Automatische Maprotation!


Mit dieser Abstimmung kann jeder die Map Rotation auf dem Server selbst beeinflussen.

Es befindet sich in Testphase also sind Fehler nicht ausgeschlossen.

With this vote, everyone can affect even the Map rotation on the server.

It is in testing phase so mistakes are not excluded.

Ablauf der Abstimmung!


Wenn 15 oder mehr Personen abgestimmt haben wird beim nächsten geplanten Serverneustart automatisch die neu gewählte Map-Rotation geladen.

If 15 or more people have voted then the newly voted map rotation will automatically loaded on the server during the next scheduled server restart.

Danach wird diese Abstimmung auf Null zurückgestellt und es beginnt von vorne. Theoretisch ist es möglich jeden Tag eine Andere Map-Rotation zu wählen wenn genug mit machen.

After this vote will be reset to zero and you can start again from beginn. Theoretically it is possible to vote every day an other Map-Rotation if enough people participate.

Nach diesem Muster wird die Map-Rotation erstellt:

Platz Runden
1 10
3 5
5/7/9 3
2 7
6/8/10 3
4 5

Following this pattern, the map rotation is created:

Place Rounds
1 10
3 5
5/7/9 3
2 7
6/8/10 3
4 5

Have already voted: 0
Still have to vote at least: 15

vote for registered user only
Shoutbox Archiv
Shoutbox Archiv
Toy Soldier: Guys. the DDOs attack is real. it's not Vetus or MOHAASH only. there's also MOHAA servers being attacked these days. we should stick together to prevent this shit happens. please admins if something we could do suggest
Joker: 📢 server online
Armpower: server down
Joker: :8 :8
Joker: :8
Joker: :8 :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :D:8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :D
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: Scream @ :8
DingAling: Joker :) :8
DingAling: :D
DingAling: ;)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :D
DingAling: :8
GodspeedGreece: owa owa plays on server with cheats. please check his ip . other players should confirm this. : bob Luv mental Latq MO2MEN Heterodox
Scream: oo :-O great job sir im on too :8
kippo: im on NoroMonte :8
Toy Soldier: Hi everyone here. as you already know I'm Inferno the big noob. just wanted to share with you guys the biggest MOHAA event ever in history. MOHAA tournament on ESL (Electronic Sports Leagues association) and you know that everyone outside our alive community doubt MOHAA still alive. so we need to prove them wrong. how? simply we had applied on the official ESL site for including MOHAA/SH/BT in their tournaments so the game will be played internationally everywhere and we could gain back our players and fans. I'm asking every one here to make an account on the ESL site ( then he/she can follow and comment our official request for adding MOHAA/SH/BT ( you know guys this is our chance we play everyday why not to publish it and make it outloud. I know this is very long post but for every good MOHAA moment you have encountered please support us to make it happen. We also have a group for us on faceboob for anyone wanna join us (we already have most of the players here Vaccie, SpecialAngel, h4zoma, Uni KopPy, Amok Amphetamin, Anubis Jaques Mesrine and many many. so please this is your chance so don't waste it because your fun journey is about to start xD
Joker: :8 ;)
Joker: :D :D
Joker: :8
ghost78: :D
ghost78: :P
totoshop: Why @DingAling? Coz i have killed you once after u mocked me for no reason while i was trying to restore my game skills after 14 months in Army? U banned my ISP even before asking 4 screenshot? Why? I have no more words to say but thank u @W.O.R. Great server, keep on. Goodbye :-)
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8 :D
DingAling: :8
Joker: ;) :D
Joker: :8
DingAling: :8
DingAling: :8
Reizung: Ich habe mich jetzt so lange über das Verhalten von Admins zurückgehalten und hoffe/wünsche mir, dass das gute Verhältnis zwischen uns bestehen bleibt. Aber was ich seit einigen Monaten negativ über den Ding erlebt habe, seine „Machtausnutzung“ gegenüber anderen Spielern, das ist manchmal unter aller Sau. Ich selber war bisher nie betroffen. Aber gefühlt kickt/bannt er einfach Leute, die ihm nerven, wenn er von jemandem zum Beispiel zu oft abgeschossen wurde oder ähnliches. Oder nur eine kleinste Kritik gegen ihn, und Spieler werden gebannt/gekickt. Oder die ständige Rundenerhöhung mancher Maps, dass stundenlang nur dieselbe Map läuft, da diese angeblich bei ihm flüssig laufen... Aber gut :/ Ich hoffe dass dieser Post nicht unser Verhältnis trübt:). Gruß ABE
W.O.R: @totoshop sorry forgot to answer :'( In your situation, the bann of the ISP and of you remains. Since I did not see you play myself, I asked DingAling why you were banned. He says that people complained about you and that he then watched you and he sure that you have use a cheat. And since there are a lot of screenshots of this ISP and no one sent us, we have banned the ISP.
totoshop: Any update about my situation?
W.O.R: No Problem. @SpecialAngel your bann is lifted too.
habby: ty admin w.o.r i love you admin:D
W.O.R: @hopa, your IP is removed from the bannlist now, sorry.
W.O.R: This was Autokick(Bann) by System " *** Blank Name ***" and " UnnamedSoldier" are not allowed on our Server. I have Changed the rules a bit. For the future you will not immediately banned with the name just kicked. Sorry and thank you for reporting.
habby: Please addiction war and see a solution to the subject of the ban :S
habby: connection blocked by server bann for orgniail name ***Blackname***:S
habby: hi admin w.o.r write /bann for you orginail name***Black nam***:S
W.O.R: @Angel and hopa I could find a bann of you both.
habby: joker why bann i.m ((hopa))
SpecialAngel: Dears, How do you do ? Recently, after downloaded the game again, I tried to join the server, the server displays "Spearhead playername is banned", I changed the name and still the same issue. May you take the right action? :)
Joker: ;) :8
DingAling: :8
Joker: :8
GodspeedGreece: mohahahhah
FOF: yes :/
totoshop: @FOF Are u mentally ill?
totoshop: @GodspeedGreece OK noob
GodspeedGreece: Your words does not make sense noob.
FOF: Just having bad day man :D
totoshop: @FOF @GodspeedGreece Whats ur problem w/ me?
GodspeedGreece: You ask me for ss and ban me. then it is fair to let me play at server . i will prove after all that iam clean.. you want ss or video, let me know.. Please dont be unfair -.-
FOF: Bullshit :D
totoshop: @W.O.R yup coz i don't play consistently last 2 years as i was in Army so I'm back & knew the server recentley through a fiiend shared it on facebook. I know 3 guys (old friends) in my street used to play Mohaa so may be one of them who was the cheater. End of story, let me rejoin the server again (ex: 4 just 1 round or map) then ask for the screenshots (or i can record a screen video if u'd) & if I dont send u it, ban me forever, FAIR?. But dont ban my ISP for others' fault. If u agree, please first tell me how to send the screenshots? upload it & share link here or how? Thnx 4 ur time, great server, keep on :)
W.O.R: @totoshop your name "El DON xR" have existed for 2 weeks before never been there. Which names did you have before? There are 6 screenshots of your ISP since the end of September until the beginning of October, none has been sent a screenshot to us. With the ISP ban we caught 90% of the players who did not send the screenshots. And if you belong to the other 10%, prove it, give a few old names of you, or accept it.
totoshop: @DingAling What's my fault if another IP devices close to my range cheating?? Lol + How did y know that I am cheating? should tell me first to send the screenshot then judge me! Disappointed
totoshop: @W.O.R I knew the server recently, two weeks ago back to my home after 2 months w Army here & joined w/ a name of "El DON xR" then suddenly got banned IP!!
DingAling: Also totoshop aka EL DON xr, most of the cheating on the server comes from your IP range.
DingAling: @totoshop, you are banned because you cheat and many players could see it. You think by changing your ip and name that we would not know it is you. So I banned your ISP. Plenty of other servers for you to cheat in but not Vetus :8
W.O.R: @totoshop How long have you been playing on our server?
totoshop: any answer??
Joker: ;) :)
Joker: :P :8
ghost78: :*
ghost78: Kakosi ajde pulaku, jate volim k;oma amok
totoshop: Hi mates, I an 'El DON xR', why did u ban my ISP from connecting to the server? I can send u the screenshots if u want but tell me how? I miss the server & good guys here :(
totoshop: Hi mates, I an 'El DON xR', why did u ban my ISP from connecting to the server? I can send u the screenshots if u want but tell me how? I miss the server & good guys here :(
W.O.R: Ja egal, danke für deine Meinung.
flash: well i understand german and russian glad you did not forget and i dont have anything against you ,i have never being rude to you cuz i have not got anything bad from you but the only problems was with some admins who have had personal issues and i come here to tell my opinion about a good guy nothing more ,i dont play this game but there are some good people in this server i come to salute .
W.O.R: Wenn wir Dich hier sperren wollten wäre es nur ein klick und dein Account wäre gebannt, warum also soll einer sich die Mühe machen und deine IP bannen... Überlege selber das ist nicht das alte Mohaa das ist PHP/MySQL hier braucht man die IP Adresse nicht um jemand zu bannen... Und ich schreibe Deutsch weil ich weiß das du es gut verstehst ich könnte mich genau so gut mit Dir auf russisch unterhalten. Vielleicht hast Du es vergessen aber wir haben uns auch Stunden lang einfach nur unterhalten, so böse bin ich nicht ... oder schon alles vergessen? Du solltest mich eigentlich kennen und auch wissen das ich ohne Grund so nicht reagieren würde. Es sind unschöne Dinge passiert die man nicht einfach so vergisst und eure Unterstützung ist vielleicht gut gemeint aber es gibt Dinge die kann man einfach nicht mehr reparieren egal wie man es auch versucht. Deshalb akzeptiert es einfach und wenn es euch so wichtig ist uns dafür zu bestrafen dann tut es bleibt weg von dem Server oder was auch immer aber diese Diskussionen werde hier nichts bringen, es wird sich nichts ändern.
flash: the only thing that hurts is the truth ,my ip was blocked so it means u know nothing ,im not here to provoke its only to support scream cuz he is nice guy and he deserves nothing of what happened . you should be wise WOR and open up your eyes ,your admin friends aint right all the time you should know that and you know what WOr your server is empty and it will be less and less . i remember the last time i tried to join that server was some months ago i got stupid msg after trying to join ''that i use connection or vpn thing'' so i was not able to join and there is no reason why i cant join of course cuz they think im cheating or maybe cuz i did not enter with my real name .
W.O.R: Hey Flash, niemand hat deine IP hier gebannt was redest Du da für ein Mist! ... Mein Gott nur noch Opfer hier die Jammern. Wenn das Spiel für dich gestorben ist was machst du dann noch hier? Bist Du da um zu provozieren? Ist es dir zu ruhig hier? Und warum schreibst Du an Scream? DU weißt doch ganz genau das hier nicht mehr sein Clan ist. Möchtest Du mit Scream sprechen dann bitte an FUF schreiben da wirst Du fündig werden! Sorry aber das ist so kindisch!!!
flash: sup screamy long time no see bruh ,i told you leave this game and join apex legends ,this game is dead and after posting my opinion my ip was banned from entering the site but i resolve it ,even saying what's in your mind in here is not acceptable even if you talk polite and respectable . :8
cocofun: agree with FOF Like everyone, I throw my glove in the ring. :8 Not happy with the decisions here? go and play somewhere else. Nobody was asked to play here. The decisions are made by those who own and pay for the server. Not happy with that? go and play elsewhere. You can ask nicely once, after that you have to accept and keep your mouth shut. Or you go somewhere else and be happy there. That's all
FOF: Talking shit about Dinga :)))))) Great admin, great sense of humour, never kick'ed me for no reason. Even when I lag. So I think for some players it comes to their attitude that's why they get booted. Talking shit about Dinga :))) Cmon shut you mouth :))
WrenCh: GodSpeed . the server still lag so i don't record . and you remmember last time i was recording . ding said to not record and the server lagging . vaccie it's not ur bussiness btw
Delta: Scream back +infinite
vaccie: Both are not acceptable in my opinion
vaccie: Nope its not
Scream: about for example, if an admin wishes your death or wishes your already sick mother to die, whos fighting every day for her that normal?
vaccie: I mean your words against an admin mthrfckr?is that normal?
vaccie: Wrench wtf you use mthrfckr you need a ban for life ..and stop believing that you dont lag :*
GodspeedGreece: Wrench u say u will upload video with maxpackets 100 etc. you dont do it. you just a kid who talks a lot and nosense.
WrenCh: admins i think you better put scream the admin instead of dingashit . scream is friendly and cute person . dinga is a fkn fool who kick players for no reason . i hope you answer me
WrenCh: so dinga you won't let me play ?! wtf is wrong with you ? you kick me just because i kill you alot and you say that i'm hacking . i want to tell you something mthfkr . u r the wrost admin ever . no one loves and you won't be the admin soon . believe me .lot of players noticed that you kick ppl for no reason just because you think they are hacking
DEVIL: who want some DEVIL's EVIL ?? let's go:P:8
flash: hey all i dont understand anything its long time not been here and i guess problems are happening ,wanna just say scream is a good guy and respectable one ,all would say cuz we were in one clan but no ,i know him more than anyone here in this server , he is a good person and was one of vetus clan. the game is dead and if u ban one the server will be more empty ,so just tell us the reason of the ban ,or would you like to just ban people with no reason ,i have left this game and most will , i play apex legends now ,it does not have a ban for no reason like what is going on in here about another thing the admins in here are not fair ,they involve personal problems with the game so they still not legit to be admins and WOR you know it yourself they are not so if it will end like that ,you will lose more players form your server.
Krasta: ;)
DEVIL: let's get some war :8
FOF: Scream back +1
2fast4uhawkeye: Most people support scream,thats normal and this is the fact that he is a loved person, I do not see anyone commented something bad about him after he got bann and you say that probs will come up again if scream is not banned what this contradiction I can not understand why u trying to justify joker position?..anyway scream dosnt care if his banned removed or no but! you say that you will not provide evidence .. well.. I know that no matter what person is known to people, there is a possibility that he is wrong nobody is perfect.. so I think you have to show evidence (if there is evidence) in order to know the before when joker tried to bann me what i did ? i provided evidence that show the truth then he said " i belive u " so Trust comes from here(provided evidence) and not just from talking :_)
Reizung: So wie ich das hier lese, erinnert mich das stark an meine AMOK Zeit zurück. Ich habe den Clan letzt endlich sofort verlassen, da ich aufs übelste beschimpft und beleidigt wurde. (Auch wenn der Clan anderer Meinung ist…) Wenn wir uns heute noch auf dem Vetus Server sehen, können wir uns auch nicht wirklich gut leiden. Aber das wichtige, und ich finde dasselbe sollte hier ebenfalls durchgeführt werden, wir dulden uns gegenseitig. Es gibt hier und da mal noch kleinere Hänseleien, aber am Ende ignoriert man das was von gegenüber kommt. Aber vor allem bin ICH dennoch froh, sie auf dem Server spielen zu sehen. Es werden leider immer weniger MOH Spieler. Man sieht es auch deutlich auf euren Server, finde ich. Natürlich, das Game ist auch uralt. Aber ich bin dennoch über (fast) jeden Spieler auf euren Server froh, mit dem ich geile Stunden verbringen kann. Aus diesem Grund tut mir jeder Bann gegen einen Spieler weh, der nicht wegen Cheats gebannt wird. Ich weiß nicht was da zwischen euch gelaufen ist, aber wenn es wirklich „nur“ um Beleidigungen ging, würde es mich sehr begrüßen, Screami wieder auf dem Server knüppeln zu können. Mit ihm hatte ich meine geilsten Bash-Runden : D Ich hoffe ihr findet eine Lösung ; ) Gruß ABE
ayham: Any disagreements between the clan and Scream do not deny that Scream is a person of high morals and sincere friend and wonderful:S:(
ayham: Mr.WOR Brois=Scream same person and what i wrote was an expression of personal opinion and you are free to take any action Thank you for your interest :8
W.O.R: @ayham is your right and your decision do what you think is right. Too much has happened to back down now. What do you mean about Boris? We have no problems with Boris, he is still in the clan and everything is fine. But bock to Scream if we lift the ban the problems will come up again, maybe not immediately but over time.I said many things happened before the ban came.
ayham: Scream is a good and brave person i don't think a fighter like him has bad manners so i stand with him and support him ..And finally Mr.WOR :Regardless of clan matters and differences you must reconsider that in the past Brois was a one of the loyal members of Vetus clan moreover, this dose not made u forget the friendship and brothers among you .At least let him enter the server any time he wants this right under the days spent with you (VETUS CLAN) .I hope only one thing last:Don't make great friends leave:S:'( So sad...
W.O.R: Wahrheit? Dann mal los zeig was DU hast. Du spielst hier das arme Opfer und stellst unseren Clan in ein schlechtes Licht. Also los keine Geheimnisse sollen alle wissen was passiert ist ich habe mich für nichts zu schämen denn von meiner Seite aus gab es und gibt es nie Beleidigungen auch Privat nicht. Ich kenne Joker schon sehr lange Zeit und weiß das er auch mal beleidigt weshalb ich Ihm auch schon mal ermahnt habe weil ich das nicht gut finde im Clan. Da es aber Privat statt fand kann ich mir durchaus vorstellen das Du ihm dazu gebracht hast, denn was Ich so von dir an Nachrichten bekommen habe da wundere ich mich nicht wenn dich dann andere zurück Beleidigen. Der Bann kam weil es nicht mehr ohne Probleme funktioniert hat und deshalb war und ist es die beste Lösung. Also hör auf das Opfer zu spielen... " i could tell it with only 4 words...but dont worry, i can keep secrets by myself" los schreib deine 4 Worte!! Du ziehst unseren Clan in den Dreck obwohl du es selbst verschuldet hast. Ohne Grund gebannt? Was wäre denn ein richtiger Grund? Mich ärgert nur das deine falsche Art funktioniert und die Leute dir mehr glauben als mir ... wirklich Schade noch so vielen Jahren.
Scream: enjoy good music thx for the memories
Scream: hello soldiers :)..well every story has 2 parts..if you listen one you have to listen the other person too and THEN judge..i said before pls stay by the truth and be fair with accuse but ok. and lol i have myself not under controll? haha where..dont make me laugh i remember i was fair to everyone i dont have to prove something..actually im sure the "outsiders" could understand my situation i could tell it with only 4 words...but dont worry, i can keep secrets by myself its already a shame enough but not for me ;) tired too of getting insulted, provocated and blamed by "admin" for nothing..and believe me i even dont wanna play anymore on vetus i dont feel good on server where i get banned for im not the first and for sure not the last who get banned for nothing..actually its my fault i though vetus are a fair professional clan.. if i knew its not true i honestly would never join. i had a good status in old moh times i dont need that lol.. i even dont care if you delete my posting or profil the most people cant accept the truth so..farewell vetus :)
FOF: Guys it's just a game @;) There is much more to this life than playing bloody mohaa all day. Fair enough its fun, but to take it as serious as this in my eyes its totally pathetic :D We can have talks and rumour and its fun sometimes also. But to moan about not be able to play or ban someone just because they said something bad about admin is wrong. AS WOR said we all grown up people. As long as someone play without using any cheats in my eyes we should not ban them what so ever. Ignore and let them play. And its coming from me :D FOF aka Shit talk :D IT's Just A GAME remember :D
W.O.R: Hey Hexxor schön das Du dich meldest. Im Grunde gebe ich dir voll und ganz Recht. Aber nur aus liebe zum Spiel muss man sich auch nicht alles gefallen lassen, wenn jemand sich nicht im Griff hat ist es keine Entschuldigung. Wir sind alle keine Kinder mehr die man erziehen muss, in dem Alter denkt man bevor man was schreibt. Der Bann kam nicht von heute auf morgen es waren mehrere Vorfälle die zum ganzen geführt haben. Ich werde hier nicht auf Einzelheiten eingehen aber es wird auch dabei bleiben, diesen Stress tue ich uns nicht mehr an.
Hexxor: Der ein oder andere wird mich noch kennen MAN_OF_HONOR aka Hardcore Honor von 227th später Team Hodenstyle.. Ich hab immernoch regelmässig und guten Kontakt mit Scream. Finde halt so eine kleine Community wie Mohaa nur noch ist sollte man Leute nicht banen sondern zusammen halten!!
W.O.R: It will be time to get more active again. At the moment i have many other things to do, Kids, Home, Job. For the others i can not speak, sorry.
DEVIL: Hi W.O.R why you don't play anymore ?? also bloodspencer and ghost
W.O.R: I honestly do not care if you believe me or not. People who know me longer should know that I do not invent things to ban someone. You wanted to know the reason you know it now. We're definitely not starting to put any evidence here for you to believe us.
2fast4uhawkeye: I don't believe this .. He didnt even insult who insult him he always kind person with all :)
W.O.R: Im wrote it here 3 days ago on the question of Hexxor but in German. Scream insulted an admin very bad. It is an internal matter that is difficult to understand for outsiders but believe me this ban is justified and it remains there.
2fast4uhawkeye: no one answered me when asked about scream ban :/ only ABE asked, This is frustrating that no one care about him ..for me he was good admin,player and person ..miss stalingrad nights with him :( i hope mr W.O.R answer me about scream bann ?:/
WrenCh: W.O.R you really need to think about dinga . he kicked alot of players for no reason just because they kill him . he's childich and lot of players don't play in vutus anymore because of this arschloch
WrenCh: What's wrong withyou dinga . i don't lag . you made me a hater to the server . you are the worst admin i've ever seen . go get a life . stop being so mean and childich . i'm not laging my ping is not above 100 . i see alot of players who playing with +100 ping but you don't kick them
DEVIL: let's get some W.O.R :D:D
vaccie: Lol.wrench you do lag like hell we all know that why you still try for years that you are not .you think we are blind ?we see you as a fly just jump around:D
Joker: @ Hexxor Du bist von aam oder ? aam kay
W.O.R: Darf ich fragen wer Du dann eigentlich bist? Einen Hexxor kenne ich nicht auch wenn ich in letzter Zeit wenig spiele. Um auf deine Frage zu antworten, wegen Beleidigung eines Admins, wurde aber auch schon mal hier erwähnt.
Hexxor: Warum wurde Scream gebannt?? War immer super netter und fairer Spieler??
WrenCh: nah my ping isn't 150 . and my maxpackets are default idk how much i think 100 . i'll record a video when i play to proove that i don't lag . u too record a video to see if i really lag or no ;)
DingAling: @ Wrench aka Jack Sparrow,your ping is 150, you lower maxpackets so you have ping of 90, that's why you lag that's why i kick you, now run along and play:P
WrenCh: Dinga is kicking me for no reason . he said i lag eventhough i have 60-90 ping . and sometimes he say i'm using vpn :/ grow up dinga
GodspeedGreece: Server lags badly anyone can help please.
Toy Soldier: Hi Guys, there is now a massive lag, if someone could check that would be so helpful
Armpower: Lol Vetus :D WTF you doing???:D Why you bann scream?!!!:*
W.O.R: Server wieder Online, viel Spaß!
W.O.R: Statistik wurde zurück gesetzt, der 4. Quartal da jetzt alles wieder funktioniert.
GodspeedGreece: Look now, he plays on the server . motherlucker.
Toy Soldier: there's a hacker now on the server called (DRAW) has been banned under many names
viko: Why im banned? i send all screenshots i have, tooked by my daughter 3 years with keyboard when im eating and specing godspeed .... I dont remember i have been screenshoted by admin ? :-O:-O:-O :8:8:8: :-O:-O
viko: Why im banned? i send all screenshots i have, tooked by my daughter 3 years with keyboard when im eating and specing godspeed .... I dont remember i have been screenshoted by admin ?
2fast4uhawkeye: No m8 scream got bann and reason for insult admin lol should type reason caz admin dont want scream on server
Reizung: Why they should ban scream Hawkeye? I dont think that they banned him. Hes a very cool player and person. Greets ABE
GodspeedGreece: From which clan you are soldier and why u pick me?
DEVIL: come on speedy let's start the war :D
DEVIL: come on speedy let's start the war :D
2fast4uhawkeye: strange to see some players got banned for no reason like scream So i cant play here again with this Mentality i hope u change urself and behave fair with all .. Bye "
ghost78: R.I.P Scream
Toy Soldier: this is link for Discord Group used to join Me & Saint_gg into (
Toy Soldier: anybody here uses Discord? we could gather ourselves together join channels and have fun time (#Old_Farts_is_not_Allowed)
ayham: wait us tomorrow NATO AND #dC hawkeye will back again noobs:8:D:P
DEVIL: @ Ding i'm always clean and i never cheated because i don't need to cheat i just play for fun and i like server vetus it's about you because i kill you too much and you become angry, you always kicks who kills you, take it easy man and play for fun
W.O.R: I was this with the vote. I hope i habe found now the Problem. For the vote and for Stats too. We will see :)
DingAling: @ Devil, Play clean or play another server. It's your choice.
DEVIL: stop kicking me noob ding i'm not a cheater every one here knows that i play in this server for 9 years
Joker: :8
Joker: no problems with the vote :P
GodspeedGreece: I cant vote on map rotation. i choose 6 maps press send on bottom of the page but nothing happens
GodspeedGreece: Finally someone change the map rotation ! Whoohoo
Scream:🎈 💙
Toy Soldier: Happy Birthday Vetus-Ghost, all the best mate.