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Autor: W.O.R Verfasst am 24. 06. 2021
ISP Bann and Whitelist Solution
Hello Egyptians,

unfortunately we had to ban an entire provider (your isp is blacklisted Error) because a single block was not possible with the large IP variety.

There are a few players who know that we cannot ban them because we would ban many others with. The problem is that these players can then do anything (Cheating, Bad behavior, Teamlikk) without consequences.

We have decided to take this hard path and work with a white list Solution.

We apologize for the inconvenience! And hope for understanding from the many affected and innocent players from Egypt. But we can't think of any other way in this old game.

With the whitelist solution it is then very easy to play despite banned ISP.
Every player who is clean and behaves well can simply unban himself with a Link that you get from us.

This link always applies. And if your IP has changed just click the link again. Then the server knows that this IP belongs to you and lets you in.

Important! Each player gets his own link, do not pass it on otherwise. Otherwise you will be banned again yourself

How do you get a link?

Contact Ghost or W.O.R and we'll give you one. This is a one-time matter because the link is always active.

You can contact us in the shoutbox, email or private message. An answer usually comes on the same day.

Thanks for understanding, I hope it works out well :drink_mini: