will help.
GodspeedGreece: i restore all my firewall. then allow mohaa. still cant connect
GodspeedGreece: At my firewall i have put mohaa at exeptions already.
GodspeedGreece: ok lets try.
W.O.R: Godspeed pls take off your firewall and try again. Since you cannot find the server, it is blocked beforehand. f you take your FireWall off you will see if it is because of it.
GodspeedGreece: Thx Wor !
W.O.R: I will Check the logs maybe i can See what the Problem is
GodspeedGreece: Yes
DingAling: Can you connect to other servers?
GodspeedGreece: I connect to server manually by adding the address.. still cant connect.