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Happy Easter Friends


W.O.R   31. March 2024    01:00    General    0    603

Problems with registration and contact fixed now!

Mistake found and fixed, everything works now.

There was a spelling mistake in the email address 😏 so embarrassing.


W.O.R   25. March 2024    12:31    Important    0    561

Freezag Rifle Only Comunity

New Freeztag Community


First of all, I would like to apologize for my behavior and thank you for the reminder. I was just more busy with other things and ignored this too much.
I noticed that I was missing this tinkering with the website/server and would like to try it again.
Of course it's up to you :) but everyone is warmly invited and welcome both here on the site and on the server.

I want to start with a clean slate. Everything is reset to zero, which is why you have to re-register. But of course it's free.

The goal of this site is to leave the clan existence behind and move more towards a Freeztag RO community.

I've already roughly imagined what it should look like, but I'd also like to hear other opinions about it.

Why should you play on this server?

1. Why not?
The server has worked for years and has been continuously improved. Has survived numerous attacks and has more to offer than other servers.


Player Stats
Automatic start after crash
Name protection (can be set)
Screenshot upload function
All known bugs (roofs / under map) are closed
Windows/ladders are fixed
Next Map infotext
Anticheat on (even if not perfect) but more than nothing
Anticamp (NEW)
Anti-Roomblocker (NEW)

And these are just points that others don't have.

Thank you for reading.


P.s. Of course the old vetus site is not gone:

Old Vetus Home Page

W.O.R   14. March 2024    12:45    General    0    613
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15.05.2024 01:54
no one from vetus is playing anymore?
15.05.2024 01:51
Sad :/
14.05.2024 22:01
It looks like there is no interest anymore.
12.05.2024 05:25
wheres everyone
28.03.2024 10:57
@chechenski, huhu too 😁 Welcome to our attempt to form a small Freeztag RO community. Please also have a look at the server, from April 1st a new quarter begins and the player statistics will be reset. But even now you still have a good chance of making it into the top 10... 😉
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